Test Discussion GU97: Weapon Combat Update

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by DCAutymn, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. Rushsteel Active Player

    Hey man, I'm on test right now. We can get in a discord and compare if you want
  2. gemii Dedicated Player

    Rush my man. i like you but the part i bolded is that really the way to look at things if everyone is concerned with balance? you dont care if you get out dps by 500% in melee as long as you can look good in range aoe and single target? i understand you play elite content the most and thats your thing but that whole statement seems self motivated "Give me what i like to do im not phased by the anything else" not to really say you dont care its just not a big deal to you correct?

    if you feel the aoe melee aspect of precision is weak shouldnt that be equally cared about as well. otherwise we continue down a path of unbalance.
  3. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Im still at work or I would man.

    (late edit cause im at work lol) With 27k prec, venom, grim and i think i have the stone on you should be able to get 40-50k with hand blasters solar flame depending on what your doing and your clipping. If you have a good loadout you'll be looking more 45-50. If you add in RSK and some other tricks you can be over 50k depending on power. Provided you have the troll buff.
  4. Rushsteel Active Player

    aoe melee can only be used in reg content and alerts and duos and solo. You can also use aoe range and s/t in this type of content. I get it is important but it isn't as important to the majority of the playerbase. Right now I think aoe melee is kind of fine. On par with might or slightly worst which is fine. It's good enough for raids if the tanks pull the adds and groups them up only. Otherwise brawling is pretty bad. We can never have true balance in this game. But to have might dominate prec in aoe melee, aoe range, and s/t is kind of wild lmao. If might had better s/t and prec had better aoe range I wouldn't care. This update is more of a go might to have good damage at least for the majority of the player base. A majority of the people in this thread who are saying prec is still good are going to be might on live once this update hits. Some are actually trying to have balance like crappyheals but others just want prec to be really bad out of spite. The update is here man. No more testing can change the fact that once the update hits people are all going to be might. I already know plenty of players who got might artifacts ready for 200. I tried and crappy tried and a lot of players here tried.
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  5. Rushsteel Active Player

    Nah man I feel you, I'm starving (havn't ate) testing this. Thing is might will be better than prec in a good amount of ways. Not every might power but some. Most people will be might when update goes live. I know you will be but that's because you always been a nature fan for years and years. When they decide to buff prec hopefully they don't overdue the buff and maybe get some more NDA's out to the endgame player base to make sure its all balanced.
  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This is not quite intended. Thank you for the report.
  7. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

    What's your toon name and is it in a league. My troll bot is currently in a league hall. If you're testing what Crappy gave you, you can use it while I'm rendering videos to YT.
  8. Rushsteel Active Player

    I'm in plats test league but can give you permission to the leaguehall
  9. gemii Dedicated Player

    only part i disagree with on is melee isnt as important to majority of the player base. This game is littered with players who are straight casual players and all they know is melee. the majority dont even have a second armoy to switch to in range situations. More play regular content than they do elite content but Plenty still play elite as well but these are usually the end game bunch. either way both should be equally important for both sides satisfaction.

    and very true the game will never have that perfect balance the game needs a true balance not just Weapon balance or just might balance. one big balance where the devs just gobble up everything from both sides and balance it out to where they intend it to be.

    I think its at least a step in the right direction for now though. i dont see any issues as long as the game continues to reach that balance point even after it goes live like mepps stated.
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  10. stärnbock Devoted Player

    well one thing i admit: while there is the chance to get countered or interrupted from enemy targets in normal gameplay situations, when compairing the testing against sparing targets you also will never gain the sparing AI buff for successfully score a counter yourself.. it will most likely be worth taking the risk! because even if you fail a few times, the compensation from the sparing AI feels high enough to the point it is realy worth to give it a try ;):p:D i guess we will see how it turns out on live server, however: i am optimistic when thinking about all the different ways you can get buffed during actual gameplay, and while using all the options you can get to stay buffed at all times (combo counter allways over 9, sparing ai counter buff, weapon buff buffed with VWD, troll buff and others from the group), weapons sure will produce very high numbers if you play smart ^^ can't wait to find out!!!
  11. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Yet another reason I’m glad we’re going to get more fine tuning on live. The damage done by weapons is much more subject to external influence than powers are.
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