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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by DCAutymn, Aug 22, 2019.

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  1. DCAutymn Developer

    Hi all!

    We made some updates to weapon combo damage, and would very much like to hear your feedback. How does it feel? What are your thoughts? Have you found any bugs? Are there combos that you would like to see further adjusted? Why?

    Thank you very much for testing this!

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  2. Flying F0X New Player

    Bow Explosive Shot into Dual Pistol Full Auto is hitting some wild numbers, like 10x anything else
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  3. Aggro Well-Known Player

    These weapons aren't balance, unless there's something missing, nothing really as changed..
  4. Cyro Committed Player

    Ill have to do further testing with an actual loadouts but my inital impressions are that the longer combos do more damage because they are a longer and if you get knocked out you lose more damage and b because you will be using your powers less so they do more damage to make up for it. That being said it looks like they do need some massive tweaks.
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  5. Aggro Well-Known Player

    In my other post I meant, there's still only like 3 weapon combos that do well vs the 11 we have, just like live therefore the only fun I actually have is the "broken mastery" currently

    It just feels like there isn't a reason to stay prec, if the combo isn't worth the duration what's the point? People won't stay prec they'll just switch to might

    Prec is odviously slower then might but all we are doing is balancing weapons and as it seems 3 vs 11 of them isn't necessarily a good start

    AOE range was always the worse, it's almost not existent why you think people don't use it
  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    my goodness, playing brawling for once feels NOT like fighting with a pillow when performing the homerun mastery :D i like it
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  7. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

    Bugs Leftover from GU73 on test server before revamp launched:
    - Bow's Explosive Shot into Full Auto has inconsistent ticks. Alternates between 3 and 4 ticks of Full Auto.
    - Brawling's Shuriken Mastery has inconsistent ticks. Alternates between 4 and 5 ticks of Shuriken.
    - Handblaster's Pulse Beam has inconsistent ticks. Alternates between 6 and 7 ticks.
    - Martial Arts Shuriken Storm has inconsistent ticks. Alternates between 4 and 5 ticks.
    - Martial Arts Loft Shoft Mastery has inconsistent ticks. Alternates between 4 and 5 ticks.
    - One Handed's Flurry has inconsistent ticks. Alternates between 4 and 5 ticks.

    Visual/Description Bugs:
    - Rifle's Grenade Launcher says that it's a block breaker vulnerable to interrupt.
    - Martial Arts doesn't have the updated PvP lunge description.
    - Rifle's Surprise Volley doesn't have the updated PvP lunge description.

    Weapon Mastery Point in Weapon is lowering damage:
    - Bow's Flurry Shot
    - Brawling's Haymaker
    - Dual Pistols' Magnum Round
    - Dual Wield's 2nd tap range is over doubling if I remember from Weapon point (increase, not decrease). Spamming tap is parsing near Flurry.
    - Both of Dual Wield's Whirlwind Overstrike's and all three of Stunning Swipes
    - Dual Wield's 8Tap Dual Flurry and Ultra Flurry seemed suspicious close on ticks, might be unaffected by weapon mastery point.
    - Martial Arts' Spinning Punch
    - One Handed's Spin Slash is suspicious for not being affected.
    - One Handed's Spin Chop and Flip Slash
    - Rifle's Flip Burst was decreased or unaffected if I remember right
    - Staff's Martial Flowers, Focused Barrage, Launching Roundhouse Combo, and Leaping Overhead Strike Combo are suspicious of not being affected.

    Damage Tick Bugs:
    - Bow's Explosive Shot into Full Auto (already reported)
    - Shield's 5th melee tap is single target. Not sure if intended or not. Only single target tap I'm aware of.

    - Rifle's Rifle Slam says that's vulnerable to block and it isn't.
    - Brawling's Ground Pound doesn't grant Dodge.
    - Pistol's Lifting Strike doesn't grant Dodge.
    - Dual Wield's Whirlwind Overstrike has the PvP dodge description when it isn't a lunge. Also not granted.
    - Dual Wield's Ultra Flurry doesn't grant Dodge.
    - Handblaster's Fist Slam doesn't grant Dodge.
    - Rifle's Overhead Smash doesn't grant Dodge.
    - Is Dual Pistol's 3rd melee tap supposed to be blockable? The combo itself does less damage/dps than other similar weapons and is extremely short forcing either range attacks which lowers dps or over aggressive gameplay of doing combos.

    Mepps stated years ago that it would take awhile to be able to get weapon taps to be single target for PvP. And I'm seeing in on shield currently. Is changing the cone/targeting range of certain weapon combos or attacks to benefit their viability on the table?
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  8. Ully Committed Player

    I was asked to share this video.

    The HB Uppercut is doing insane damage :oops:
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  9. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

    Supply drop and a supercharge possibly and none of it is visible.....
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    For what point, we can't see the artifacts, we have no stat references, we have no build references, we have no parsing information?

    The guy is testing with a supply drop... I'm sorry Ules but how is this video really that helpful?

    Do you have more data behind what it is you're trying to present here?

    Also it's doing insane damage compared to what, what's the benchmark?
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  11. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Are you talking about current state on live or on Test server? Cos from what I can remember, 1H Spin Chop and Flip Slash does have increased damage with Weapon Mastery. Will have to double check on Bow Flurry Shot and 1H Spin Slash.
  12. Ully Committed Player

    Fair enough. I hope we get the tester in here so he can provide full details.
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  13. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Just double checked on Live server, 1H Spin Slash, Spin Chop, Flip Slash is increased with WM.

    Hopefully its still the case on Test.

    Will check on Bow and MA later.
  14. DaBeama Well-Known Player

    I didn't see any of these results until I started this comment. I can verify without a doubt that in content bow into full auto is ridiculous. I was doing between 45k and 85k without crits and about 175k with crits.
  15. DaBeama Well-Known Player

    I see absolutely no difference with the martial arts weapon mastery combos
  16. Predicament Well-Known Player

    Under Performing.
    • Staff WM combos into Cleave and Air Launch are severely under performing in damage.
    • Staff Downward Smash Combo is down severely when speccing into Staff Mastery, Still under performing in damage.
    • All Ultra Flurry and Dual Flurry attacks under performing for the time invested. Base combos and Weapon Mastery combos from One Handed and Dual Pistols.
    • All of Dual Pistol Melee combos and melee WM combos under performing.
    • Bow Flurry Shot doing less damage than Dual Wield Flurry shot. Bow takes longer to perform.
    • Bow Magnum Shot less damage than Flurry shot.
  17. Arqueiro Robusto Well-Known Player

    Please change the current tapping meta. Please change it to 3x tap on block and you fall. Pretty please :)
  18. Arqueiro Robusto Well-Known Player

    Compared to other 2x tap 1xhold. HB is doing way more than it should. But in defense of you and others. There are no stats behind this. The guy used berserk and a trinket and a supply drop. Soooo it really doesn't matter unless you have cold hard facts.

    This is what I discovered about handblast. Handblast uppercut does 1500 damage with Lex inside legends. Other weapon combos do way less than that. Average 2x tap hold on MA for example does like 500 damage. Sooooo yeah it's not balanced in PvP. I can't imagine how unbalanced it is in PvE.

    Ranged options need to be buffed more for hybrid/prec play styles. The current options are very underwhelming. For example rifle's mortar attack, solar flame, and the rest of the hold ranged combos except for ones that are glaringly broken.
  19. Cyro Committed Player

    So i have gone through a fair chunk of the weapon mastery powers(all but single target ones) and a few ranged ones and the overall feeling im getting is meh, i have so far only found 3 powers that are performing well and by well i mean the same or a little bit higher than rage melee. I'll be able to test more when i get off but so far weapons with the massive nerf to vwd is dead in the water
  20. Aggro Well-Known Player

    Nothing changed, smoke bomb gets replaced and that's it
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