Gunny admits it.

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  1. Gunny New Player

    Figure I will post this here, because the last thread relating to it was moved here (so this one likely would too).


    Those of you following the last thread, are aware that I seemed to have been dodging the glitching issue. The last thread was intended specifically to encourage others to not join in the headhunting spree going on in the playerbase. This was actually my intended goal of the thread. It was to get people to move on. Not worry about who glitched what, and to see all future accomplishments for what they are, instead of pointing fingers and tainting everyone's successes.

    This was somewhat successful at first, then it absolutely backfired.

    However, in order for it to have been successful, I had to become someone that was not me. I had to not lie, but walk a thin line in order to have such a voice that would be heard. It was a ploy of not confirming or denying the question: Was Gunny involved? However, the charade went completely out of control, and I did eventually get to the point I was blatantly lying about almost everything and throwing people I was with under the bus

    So here it is then. I DID have a hand in the cookie jar glitching Throne Elite. I recently came back to the game a week prior to doing so. One night, I was invited into a group and we got through regular throne, then went to the elite raid about 5-6 times that night.

    The reason for covering it up began as not to protect myself, but to protect everyone. I really was wanting people to leave it behind and move forward not just for my sake, but for everyone's. These glitches have always degraded into mudslinging each other and pointing fingers at things occuring years ago, or at things that were not even glitches at some points. I felt it needed to stop, and came up with this ploy to accomplish just that.

    I was always quite a figure on these forums, and I misused everything I stood for. It's not even so bad that I glitched at this point. It's what I stooped down to in order to mislead others - regardless of what I did it for.


    So, all of you who did participate in that aforementioned thread, I do humbly apologize. Many of you came in breathing fire. Some came in actually agreeing with me. I deeply apologize to both - probably even moreso to those agreeing, because many of you did hold me in high regard.

    I also apologize to Select Few and Inconquerables. Select Few, a few of you came in and did provide facts. I did have a chestplate and shoulders. They were no longer there, and I did lie blatantly to cover it up - probably the only lie I made right out of the gate.

    As for Inconquerables, you guys did provide the group I joined. I was even carried in it for the most part. Many of us did have a hand in it, and I was right along in it with you. I did leave the league specifically due to time differences as I work nights and because i knew so few of you, but the timing I did so was beyond inappropriate, and it can definitely be seen as me leaving you guys to stab you in the back. The way I acted, I really was trying to prevent players from bashing whole leagues, but instead, it grew to the point where I chose maintaining my stance over protecting you guys and for all practical purposes, threw you under the bus when I could not defend our actions. An apology will never cut it here.

    To one specific person in Select Few, I gave you a private message filled with the same sort of act I have been pulling for the past few days. We have been friends for a very long time, and it was deceiving of me to do so. I threw away that trust, all for some ideal I had.


    And of course, I apologize to the playerbase as a whole for my participation in this and my act over the past few days. Those who do seek vindication, I have went and deleted every 101 piece I have obtained (not just the shoulders and chest DBG was going to delete anyways), including the mods within them. I am also no longer with my league, and being back in the game for a few weeks, have very few people to turn to - even less now I'd imagine.

    It was a hell of a way to come back to DCUO after almost 8 months gone, and I deeply regret it. I will continue to play (honestly!) and use the forums, and will continue to voice my opinion. If you find it no longer carrying weight due to this, so be it.

    Happy gaming.

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  2. TrueArchon Dedicated Player

    THIS... ownership. integrity. accountability, and willingness to shoulder it. what a REAL human being---TRUE Gamer---acts like.
    Gunny, you are now deeply etched into my "Respectable" book.
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  3. bareheiny 10000 Post Club thread, saves me sending you a PM :D

    So...kudos for coming clean. No judgement (or sarcasm) be honest, I think no more nor little of you. Hell, I don't have any strong views on anybody who glitched.

    Now, the kittens....well, you're in The Funhouse. It's nothing personal, we don't take too kindly to Gotham type threads here (you know, "nerf xyz", "increase cash-cap", "abc is OP" yadda, yadda, yadda). We come here to get away from those we get defensive if we smell an incursion.

    Feel free to join us in The Last One To Post Wins (but note, there's nothing to win anymore). But fair warning - the negative crap will result in kittens, possibly bacon and definitely red-heads.

    My next post (assuming there is one) will contain kittens, bacon and red-heads. My quota of serious is all used up.
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  4. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Don' feel bad I glitched Paradox after months of running it and more then a few times resetting it to compete the traces in time set to find out 3 pieces weren't in the loot table I was mad. When they "fixed" the drop rate and the glitch happened I got mine because after months of running it the right way and resetting it and spending time and money to complete a set that wasn't even 100% in the game I did the glitch because I felt I had earned it .
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  5. Letsallshutup New Player

    Takes a big person to admit when they've made a mistake. I appreciate the honesty in this post and from our previous conversation, means a lot to me and quite a few others I'm sure.

    nothing but respect for you from my corner. Wish you all the best in your gameplay :)

    Lyza xo
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  6. Mad9 New Player

    I liked your posts before and thought you were an honest player against cheating in the game. You were quite vocal about it too on these forums but it was merely a sham.

    You are part of the cheating community and I have no respect for cheating players. Also, if your old league or whatever thinks they are elite or something, then they are not. All I know is that you people are a bunch of cheats/glitchers.

    I would have appreciated this game more and the Developers had people like you been suspended/banned from this game for not having the honesty to play it fairly.
  7. La Shark Dedicated Player

    live and let live
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  8. Mad9 New Player

    You do know that he wrote several posts defending himself how he did not glitch the raid. He was caught red handed and coming clean after being caught is not respectable in my opinion.
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  9. Longshot Well-Known Player

    Just shows not only, is he a cheater /"glitcher" he is a liar and likes attention.

    Nothing new to see here.
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  10. Malachyte Devoted Player


    Apology accepted (not for your gltiching, that's your business I'm not here to judge anyone) but for lying, trying to covering up and thinking we are foolish and not knowing what you were doing, you didn't fool anyone Bro...LOL
    But it's all good...always remember the cover up is usually worse then the crime....;)
    (not that this was a crime mind

    Happy Gaming...

    Cheers, Mal
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  11. Louis Active Player

    Thanks for telling the truth and your part in this. I appreciate it
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  12. Delta795 New Player

    Meh- I think I actually lost all respect I ever had for ya Gunny. TBH I don't care if you glitched it or not, but in the last thread you completely denied things, deflected back towards individuals and leagues. Coming in here and placing another thread just shows that on top of it all you just want attention.

    This are the same traits my 11 yr old has shown when getting caught doing something boneheaded. I hope in the end it doesn't discourage you from playing the game for fun and enjoyment (well cause it's a game) but maybe the ego needs to get checked a bit.
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  13. thirty six Loyal Player

    Good job, Gunny. Your willingness to open up means way more to me than your willingness to glitch the raid.
  14. HardlineHero Committed Player

    Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud. ~ Sophocles
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  15. thirty six Loyal Player

    Everyone can quote philosophers and continue to scold and rebuke the guy, but in the end we're all human and very imperfect, and should save our judgment for ourselves in times of tough decision... that is all :)
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  16. Scarlet Mysty Loyal Player

    Bloody lying do-gooder's get off my lawn!!!!!!!
    *shakes fist*
    Save the righteousness for church.....I do not believe anyone posting on this subject is a holy as they claim, whether real life or in game....if you can get away without the blame you do

    Post some kitten gifs and get over it......or go back to Gotham
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  17. dngnb8 Devoted Player

    I kinds feel this way as well. They typically are remorseful after they get caught. Look at the bright side, the apology wasn't in his handwriting.
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  18. Delta795 New Player

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  19. Gunny New Player

    This apology or thread was not designed for any sort of attention at all. In fact, I'd say if anything, it was for the opposite. I definitely expect most players to read this, probably be utterly disgusted if they followed the story, and perhaps not even bother reading anything i have to say anymore.

    Delta, im sorry you do feel that way. Honestly, I probably did start looking like that.

    After a good long look in the mirror and a few chats with individuals, I felt this was the best thing I could have possibly done given what I've done. It was done so publicly, because I made things that way in the first place.

    But enough out of me. The point of this is to post the apology in its entirety and then let anyone out there reading come to their own conclusion on the matter.
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  20. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    At least you came clean!

    Still does not excuse what you've done and trying to hide it. Then claim you did it for the community and not yourself!

    I also was on a 3 month vacation from the game (came back 3 weeks ago) and trust me I had the chance to glitch, but, as I do not glitch any content here or there, simply, I left and started my grind the liget way!

    For me, I would never even want the title of glitcher or hacker, some just don't care...I guess!

    As long as all the glitched gear is taken from you and the other glitchers and some punishment is handed down, then we/you can move on, after your ban or whatever for not doing as the TRS you accepted when you started tis game!

    Maybe you've learned something from this, we'll see!

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