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    Hello DCUO (PC) Community,

    I have decided to create this thread to make it as easy as possible to get started on the test server.

    With this guide, I will walk you through step by step from downloading the game, to getting max prestige quickly so you can get a league hall. I will also show locations as to where you can get all of the essentials.

    - 20+ GB OF STORAGE (enough for a second DCUO)

    What is the test server?

    The DCUO Test Server is how Developers allow players to perform early tests on prior to launching the latest Episodes/Events content onto the Live Servers. -DCUO Source Wall

    If I find a bug, how do I report it?

    To make your bug reports most effective, please follow these guidelines when reporting bugs:
    When information about a bug is complete, including reproducible steps, please report the bug in the Testing Feedback forum section. Provide as much detail as possible, including steps to reproduce the bug. You can never post too much detail. The more detail you provide, the faster the bug gets fixed. -Mepps

    - How to Download
    - How to Get Started
    - How to Get the Essentials (currencies, recent gear, mods, artifacts etc.)
    - How to Get a League Hall
    - How to Change Powersets
    - How to Unlock Many Styles

    If you run into any issues, please let me know in the comments of this thread. I'll try to respond to as many as I can.

    Let's Get Started!
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  2. MarvelHawkeye Well-Known Player


    To make this as easy as possible, first figure out when you originally downloaded DCUO.
    (to figure this out, check both locations)

    If you downloaded DCUO before Daybreak, you will find the game located here, "C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games"

    If you downloaded DCUO after SOE (before Daybreak), you will find the game located here, "C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games"

    If you have done this correctly, it should look like this, (you may have to click on the screenshot to view it)


    If you cannot find a DC Universe Online folder, check other drives. To do this, CLICK HERE

    Once you have found the location of your DCUO game folder, you will need to make a duplicate (copy and paste). Don't be alarmed when this duplication takes a decent amount of time, it is copying all of your game data from your original game file.

    When your download is finished, you will see a "DC Universe Online" folder, as well as a "DC Universe Online - Copy" folder.

    Now, rename the "DC Universe Online - Copy" folder to "DC Universe Online Test"

    Once you have renamed the copied folder, open the folder. Then open the LaunchPad.ini folder (screenshot shown below) and input the following text (screenshot shown below): environment=test After that, click file>save in the top left corner.


    Now, to run the game you will need to go back to the copied folder and open LaunchPad.exe (screenshot shown below). Once you have done that, you're good to go.

  3. MarvelHawkeye Well-Known Player


    Starting off with character creation. This really doesn't matter (except for skipping to CR 100) because everything except your name can be changed.

    Side note: when creating your name, many names that wouldn't be available on live server are available on test so try to pick something clean.

    When you first load in, you will be bombarded with messages so just ignore them and open your inventory. Once you have opened your inventory, feel free to claim all items EXCEPT for the "Combat Rating 100 Box". Not opening this guy will save you the headache of deleting all of the gear if you plan on using the newest gear that is supplied to you.


    When you have opened and claimed all of your free loot, navigate to the fortify tab and upgrade your origin augments. After you have finished fortifying your augments, head over to the "PVE Vendor - Hero/Vilian" and scroll down until you see "Test Server ### CR Gear Box". The current box for the episode at the time of writing this is a 328 CR Gear Box. Open the box and replace your current gear with the new ones. (make sure to pick the DPS gear box to start)

    Once again, you will be bombarded with many many feats and many many messages from Oracle. Disregard these and go back into the vendor. You will now purchase 3x "Artifact Testing Cache", (optional) 1x "Combat Pet Testing Cache", and 8x "Test Server PVE Currency".

    Now, time to open. Starting off with the "Artifact Testing Cache"'s. (Make sure to open one at a time then pick your artifact and upgrade it or else you will have to split the Nth metal into stacks of 24. Only use seals of completion on all milestones that have a success chance <100%)

    (Optional) Next, open the "Combat Pet Testing Cache". Pick which one you would like, the current highest DPS pet in this pack is the Boo Utility Belt and the Dark Construct Bat.

    Next, open the Test Server PVE Currency as needed. I would suggest opening one and leaving the rest for a future time when you need more of a certain currency.
  4. MarvelHawkeye Well-Known Player


    First step, travel to the "Supply Vendor - Hero" which is directly adjacent to the "PVE Vendor - Hero". Purchase 3x "Test Server Housing Supply Box", and open all three. Once opened, collect all base items.

    Now, travel to your base. If you have already traveled to your base before now, get a new deed from the "Supply Vendor - Hero" and visit that base.

    Next, enter decoration mode and place all base items.

    After all base items have been placed, create a league.

    Once the league has been created, leave the base through the "Exit Base" teleporter.

    After you have exited your base, immediately enter the base again through the "Enter {base name}" teleporter.

    Now, you will have the max amount of prestige and be able to create a league hall, and unlock 12/13 Proficiencies.

    Repeat this process to get more prestige.
  5. MarvelHawkeye Well-Known Player

    To respec your power, visit the "Supply Vendor - Hero".

    Next, buy the "Test Server Testing Helpers".

    Then open. After opening, you will receive 1x power respec token, 1x movement respec token, 1x Radar Enhancer, and $100,000.

    Use the power respec token and choose your power.


    Surrounding the Hall of Justice (where Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman are located) there are 14 vendors that accept episode currency and/or source marks as payment in return for episode based styles, materials, base items, and artifacts.

    Visit the "PVE Vendor - Hero" below the Hall of Justice to get "Test Server PVE Currency" which gives you large amounts of the needed currencies to purchase these style items.

    The same probably applies to the villian side but I am not aware of the locations.
  6. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    Where is the Pve vendor located on villain side and where at on hero side?

    I'm asking for a friend who is new to test server that thinks he has to level all the way up from cr100.
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  7. L T Devoted Player

    You don't need to do this if you re-install the test client from scratch. It involves downloading the whole game again though. Also, there are housing supply boxes that have just base items and ones that have amenities like a broker or bank. If you get 2 of the same amenities then you can't consume or delete the second one and you'll wind up sacrificing an ever-so-precious inventory slot.

    In the center of the top level of the hall of doom.
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  8. Lara Committed Player

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  9. MarvelHawkeye Well-Known Player

    On the hero side it is near the holographic globe that is in the center of the watchtower. In the hall of doom, it is in the very center on the top floor.