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  1. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    Right now, a damage debuff seems to be of more use in T5 than a second shield. I have been running with Alcubierre Wave instead of Time Bubble. The other damage debuff is on the 60% modifier interruptable move, which makes it largely useless, although I haven't yet tested how many targets it effects. AW is only one for the debuff.
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  3. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    Stupid phone multipost.
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  4. Elusian Loyal Player

    You know, I stated I did the comparison on test the latest build of both powersets so it was done with the so called "HL nerf". And when a powerset needs time to setup smth and is effective after an add is dead, well how should it compete against a real burst powerset then? Also the problem seems the power here. I mean in the video Anierna needed a troller and used like a double charge of power. I did it without controller and with a single power bar charge (means I had to skip the 2nd WD rotation which actually says it could be faster done as it already was done). What I just wanna say is, ppl tend to overexcitement where they shouldnt be. Fresh new visuals can blend the truth behind it even if I'M sure it isnt the top rotation yet. It always needed time to figure it out, always.
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  5. petvpets New Player

    So tell me OP what bugs have you found/reported or tested in regards to DLC7 on the test server? other then to try to write a guide for a powerset that's only been available for a whole day or 2 ? I dont get it.
  6. OMAAR New Player

    Thanks OP for the guide.

    Quantum seems balanced from how fast the dummy's heath goes down.
  7. SlayingDaimon New Player

    What would you suggest in place of WD and is it still capable without it?
  8. Rebelyon New Player

    And on top of the above post, any chance for a ranged weapon loadout as well? Or the principle remains?
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  9. kgghk New Player

    Is singularity as good as guass granade for CC?

    When did Hl get nerfed? I'm still doing the same dmg Ive been getting for months
  10. DeathBreakerG New Player

    I would suggest including the best rotations possible before resorting to WD. It's basically just steroids to any powerset. Let's see what the power can do on it's own and then if it's only batting .200, give it some juice.

    Also, some ranged would be nice. We all now what 1H clipping can do, show us what the powers can do as well.
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  11. Lightful New Player

    I'm guessing GU 25 ninja nerfed it. It "could" be bugs...but my fan is rendered virtually useless. I posted a thread about it in general discussion if you want to hear more.
  12. Lightful New Player

    I mostly agree with you. As for the power itself and its power out, I would like to see how it goes for myself. I haven't had access to the test server -__-
  13. General Powers New Player

    Well done indeed! But why do you still use Whirlish Dervish? What if the DEVs were to nerf it? What would you replace it with? You should demonstrate Quantum's potential without the use of an overrated ability. Nevertheless, good post, very informative and elaborate.
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  14. Dianna WD New Player

    Yes... A post with a glitched skill... Bad for me, I found a nice rotation without Whirling.
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  15. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    They made things vulnerable to blocks/lunges that never were before. And fan has a delayed damage making you do that slower.
  16. Madholm New Player

    Much like any other power that can squeeze whirling defvish into the loadout; its WD that needs the nerf, not the power sets.
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  17. bedovean New Player

    At first I was not sure about this guide due to you kind of throwing out a loadout completely based on spin chop, but it is a good guide.

    In my opinion its better to state (weapon combo) as there are def better weapons for quantum dps then 1h. Before falling into old habbits of "melee everything" remember that this power will not even be out tell the dlc hits, most will be switching over from another power thats already high cr. I have played some of the raid content and this power will perform much much better at range with the new raids. With that being said while I was testing, Bow seemed to be the weapon of choice for me at range with this powerset.

    If you start off encouraging melee based damage with the new raids coming out, then you will not be happy :)

    Also I would advice against WD, yet another power that dps are making staples of their build. It costs way too much power to lead off a rotation with. They will eventually fix it anyway.
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  18. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    i think i enjoy seeing the trees and interactions not a big fan of clipping especially with one handed and wd but it will be interesting to see how the powers pplay out when they hit live.
  19. Impact Prime New Player

    Animations are nice; didn't look at cc, just damage. If you don't like whirling deverish, don't use it. Stick in Warp Barrage and clip into it from Time Shift instead; it interacts for extra damage and has a very wide range. Then you can alternate Warp Barrage x2 and then Singularity, and only use Distortion to reapply the PI when necessary. So far I see nothing OP about it; for single target it does pretty well, but everything splits by 50% at 4+ targets, including Time Shift. Time Shift is necessary to counter the splits from the follow-up power.. attract+spark and fear gas+guass grenade easily trump it for multiple mobs. While normally I'd disagree with making a loadout in which deverish has a solid spot, in order to compete in AoE it looks like it's necessary.

    This is only after maybe 30mins testing in the war room and kahndaq walk-in though. I'm sure there's plenty more to be found. Hopefully when it goes live it won't be another mental.

    Edit: For clarification, the powers that interact for extra damage split. I didn't notice any severe splitting on those that apply them. Kind of defeats the purpose of using PIs though doesn't it? Most of the content involves nuking trash mobs, so for most of the content it's more efficient to use abilities which only apply the PI instead of those that use it.
  20. Madholm New Player

    Single target - energy expulsion double damage under 35%
    Locked modifier - tachyon blast 60%
    Supercharge - oblivion good looking and effective

    Also I prefer anomaly over distortion wave if you are going to clip out of it because it hits harder. If you need to apply PI at the end of an animation sequence then distortion edges it out with slightly faster animation, bigger AOE, and 5% damage modifier.
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