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  1. Anierna Active Member

    Descriptions of Quantum Power Trees





    Dual-Spec'ing Quantum



    Controller Loadout Breakdown

    [Currently putting this into a spreadsheet]

    DPS Loadout Breakdown

    [Currently putting this into a spreadsheet]

    Quantum DPS Demonstration

    Whirling Dervish has just been nerfed to the ground on the Test Server- not even clippable by support powers or consumables. I'll make another vid without WD soon.

    DPS Rotation in that Vid

    Each of the following lines is a single clip:

    Time Shift > Whirling Dervish > Distortion Wave > Warped Reality >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Gravity Well >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Whirling Dervish > Singularity >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Distortion Wave >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Whirling Dervish > Singularity >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Distortion Wave >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Whirling Dervish > Singularity > Warped Reality >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Gravity Well >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Whirling Dervish > Singularity >
    Spin Chop > Time Shift > Distortion Wave >
    etc. [vid ends]
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  2. Anierna Active Member

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  3. BrotherMutant Well-Known Member

    Hey An, does the teleport power allow you to break CC effects or is it just protection during its activation as it doesn't seem to last long?
  4. Mr SweetFairy New Member

  5. Solarstar Well-Known Member

    Quantum Tunneling does allow for you to break out of control effects.
  6. AgentX44 Well-Known Member

    Hi An, I noticed that you don't have a damage debuff on your troll loadout. Any reason for that? Also, do you have any cooldown timings and clippability? Those things would be useful for visual timings. Awesome job getting this out so soon.
  7. Doctor Erevos Well-Known Member

    Damn that was quick lol. Great job :)
  8. Sore Well-Known Member

    Great job. You need a post to describe the sequence of you DPS rotation. You can visually see the strength in the video. It's crazy how you can rock both PIs in the same rotation. You've mapped that baby out for every cooldown. That is impressive. I don't see TimeShift staying that way long.
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  9. Anierna Active Member

    This dual-spec I gave only has a Defense debuff. No Attack or Health debuffs. For all content currently out, Attack debuffs are not needed, and Health debuffs are only needed in a very few circumstances (eg. Brainiac in Prime). This may not be the case for t5 content, but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.

    The dual-spec outputs maximum DPS, and it can also battery-troll perfectly. I would have liked to get a health and attack debuff just to have them, but there aren't enough PP for them, and most of the time, you won't need them anyway.
  10. Anierna Active Member

    I'll outline the rotation I do in that vid now. But if you're looking at the powers on my bar, you should be able to figure it out for yourself.

    I don't see why they'd need to change Time Shift. Attract for Elec does the exact same thing. Fear Gas and Fan, when jump-clipped, also do the same thing. IMO, Quantum having Time Shift IS "balanced" relative to Elec, Gadgets, and HL DPS. It would be unfair to nerf Time Shift without also nerfing Attract, Spark Barrage, Fear Gas, Fan, Entrap, Bloom, Invocation of Renewal, Phase Dodge, and Whirling Dervish.
  11. renzhe Active Member

    Thanks for listing the powers out, it helps.

    Ugh, SSpeedster again :confused:.

    Hoping that when the DLC hits, there won't just be SS Quantum Dps and SS Quantum Trolls. Thats going to be so boring. Hoping for more variety. And having tried out the Quantum power on Test, my opinion is that it can be a flexible and most importantly Fun as heck power (at least until the appeal of a new power dies out :D)

    Should have a couple more notes:
    - With 6pp in each tree, which bonus to get? I'm assuming the Space Tree bonus here (5% crit dmg, 10 Vit)
    - A range DPS rotation probably needs to be figured out, where situations where range is the safer route (mainly when pugging).
  12. Clutch_GT Well-Known Member

    Hi An, I noticed the two POT powers state they cause damage over time do they stack? How many ticks do they each give?
  13. MercPony Well-Known Member

    I'm debating on switching from Gadgets on my main to Quantum and I love Acrobatics too much so I will stick to my Word of Power instead of Speed Drain lol

    Nice to see a starting point on a loadout for me until I can tweak it to my tastes.
  14. JEEBIE Well-Known Member

    WTB raw data /mourn drift hazard's legendary status.
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  15. KnightFalz Member

    Thank you, Aniema, for your informative post.
  16. Lightful Well-Known Member

    A very high damaging rotation indeed. Great work but most likely, as it always goes, players are going to cry "OP, OP"! And this rotation will get nerfed some way. The cruel, vicious cycle of this game. :/
  17. Elusian Well-Known Member

    I dont see why they should cry for a nerf. It takes 2/3 of the time of this rotation to burn the dummy for HL on test.
  18. Lightful Well-Known Member

    HL took a HUGE nerf. I'm HL myself, I've been HL since fight for light dlc launch and honestly, after this nerf I don't think HL can even compete with ice or electricity let alone mental or gadgets...

    Also, the most dps couldn't be shown on the dummy because he was stunned and his health bar was already depleted. I'm sure this rotation does a lot more dps than you think. I think it could compete with HL Prior to nerf, could be even better in terms of dps out but looks like it takes a lot of power.
  19. JEEBIE Well-Known Member

    Aye the requirement of setting up a PI is going to hinder it's burst, but if you can establish PIs it's going to be pretty nice but not what i'd call OP. Plays a lot like electric.

    Ice/Gadget/HL have the benefit of not needing a PI, so while most are doing like 2/3 the damage using a PI applicating power those three get to jump right into their max damage.

    So sure HL may take it out faster initially, how would it balance out over say like 5 kills? unfortunately looks like the control effects were preventing it from resetting in the video.

    Just think it's pretty early to draw any conclusions as to power comparisons. It looks good, doesn't look OP to me, but until you run it through content a bit it's hard to really tell.
  20. Tesseract Prime Well-Known Member

    Right now, a damage debuff seems to be of more use in T5 than a second shield. I have been running with Alcubierre Wave instead of Time Bubble. The other damage debuff is on the 60% modifier interruptable move, which makes it largely useless, although I haven't yet tested how many targets it effects. AW is only one for the debuff.

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