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    Please note that this guide is a bit hard to read. I took it from an old post which I replied to a while ago but it seems to be more frequently asked than a one-off question. Some more recent information may not be present. I'll update formatting/information over time. If you have stuff to add or edit suggestions feel free to post a reply.

    Disclaimer: This information remains relevant up to the date of this post (September 3, 2016 3:17 PM ET). Any relevancy beyond this date cannot be assured.

    Free Members

    As a Free member you will have these benefits and restrictions.

    These benefits are permanent. If you upgrade your membership you get these benefits plus the benefits of whatever you upgraded to.

    Content and Drops
    • All classic content up to tier 3
    • All 3 tier 4 Duos + 1 tier 4 4-Man (Inner Sanctum)
    • Access to all Seasonal events
    • Access to all Legends PvE events
    • Access to most promotional events unless stated are exclusive to Legendary members
    • Access to all Arena PvP and Legends PvP maps except Lair Battles (2v2)
    • Access to any PvP gear that requires 1500 in-game Cash or less per piece
    • Access to Stabilizer accumulation events (Suicide Squad Training)
    • 1 Vault run every 7 days
    • Unable to open Promethium Lockboxes
    • 3 Stabilizer Fragments everyday (1 Stabilizer every 5 days) - Additional Stabilizers need to be purchased for 100 Marketplace/Daybreak Cash
    • Able to open as many Time Capsules as you have Stabilizers
    Character Upgrades
    • Access to 6 powersets (Nature, Sorcery, Ice, Fire, Gadgets and Mental)
    • Access to 3 movements (Acrobatics, Flight and Super-Speed)
    • Access to 10 weapons (Martial Arts, Brawling, One-Handed, Two-Handed, Hand Blasts, Dual Wield, Staff, Bow, Rifle and Dual Pistols)
    • Access to Hideouts
    • 2 character slots
    • 28 inventory slots
    • 12 bank slots
    • 9 shared bank slots
    • 0 broker slots
    • 1 Armory per character
    • 1 Deed per character
    • Able to use Helmet Mods (Critical and Supercharged mods from Time Capsules) without additional purchases
    Player Interaction
    • No ability to trade with other players or receive items or Cash from mail
    • No ability to talk in or create custom voice channels
    • Able to buy items off of the Broker (up to 1500 in-game Cash) but cannot sell items
    • Able to talk in Proximity or League voice channels
    • Not able to create a league
    • Able to join a league
    • Able to take items from a League Bank
    • Able to add items to a League Bank
    • No additional Daybreak Cash/Loyalty Points
    • No additional Replay Badges
    • Limit to 1500 in-game Cash
    • Slowest login queue line dubbed "Free queue"
    You will need to spend at least 500 Marketplace/Daybreak Cash to become a Premium member.

    Premium Members

    Once you have spent at least 500 Marketplace/Daybreak Cash you will become Premium. You will have the Free Members benefits along with these additional benefits and alterations to restrictions.

    These benefits are permanent. If you upgrade your membership you get these benefits plus the benefits of whatever you upgraded to.

    Content and Drops
    • Whatever Episodes (and content) you purchase individually
    • 1 Vault run every 3 days
    • Able to open Promethium Lockboxes for a 250 Marketplace/Daybreak Cash fee per lockbox opened
    • 3 Stabilizer Fragments everyday for being Free + 1 Stabilizer Fragment for being Premium = 4 Stabilizer Fragments everyday for being Premium (1 Stabilizer every 3.75 days) - Additional Stabilizers need to be purchased for 100 Marketplace/Daybreak Cash
    Character Upgrades
    • 4 additional character slots
    • 14 additional inventory slots
    • 12 additional bank slots
    • 5 additional bank slots
    Player Interaction
    • Ability to trade items and receive items from mail
    • Ability to talk in custom voice channels
    • Able to sell items on the Broker
    • Limit of 2000 in-game Cash
    • Priority login queue line over Free dubbed "Premium queue"
    You'll need to buy the Ultimate Edition, become a Legendary Member or Additional One-Time Upgradesto get more benefits.

    Ultimate Edition

    You will need buy the Ultimate Edition to get these benefits. Once you do you will have the Premium Members benefits along with these additional benefits.

    These benefits are permanent. If you upgrade your membership you get these benefits plus the benefits of whatever you upgraded to.

    Content and Drops
    • Access to Episode Pack I (Episodes 1-5)
    • Access to Episode Pack II (Episodes 6-9)
    Character Upgrades
    • Access to Power Bundle (Light, Electricity, Earth, Quantum, Celestial and Rage)
    • Access to Shield
    • Access to Utility Belts
    • Access to Lairs and Mainframes
    To get more benefits you will need to become a Legendary Member or buy Additional One-Time Upgrades.

    Legendary Members

    If you buy a Legendary subscription you will become a Legendary Member. Once you do you will have the In Premium Members and Ultimate Edition benefits along with these additional benefits and alterations to restrictions.

    These benefits are temporary. You will only get these benefits as long as you keep an active Legendary subscription.

    Content and Upgrades
    • Episode Pack III (Episodes 10-14)
    • Episodes 15-26+
    • 1 Vault run every day
    • Able to open all Promethium Lockboxes
    • 3 Stabilizer Fragments everyday for being Free + 1 Stabilizer Fragment for being Premium + 2 Stabilizer Fragments everyday for being Legendary = 6 Stabilizer Fragments everyday for being Legendary (1 Stabilizer every 2.5 days) - Additional Stabilizers need to be purchased for 90 Marketplace/Daybreak Cash
    Character Upgrades
    • Access to remaining powersets (Munitions and Atomic)
    • Access to Skimming
    • 10 additional character slots
    • 21 additional inventory slots
    • 24 additional bank slots
    • 15 additional broker slots
    Player Interaction
    • Able to create custom voice channels
    • Able to create a league
    • Able to trade Cash and receive Cash from mail
    • No limit to Cash
    • 500 Daybreak Cash/Loyalty Points per month
    • 150 Replay Badges per month
    • 10% Marketplace discount
    • Priority login queues over Premium dubbed "Legendary queue"
    • Ability to purchase any Marketplace Legends character for Marks of Legends (average price 100 marks)
    • Access to Modern Batman Legends character
    • 1 Free Item Restore per month
    And of course you get those benefits only if you subscribe and stay subscribed. To get additional benefits you will need to purchase Additional One-Time Upgrades.

    Additional One-Time Upgrades

    If you purchase additional Marketplace upgrades you will get these additional benefits.

    These benefits are permanent. You will retain these benefits on top of whatever benefits you get other membership levels. Buying any one of these benefits usually gives you Premium Members benefits at the same time.

    Character Upgrades
    • Access to Amenity: Teleporter
    • Access to double general Amenities (if you get the Marketplace Amenities and the Amenities from collections. Example 2 placeable Sparring Targets)
    • 15 additional Armory's per character
    • 3 additional Deeds per character
    • 16 additional character slots
    • 84 additional inventory slots
    • 81 additional bank slots
    • 14 additional shared bank slots
    • 60 additional broker slots
    If you are a Legendary Member and have purchased all of the Additional One-Time Upgrades you cannot get anymore benefits.


    These should be the exact differences. Of course you could also get other Marketplace cosmetics and such but that should be all of the functional benefits between Free, Premium, Ultimate Edition and Legendary.
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    Plan to do:
    • Format restriction alterations differently
    Stuff to add:
    • Restrictions involving Open Episode access
    Summary Chart (WIP):

    The below chart is a Work in Progress (WIP) resource that aims to show commulative totals in a comparative view. It may not have any formating and likely lacks some of the above information. It will be updated overtime and simpler versions will be created as well.

    DCUO Membership Benefits Chart
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  5. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    En mi humilde opinion deben hacer un par de cosas para que los servers funcionen al 100 llenos de players,
    la primera fusionar todos los servers (asi seria mucho mas facil encontrar villanos para las misiones JvJ o PVP.
    En segundo lugar creo que deberian agregar un DCL con todos los ITEMS y avances basicos que necesita cualquier jugador...
    en mi opinion 1 DCL con todo junto.. y despues a parte otros DCL pequeñitos solo con 1 item cada uno por si algun player no tiene money para comprar todo junto como es mi caso...
    en mi opinion en el DCL con todo incluido deberian poner: acceso a todos los capitulos + marcas de fuente de sobra para comprar todas las piezas del equipo mas reciente y todos los catalizadores necesarios para subir los artefactos a nivel 100 al menos... yo creo que con unos 500 catalizadores tendrias de sobra para upgradear 5 artefactos. + espacios de inventario de sobra + espacios en el banco + sistema de guaridas + cinturon multiusos + 500 estabilizadores (porque segun veo se reciben muchas mas capsulas del tiempo... y aunque seas membership nunca podrias abrirlas todas) para terminar creo que algo indispensable para cualquier fan de DC Universe... son los trajes antiguos de los SuperHeroes como SuperMan, o wonder Woman, o Acuaman, o Batman original, tambien deberian agregar otros personajes de DC universe olvidados como eran Capitan Britania o SPawn el enjendro... yo añadiria a la historia incluso al hijo de SUperman que aparece en la pelicula SUperman Returns pero eso ya se sale de la historia de los cartoons que segun veo es la que sigue este MMO. yo estoy buscando comprar algo como todo lo que mencione antes... sin contar los capitulos claro.. porque me saldria carisimo y soy pobre de nacimiento ja ja. He calculado al rededor de unos 18 euros... + un mes de FULL ACCESS que pienso comprar... creo que me saldra todo por unos 30 euros... pero tengo un DILEMA ... porque a mi me gusta jugar el server de mi region.. pero no me decido a hacer la compra porque el server EU esta vacio y ademas casi siempre en mantenimiento... por favor FUSIONEN todos los servidores.
    tambien queria decirles que en Central City hay un BUG en la mision en la que tienes que detener a los ciudadadanos que van corriendo a todas partes... con el PC no se puede completar esa mision... al menos si tienes Vuelo de habilidad de movimiento no se consigue completar jamas.. no aparece en la pantalla las instrucciones para usar el POWER que Flash te deja prestado.
    soy un gamer, me gusta hacer todas las misiones.. soy member de la version de prueba... gracias agradezco su atencion.
  6. Zoe· Content Creator

    This guide is outdated, a lot of things probably changed since then.
  7. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    No es una guia... tampoco instrucciones que nadie deba seguir... es una opinion que espero tomen en cuenta... NADA MAS.
  8. Zoe· Content Creator

    I am talking about the thread itself. Which is outdated and from 2016.
  9. AruEdu Well-Known Player

    is there any way or DCL with permanent Legendary access ? i cant buy FULL GAME forever?

    no hay algun DLC que contenga Legendary Access? o no se puede comprar Legendary access para siempre con un solo pago como si estuvieras comprando el juego completo?
  10. InvisibleInk Level 30

    Not anymore. I remember a lifetime membership was available for like the first week the game was live. I wanted it but was broke at the time.

    Also the info here may be of dubious relevance. The main thing I redownloaded to check was the credit caps and how relevant they were for free/premium members. As a premium member my credit cap is 3000 and thats barely enough to repair my gear one time if I mess up in a dungeon.

    It seems like everything else has improved with the sole exception of that, but thats such a huge sticking point for me, and always has been. I've said it before on these forums and I'll say it again, having such a low credit cap with no way to increase it permanently, even when you're purchasing content from the shop in the form of episodes, really drives home the point that you do not own anything in this game.
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  11. Zoe· Content Creator

    Episodes will be going completely free starting this Summer - so on this front you don't have to spend anything. If you want the lair system and other upgrades, you will have to pay.
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    Nearly 5 years....you've outdone yourself this time.
  13. Nº4 New Player

    cualquier cosa mejor que escribir cosas inservibles.
    anything is better than type useless things =_=. -10 points for you
  14. Zoe· Content Creator

    This thread is from 2016, let it die.
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