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    This was originally in my Gadget thread but I decided to separate it so it would be easier to come across. It's just copied & paste so it's more likely aimed at Controllers but can help out Tanks too. I doubt I'll get to add any new raid info for a while but any NPCs you guys figure out or notice something about their behavior you can just throw it in here with a description, picture and/or video.

    NPC stands for Non Player Character or Non Playable Character

    Will Power & Suggested Amount of Dominance Recommended
    NPC Rank Info
    Breakout Profile
    Control Immunity
    Scripted Events/Attacks

    Controllable NPCs in Alerts & Raids
    Tier 2
    Kandaq Raid
    Outer Batcave Raid
    Inner Batcave Raid
    Sub Construct Raid
    Tier 3
    FOS II Bizarro
    Tier 6
    Themyscira Divided Alert
    V Lanterns in Love & War Operation
    Hall of Hades
    Throne of the Dead
    Tier 7
    Happiness Home
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    Will Power & Suggested Amount of Dominance Recommended
    Your Dominance must be higher than the NPC's Will Power (an invisible stat) in order for you to control them. The Suggested Amount of Dominance recommended for content, located in the Que up menu description of the instance, indicates the amount you need to break the NPC's Will Power.

    In the past, it's been recommended to have atleast 50 Dom over that amount. This is due to registering issues, and sometimes NPCs seem to have slightly more Will Power than the suggested amount. These tend to be NPC's like Matches. You cannot break the Will Power of a Boss and some SubBosses.

    Casting control effects under the suggest amount recommended just means you have a small chance to land a control effect. If the NPCs have low Will Power, Healer's and even Damagers can control them.

    Behind the scenes the Devs use ranks like...


    ... to label NPCs.

    "Trash" is just basically groups of Chumps & Minions.

    With solo, 2 to 4 man and raid content, it gets more complex with ranks, names and their function. NPCs that have an extra/unique component, like type or control effect/suppression, are included.

    In a private chat, a Dev did confirm that raids do not have SubBosses.
    Sometimes you'll hear folks refer to some SubBosses in raids like General Kraze. He is just Boss rank.

    An increase in rank usually means more health and higher damage. A change from Minion to Match means NPCs can be combat countered and can combat counter you. Matches, Subbosses, and Bosses can combat counter you and can also be combat countered (block break, interrupt, block).

    Combat: When your Combat Rating is higher than the Combat Rating of the NPC you are fighting you will inflict more damage on them and take less damage from them. This effect is very slight when the difference is small and becomes much more dramatic when the differences are greater.

    Breakout Profile
    A Breakout Profile is something the Developers "use to make the NPC behave like players a little better. It determines when and why NPCs breakout. So we have many different profiles..." (Loche).

    NPCs that never breakout and your control effects of a root, stun, levitation, or encasement lasts 15 seconds or more (Every 500 points in Dom means 1 added second) mean that they have no Breakout Profile.

    Chumps, Minions,Matches & some SubBosses can usually be controlled and usually have a Breakout Profile.

    Some SubBosses and all Bosses cannot be controlled.

    Chumps in the BC raids for example can be controlled for long durations (15+s). Chumps & Minions vary in duration in new content but are often controllable for a long period of time (unless they have B.O.P.)

    From experience and observation, Matches tend to break out of control effects usually after 2 to 4 seconds of being controlled.

    In some content like FOS3, NPCs like the Red and Gold Sentries are immune to stuns. But they can be controlled by knock down effects.

    From Loche,
    "There is a 13% chance you will end up with 2 matches (like punisher and bowmaster). The same happens anywhere in the content, not just hades. This is the base encounter for all base pop in the DLC." - Amazon Fury II DLC

    Control Immunity
    After NPC's breakout of control effects, they develop temporary control immunity. This ranges from 3 to 6 seconds. Some NPCs breakout at 8 seconds, and some even perform regular and constant self break outs while they are in combat. This is most common in Batcave raids and Kandaq.

    When NPCs are flashing white, the same way we do when we break out, that means they cannot be controlled. You have to wait until the flashing has stopped. This info can come in handy if you have to explain to a Tank when to apply a pull if you see them spamming power on a flashing immune NPC.

    The white flash

    NPCs that develop blue immunity from combat counters, may also develop immunity to control effects.
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    Scripted Events/Attacks
    These scripted events can be performed by Bosses as well as lower ranked NPCs.

    Scripted attacks are not "aggro resets" or "aggro wipes." They do not clear the hate table. Infact, the Tank's taunt is still active, assuming he/she is keeping it up every 8 to 12 seconds. The tank only needs to cast 1 power to active the taunt. Any power that is used in Tank role will taunt. So if you see him/her spamming powers to try and taunt a boss, they are just wasting power. They cannot physically pull a Boss because Bosses cannot be physically controlled.

    During a Scripted attack, NPC's pick players based off certain data. This data is programmed by the Developers. It can range from players with the least health, most far back players, or player doing the most damage, etc. The NPC will choose that player and ignore the tank until the NPC's scripted attack combo animation is over. If the Tank's taunt is still active, the NPC will focus on the Tank after the attack.

    The scripted event detail was shared by Sore at SOE Live with the Devs.

    Scripted Attacks are somewhat random and can happen often or not depending on how the boss fight is programmed. Sometimes the environment, like buffs from other NPCs, can make a NPC perform more scripted attacks. Scripted attacks are designed to prevent fights from becoming strict tank and spank.

    There is nothing a Tank can do to stop a scripted attack from occurring once the NPC (Boss) is in a combo attack. The tank may only be able to position himself to prevent something like a charge attack.

    All Bosses have 1 or more scripted attacks. Lower ranked NPCs usually have 1. It is your job as a Controller to call out the attack along with the Tank. Especially if the Tank doesn't do it. Your roles duty is being the General of the Battlefield.

    When a Boss, or lower rank NPC, is about to perform a scripted attack, they often perform an emote. Like a "grows strong animation" or their hand raises in the air. Most of the time, a red skull appears on the right side of their name tag. This helps you identify the attack if you're not looking at them. Just lock onto them with L1 on the PS controller.

    If you do have them insight, you will also see this white skull appear right above their head at the same time as the red skull appears.

    Not every scripted or deadly attack shows this icon.

    With lower ranked NPC's, most of the time you can control them. It can be brief or a long lasting control effect but it will prevent their attack.

    With Bosses, all you can do is warn everyone, move away, and be prepared to pick up fallen teammates.
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    NPCs in Alert & Raids
    Tier 2 Content

    Kandaq Raid

    Most NPC's excluding Bosses:
    Jackal Soldier
    Lazarus Dervish
    Lion Soldier
    Eagle Soldier
    Water Keepers
    Lazarus Disciple
    Lazarus Thief
    Lazarus Warrior
    Lazarus Djinn

    Jackal Soldier stays stunned for 2 seconds. Stays immune for 8 seconds. Applies a self breakout for immunity for 4 seconds every 25 seconds. He teleports.

    Lazarus Dervish stays stunned for 5 seconds. Stays immune for 4 seconds. Cycles through a self break out immunity ability every 10 to 15 seconds.

    Lion Soldier stays controlled for 2 seconds. Stays immune for 8 seconds.

    Eagle Soldier stays controlled for 2 seconds. Stays immune for 8 seconds.

    Water Keepers (They aim to destroy the rock you place in the wall to cover the water leak.) stay controlled for 2 seconds. Stay immune for 2 seconds the first 2 times you control them and they breakout. If they are still alive after those 2 attempts to slow them down, they start becoming immune to control effects for 8 seconds after their break outs.

    Lazarus Disciple stay controlled for 2 seconds. Stays immune for 8 seconds. They heal Water Keepers.

    Lazarus Thief stay controlled for 2 seconds. They cycle immunity and stay stay immune for 8 seconds.

    Lazarus Warrior cannot be controlled.

    Lazarus Djinn can be controlled for 2 seconds. Immunity lasts 3 to 6 seconds for them. They also cycle breakouts.

    Rest of Kandaq is not complete.

    Controlling in Outer Raid Notes
    All NPC’s excluding Bosses:
    Security Drone
    Security Sentry
    Drone Walker
    Arrester Drone
    Pacifier Drone
    Flash Bang Drone
    Perimeter Guard
    Shield Armor
    Omega Sentry
    Wing Armor
    Bastion Turret

    Riot Controlled Prototype First Boss

    Security Drone and Security Sentry regularly break out every 16 to 20 seconds regardless if you control them or not.

    Security Drones stay controlled for 3 seconds until they break out.

    Security Sentries teleport.

    Both stay immune for 4 seconds off of either one self cycled breakout or one break out from your control effect.

    They can stay immune for 8 seconds total at times if they break out of your control effect then cycle their breakout right after.

    Drone Walker’s work like wallbots in Nexus and NPCs in solos/duos/alerts. They can be controlled for 15+ seconds and do not break out.

    Perimeter Guard stay stunned for 2.5 seconds til breakout. Stay immune for 8 seconds total after 1 breakout.

    First Boss Riot Controlled Prototype is accompanied by 2 NPCs to destabilize the team. He's straight forward tank & spank. Once he reaches about 15%, a shield will pop up protecting him from all damage. If you don't destroy him in time, you will have to destroy Flash Bang Drones & use 3 of their core's to bring down the Bosses shield.

    Arrester Drone just channels an attack that paralyzes you. You need a tank or Controller to remove or control this NPC to free yourself or your teammate. I remember a long time ago you were able to cast powers that were usable while controlled to stun them and free yourself but for whatever reason they decided to gray out your bar and prevent you from doing it. Not sure why since you are being controlled, not countered.

    Pacifier Drone's constantly blast you with Freeze Ray which roots & controls you.

    Flash Bang Drone

    Shield Armor stay controlled for 2 seconds. Immunity last 8 seconds. Shield last 20 seconds. Reapplies shield at 19 seconds. Shield activation animation is the same as Defib. 2 Shield Armors casting their Defib Shield animation can shield each other every 19 to 21 seconds. Pulling them apart prevents them from shielding each other which would otherwise protect both of them for over a minute. They caN be pulled, stun etc. they also shield different kinds of NPCs nearby. So pulling them away prevents them from shielding more NPCs.

    Omega Sentries stay stunned for 4 seconds. Can stay immune up to 17 seconds because they also apply a regular breakout (like a pvp trinket). Regular breakout immunity last 8 seconds. Sometimes 12. You can apply control effects on these sentries to prevent them from casting Sonic Blast which can do high damage if you’re T1 or T2 only if they are not immune to CC.

    Wing Armors cannot be controlled even while not flashing. Designed to destabilize the team so tanks can apply team break out moves. Controllers apply self breakout moves. Right before they pop whirlwind attack they make an animation that looks like transcendence with the warning skull above their head. Popping Distract a second later will prevent you from being controlled by the Wing Armor.

    When engaging Bastion Turrets, having a turret out, dropping Decoy then quickly jumping up and away will encase them both instead of yourself. Even without them, if you’re Acrobat double jumping straight up will make you avoid the encasement.
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    Inner Batcave Raid
    All NPC’s excluding Bosses:
    Security Drone
    Eye Drones
    OMAC Prime
    Drone Walker
    Perimeter Guard
    Arrester Drones
    Omega Sentry
    Shield Armor
    Wing Armor
    Bastion Turret

    Security Drones regularly break out every 16 to 20 seconds regardless if you control them or not.

    Security Drones stay controlled for 3 seconds until they break out.

    It stays immune for 4 seconds either from its own self cycled breakout or from a break out resulting from your control effect. Can stay immune for 8 seconds total at times.

    Eye Drone’s Life Tap deals 7 ticks of power absorption from your power bar to heal itself. Can stay stunned for 3 seconds and immune for 4 to 5 seconds.

    OMACs operate the same as Security Drones.

    OMAC Primes are immune to weapon control effects. Stay controlled for 2 seconds. Can stay immune for 8 seconds after normal breakout from your control effect. Beware these Xmen Sentinel look alike beasts.

    Drone Walker’s work like wallbots in Nexus and chumps in solos/duos/alerts. They can be controlled for 15+ seconds and have no breakout profile (do not break out).

    Perimeter Guard stay stunned for 2.5 seconds til breakout. Stay immune for 8 seconds total after 1 breakout.

    Omega Sentries stay stunned for 4 seconds. Can stay immune up to 17 seconds because they also apply a regular breakout (like a pvp trinket). Regular breakout immunity last 8 seconds. Sometimes 12. You can apply control effects on these sentries to prevent them from casting Sonic Blast which can do high damage if you’re T1 or T2 only if they are not immune to CC.

    Shield Armor stay controlled for 2 seconds. Immunity last 8 seconds. Shield last 20 seconds. Reapplies shield at 19 seconds. Shield activation animation is the same as Defib. 2 Shield Armors casting their Defib Shield animation can shield each other every 19 to 21 seconds. Pulling them apart prevents them from shielding each other which would otherwise protect both of them for over a minute. They caN be pulled, stun etc. they also shield different kinds of NPCs nearby. So pulling them away prevents them from shielding more NPCs.

    Wing Amor’s in Inner can be controlled. They stay stunned for 2 seconds. They apply a self break out right before their Whirlwind attack. Stay immune for 4 seconds and can last longer once the WA applies the self breakout before attacking.

    NeuroOMAC can be stunned for 2 seconds. Immunity lasts 2 seconds. Sometimes longer if you spam certain powers like Gauss.

    Rest of Inner is not complete.
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    Controlling in Sub Construct Raid (BC3)

    All NPC’s excluding Bosses:
    Elite Subjugator
    Elite Servitor
    Brainiac Progenitor
    Elite Adherent
    Elite Guardian
    NeurOMAC Elite
    Brainiac Herald
    Prime Harvester
    Elite Overseer

    Neuromite work the same as Perimeter Guards and Manhunters. They do not develop immunity. Certain control effects off powers will last their full duration depending on your Dom. After several attacks they roll backwards. They also roll forwards.

    Neurocrawler can be controlled for 3 seconds before they develop immunity. Their control immunity last 3 seconds. Around 20% health or below it explodes to produce 3 Neuromites.

    Negator’s can also be controlled by specific control effects from powers for 15+ seconds and do not break out. There are yellow orbs planted on the ground that spawn them continuously. They have an all yellow Flash-like chest symbol.

    Elite Subjugator’s shoot a green beam that encases you in a green orb for 6 seconds once they’re red skull appears on their nametag. Or a skull icon appears above their head. You cannot break out of this orb. They can be controlled for 3 seconds by specific power control effects and develop immunity for 3.5 seconds from control effects.

    Elite Servitor can also be controlled by specific control effects from powers for 15+ seconds and do not break out.

    Brainiac Progenitor shoots 8 orange orbs that stun and deal damage over time on your teammates. It cannot be controlled. After the skull icon appears above its head, or red skull on name tag, it shoots a blue 360 degree pulse attack. Around 20% health it divides into 3 Neurocrawlers. Each of which then divides into 3 more Neuromites around 20% health. Only the first Progenitor you encounter does this.

    Elite Adherent shoots a freeze pistol attack that can levitate you and when it’s red skull appears on its name tag it delivers knock back attack. They can be controlled for 3 seconds by specific power control effects and develop immunity for 3.5 seconds from control effects.

    Elite Guardian shoots a stream of electricity to another Elite Guardian when they are in close to medium-far range. At close range they both shield each other and place an orange 360 degree AoE that stuns you but you can breakout of it. Their shield last anywhere from 8 to 9.5 seconds and is quickly reapplied once it’s dropped. They can be controlled inside the shield. The only way to bring the shield down is to separate them. Preferably keep each at a far distance. They can be controlled for 2 seconds by specific power control effects and develop immunity for 7 seconds.

    NeurOMAC Elite cannot be controlled.

    Brainiac Herald cannot be controlled. When the red skull appears, it then delivers an orange beam which makes you take damage as you spin in a Whirling Dervish animation. Shields like Distract that are labeled Usable While Controlled can free you from these control effects. Offensive powers like Neural Neutralizer can free you and stun/damage them.

    Prime Harvester cannot be controlled.

    Elite Overseer’s can be controlled if they are hit before their charge. After their charge attack, they collapse. Then they pop back up with a breakout protecting them from your power control effects.
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    Tier 3
    Reserved for FOS 1

    FOS II

    Bizzaro Boss Fight
    This video is originally a Taunt & Scripted attack test. Casting one power every 12 seconds is enough to taunt Bizzaro. The thing is, like with many bosses, NPCs perform multiple scripted attack and that causes them target other players.

    Bizzaro's Freeze Vision is not a scripted attack. When using it, he will target the tank if taunt is active.

    Bizzaro's Lunge Strike (dashing uppercut) attack along with his Fire Breath are scripted attacks.
    Lunge Strike can be dealt with by having your team hold block to knock him down. For Fire Breath, they can also block but moving out of the AoE will work too.

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    Reserved for FOS3
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    Tier 6

    Incase it can't be read, the NPCs are listed as
    Hoplite Soldier
    Peltast Campaigner
    Satyr Conscript

    Guard Exemplar
    Defense Officer
    Harpy Ranger
    Guard Hound

    When battling Circe in the last boss fight, her scripted attack is to target the player farthest away. Having a Tank range taunt her will prevent attacks to other players.
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    V Lanterns in Love & War Operation
    This is what they look like
    They're first encountered in a large room where Hal Jordan & Sinestro send a signal. They are also part of the Carol Boss fight (last boss). Only 1 appears at one time. Kill one and another one will spawn. The type is random.

    They're pretty easy to deal with. I'm one of those guys that likes 1 tank runs and 3 dps. So we have 1 tank taunt the boss and round up all the adds while I keep the v lantern in the back.

    These NPCs can be controlled for 15+ seconds by any of your Gadget abilities that deals a stun, encasement or root. They will not be controlled if they are immune to control effects or gain a combat counter immunity.

    There are different ways to approach them. You could just burn them down and if a Vexer pops up just pull it to the back. It is often best to separate them in general because these NPCs cannot remain under the Tank's taunt effects for long. They are intended to be controlled to prevent them from attacking in general. It is their AoE you must position away from the team.

    V Lantern Vexors steal everyone's power except the controllers.
    Vanguards reduce the groups health.
    Vanquishers debuff the groups defense.
    Vindicators debuff the groups damage.

    They all have a pulsing purple 360 AoE dome.

    Just take the lead and let your teammates know if they are in the AOE so they can get out of it. Let them know what kind of AoE debuff it is and where it is. Also let your controller partner know if you go down and to be ready to pull it to the back until you're back up.

    For that fight I use BackFlip for instant and direct burst blue heals. Speed Drain from Speedster tree, Vacuum Bubble from Flight and Skimming tree, and Word of Power also works. If I can keep the v lantern occupied, I go put a supply drop in the middle for the group.

    Just be ready to pull the Lantern as soon as it spawns and don't be afraid to call out the tank if he/she messes up. Otherwise you look bad for their sloppy organization. Tell them you're going to grab the Lantern.

    I use Taser Pull only when I see the blue PoT numbers. If I need to cast it immediately I'll use Taser right away. If power is really low, I'll pop Word of Power. or BackFlip from the Acro tree, to restore power to the team instantly.

    Here's an updated run with the V Lanterns with no breakout profile.

    Also, at the first boss fight with Zatanna, the Champion NPCs, the one's that carry the crystal, can be controlled or continuously lunged at. That will stop them from placing the crystals in.
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    The rest I'll just add as I get time to solo the other content to write it up.
  12. TechBender New Player

    Hey nice guide, well put together. I have a question on "The tank only needs to cast 1 power that produces yellow might damage to active the taunt." Since winter ward for ice was having aggro drops bugs I have switched to the iconic hardlight shield awaiting WW's return. I haven't really noticed aggro drops with this shield, however it cannot produce any damage. I'll have to check whether they fixed winterward, I periodically do so. Shouldn't any tank power draw aggro, damage or no?
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    Any power used in Tank role will draw aggro and Taunt for 12 seconds. This includes Hard Light Shield & Heat Vision. You really only need to cast 1 power and you have the taunt. Any power that follows depends on the Tank's powerset mechanics to survive. Like popping shields.

    Aggro is when a NPC targets you and puts you in a state of combat. Any power anyone, from any role, uses will draw aggro. Weapon attacks can gain aggro. It can also be gained by just walking up to most NPCs. In Tank role, popping Winter Ward or any power is going to gain aggro & Taunt.

    A Taunt is something only Tanks can do. Some pets & consumables can also taunt but those are weaker compared to a Tank's taunt. Taunts last 12 seconds and put the Tank, or pet, at the top of the hate table. That means a taunt will remove the aggro on anyone. Taunt > Aggro. Again, any power used in Tank role, even powers from the Iconics tree will taunt.

    Here's a video that's old but just incase Tank's want to learn something.

    "As I touched on above. First and foremost a tank should gain aggro through taunts. There is much conjecture about how hate/aggro works, and there is even some conjecture about how Ice taunt differently to other tanks I am unsure where this has come from, but you can see a video showing how taunts work here.

    So, in my experience, enemies will attack the player who is doing the most damage to them through powers. This is not to say if someone is doing a large amount of damage to an enemy, and then someone else does more, the enemy will change targets. Instead, an enemy will take a hit from a player and the hate will start from that point. The enemy will then hate that player the most for 20 seconds. The enemy will concentrate all attacks on that player for the timed 20 seconds. After the timer is over, the enemy will then attack whoever has used the most power.

    This explains a few things away.

    The reason controllers are so hated by enemies is because controllers will usually lead a battle with the first hit. This will either be a PoT spell, or a debuff. Instant hate to the controller. The controller will also spend the battle keeping the PoT up as well as the debuff, and, hopefully (if your controller is good enough) using power interactions to do large amounts of damage. All hate to the controllers.

    Players in the damage role will also generate a lot of hate because they are doing the most damage to the enemy.

    Healers will generate hate because they are having to use their powers to keep their team alive.
    Overriding the hate table is the job of the tank. To do this, while in tank stance, a tank will gain a special ability called "taunting". Taunting will effectively move a tank to the top of the hate table for 12 seconds. To achieve this, a tank should hit an enemy with any power. Tanks don't even really need to hit an enemy, they just need to be within range and use a power to generate the hate. This taunt will completely over ride the hate table for the aforementioned 12 seconds. Once the 12 seconds is finished, the hate will reset, and the enemy will automatically move back to the player that has generated the most hate. This is where maintaining aggro comes in. Before the hate table resets, it is important for the tank to taunt the enemy with a power again. This will give the tank another 12 seconds of aggro. A tank can over ride their own taunt within the 12 seconds; however, this can only be done after 8 seconds.

    So, to gain and maintain aggro, a tank must taunt an enemy with a power, and then taunt them again between 8 and 12 seconds later. This is far and away the most important aspect of tanking. The basics of taunting and gaining and maintaining aggro can actually be classified as a control effect that is exclusive to players in the tank role. Taunting is not a push, or a knockback, but it does allow you to control a battlefield in a way that no other class can. Seeing as, taunting an enemy will make that enemy immediately change whatever they are doing and move towards you."
  14. TheDark Devoted Player

    Hopefully we centralize the info we have on the new NPC mechanics in here so we all know where to look for it. If you guys have info on something type it out with detail. Preferably with a video, or picture of the NPC & their mechanic. The name of the instance in caps at the top of your post would also make it easier for anyone to just scroll down & look for a instance their having trouble with.


    LOVE & WAR

    Vexor Lantern. Then blah blah sucks power in 360 AoE blah.
  15. TheDark Devoted Player


    Shade Punisher
    The more you hit her, the more damage she does to the group in her 360 AoE.

    Forge Spirit
    If you touch him, he’ll keep spawning more Shade Neophytes.

    Shade Neophytes have no Breakout Profile. You can stun these NPCs for over 15 seconds. These NPCs can stun you or your teammates & they will not be freed unless the Controller stuns the Neophytes.

    When in the boss fight after the Forge Spirit, the Forge Master will place the tank in a purple bubble. While the purple bubble is on the tank, the Forge Master will ignore the tank. Once the 3 side adds are eliminated, the purple bubble will disappear & the tank will be able to taunt the Forge Master again.

    Creature Handler’s heal Cerberus with every channel. The gloves item are for controlling the Handlers. Gloves of Lore.

    The cloak in Cerberus fight lets you take reasonable damage for the whole group even if one person wears it. Otherwise you take one shots. If the person wearing the item dies, the buff for the team ends until someone picks it up off the ground and wears it. Using the gloves allows for a PROC to active the controlling of the Handler.

    I'll get clearer pictures when I it goes live.
  16. TheDark Devoted Player

    Throne of the Dead

    • An earth tank's Brick pet and an ice tank's Snow Devil pet will no longer trigger an Essence of War to heal itself.
    • Zealous Shade NPCs in the Hades fight should despawn when their abilities are completed.
    • Essence of War will now heal himself properly if hit by any non-tanks.
    • Essence of War will now enhance Ares when close to him.
    • Hades will now reset hate after performing his banish ability.
    • Ares now has normal health but is vulnerable for a longer period.
    • Ares's vulnerability effects now end when he is defeated.
    • You will be able to build both statues while in shade form.
    • The Throne Room Upkeep feat no longer requires the statue fragments to be transported. Instead, interacting with one of them will restore that part of the statue.
    • Players stuck in a banishment cycle should resist damage and Judge fear effects now.
    • Random shades should no longer appear in the finale cam.
    • Removed damage dealing component from Hades' Damned ability (the one that banishes).
    • Increased the health threshold intervals at which Hades will use his Damned ability (the one that banishes) so that Hades must lose a bit more health before firing off another banish.
    • Elite Only: The adds that spawn during the Hades fight have been adjusted. Instead of each time being a zealous shade, a totem master, and a random set of generic shades , there will now be a zealous shade and either a totem master or a random set of generic shades. The totem master will still attempt to place a totem which can summon more generic shades

    Hades will banish 4 players of each role at 80, 60, 40 & 20% of his health bar.

    Elite Only: Each time Hades picks someone to transform into a zealous shade, he will exclude his most hated enemy at that moment from his possible targets.

    Warring Shades that perform a "Called Shot," which have them aim their bow at a player with a white target under their feet appears that can one shot you & your teammates. These archer NPCs behave like Bow Masters. You can stop these NPCs by controlling them temporarily (3 to 4 seconds) or you can hold block when you have the white target & arrow on you and warn your teammates to block as well. Doing this prevents you from taking a 1 shot completely.

    The Essence of War only takes damage from players in Tank role. They can be controlled by any role. They develop immunity for 2 to 3 seconds.

    Totem Masters can be controlled for 8 seconds and develop immunity for 3 seconds.
  17. TheDark Devoted Player

    Happiness Home

    Parademon Soldiers can be controlled for 6 to 8 seconds before breaking out.

    Water Elements that are spawned by Aquaman can be controlled for 15+ dom seconds by controllers. Chronoemitters, other PI consumables & other shorter duration power CC effects will allow them to be released sooner.

    The following video was in a group where 3 dps died. We had 1 dps and need another to help burn Aquaman quicker so we had 2nd tank switch. You do not need 2 tanks for Aquaman's Water Elements.

    Constantly on the move. Has 2 skull attacks.

    First and most used one is the cone AoE Tornado Pull. The animation is him sticking one arm out and you'll see a tornado from his hands. If you're within the cone or infront of it block and/or move quickly. While he is using his Tornado pull you can attack him as long as he's not looking in your direction. As soon as his Tornado Pull ability is over he will speed dash to the group and attack. You have 2 seconds to roll away and avoid heavy damage.

    Zoom constantly speed dashes and attacks. Just role away.

    Zoom's second skull attack is dealt less often but will knock you out. The animation is him running in small circles at the location where his skull warning first appears. He will vacuum anyone who isn't blocking, or does not have control immunity.

    Stompa, Superman & Leshina
    Info coming soon

    Granny walks around the room to activate 4 switches that buff Superman's defense. Having all 4 switches activate buffs Superman's damage to allow for one shots.

    Granny shoots 4 balls at the group each time her Drone is destroyed. Jumping up in the air while she's targeted on you will have her shoot them upwards. You could also block and have the healer heal through it. You'll usually target the closest players. You can bait her and be among the closest so she can shoot at you. This way you jump and have the rest of the group farther back and safe from her attacks.

    When one boss is left, having the 2nd tank follow Granny around is helpful because the Tank can stand infront of Granny's rifle to take the 4 shots. The Tank can body block and the group won't take damage. Or the 2nd tank can go damage role and everyone has to pay attention to her so that when she does shoot them, everyone stays clear.

    I'll get to the first boss later
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