Hades Takes A Tumble!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ekaterina, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Happy we finally beat it and you need a lot of communication for this boss. He's no joke. I forgot to reset :(. The next run I did and still didnt get anything. Gotta love those 98 drops. Hope you enjoy the video.
    P.S I know we are not the first to beat it or the last to beat it. Just a league Achievement.
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  2. DustyAnkh Loyal Player

    Congrats to your league !
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  3. MeloMan New Player

    Elite run? If so congratz great job :)
  4. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

  5. Gucciana Committed Player

    Congrats to you and your league
  6. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Thank you and yes it was the elite version.
  7. spack2k Steadfast Player

    looks like alot of ps ppl can beat elite tod while the PC version remains from what i have heared unbeatable.
  8. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Pc and ps not the same? I thought one league from pc beat it?
  9. Ekaterina Committed Player

    thank you very much!!
  10. Sylo Committed Player

    According to a long standing rumor the PC version is "supposedly" harder than the console version. Either way, congrats to you and your league. Sucks you forgot to reset though.
  11. ACW37162 Loyal Player

  12. Lionxoft Committed Player

    I'd be surprised if it was easier and I wouldn't really see a reason to change the difficulties. Grats to all these PS players beating the elite raids while the PC players are trying to figure out why their mouse and keyboard failed them.
  13. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    It was beaten on the USPC Sunday Afternoon.
  14. Elusian Crowd Control

    It's been beaten on both pc servers by a couple of leagues as well.
  15. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Congrats to your league.
  16. SYNDICOR2525 Dedicated Player

    Gotta love the 98 drops:rolleyes: I love this DLC but the drops are just aweful. Lab and HoH should at least drop 99. Throne, no less than 100 and Elite Thrown 101. Should have left the 98 inside of Patrol Catastrophe only. Congrats on your success :)
  17. GREIVER New Player

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Looking forward to completing it this week with my league.
  18. Ekaterina Committed Player

    they want us to replay it up lol.
  19. Sylo Committed Player

    Because believe it or not developers gauge console players and pc players differently.
  20. Lionxoft Committed Player

    Do you have proof that the PS version of the game is easier than the PC version? How will they adjust it when cross platform is introduced? Or is all of that just assumption?