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    Some info, this is set up as the true sequel to the 1978 original film. All the other movies are being wiped out of the picture. Michael is just The Shape again and is not related to Laurie Strode.
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    I hate these movies cause there are so many easy ways to kill this guy but no one exercises those options.
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    Laurie stabbed him in the neck with knitting needles, in the eye with a hanger, and in the gut with his own knife, and Dr. Loomis shot him half a dozen times. Aside from decapitation, what other forms of death would you try on him?
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    I love horror movies. They run a distant second to comic books but still...I always thought the two go hand in hand.

    I'm a little disappointed that they're using the end of the first movie as the cut off point seeing as the first and second movies blend into each other seamlessly. May turn out Mike is actually Lauries older brother, might not.

    Anyway as a young teen ager I once had a nightmare that Michael Myers was chasing me, my young niece and nephew around my sisters apartment complex. Very vivid. Must have been a few years before Myers returned in Halloween 4. All the classic nightmare trappings ensued...especially my sisters apartment complex turning into a huge winding maze. As we were trying to escape the stalker we ended up getting back into her apartment by pushing the air conditioner out of her kitchen window and climbed in. Right behind us Michael tried climbing in through the window but i got the jump on him and started stabbing him with a screwdriver. Realizing that this was michael myers and that he was going to get back up the three of us picked up kitchen knives and began hacking him into little pieces which we flushed down the toilet.

    THATS how you get rid of michael myers.
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    Hadron Collider.
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    sharks, with lasers.