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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JackFrost, Apr 18, 2019.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    We've been working on a lot of improvements for the content throughout the live game. In this thread, I'll be monitoring feedback about thee changes described below. If you get a chance to test any of the below changes, please post here with any feedback. Any relevant information may be useful (Hero/Villain, Meta/Magic/Tech, did you skip-to-level-X, etc.)

    Thanks for your help in checking out the updates, and I hope they improve your game experience!

    "Justice League Dark" mission and Event Mode
    • Players will no longer be interrupted while playing the leveling content with a mission to go to the JLD content as soon as they hit level 10.
    • Instead, the mission will be granted to:
    • Meta Heroes once they finish “The HIVE – Smashed!"
    • Meta Villains once they finish “Sweeter than Honey”
    • Tech Heroes once they finish “Bane Brought Down”
    • Tech Villains once they finish “Bane, Banished”
    • Magic Heroes once they finish “Trigon Loosed”
    • Magic Villains once they finish “Hail Trigon!”
    • Characters who are level 10 who already have or have completed the mission entitled "Justice League Dark" should still have access to Chaos Gotham and all of the Event Mode queues.
    • All players that have or have completed "Justice League Dark" mission will have access to Chaos Gotham with the Warp Menu and teleporters in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom. For players that already have any of the JLD missions on Live, they still need to be able to get to this content if they already have it in their journal. Similarly, players that are level 10 on Live, and have access to the Event mode queues for all JLD content should be available.
    • (Note, a forthcoming change will make it so that if a player hits level 14 without completing any of the above missions, they'll be granted the "Justice League Dark" mission)

    Death of Superman
    • Player's characters are no longer granted the pointer missions for this content when they hit level 10. Moving forward, players who complete the Isis-related leveling missions around level 26 will be granted the pointer mission entitled "Death of Superman (Prelude)," which will kick off the mission-chain. Players that hit level 30 without having completed the Isis-related leveling missions will also be granted this mission chain.
    • The "Death of Superman" event related missions are now chained together rather than all granted at the same time.
    • Characters who already had access to any of this content, but hadn't completed the Isis-related leveling missions, will still have access to the Death of Superman content.
    • Superman has returned to the Watchtower after recovering from his fight against Doomsday and rescue from the Phantom Zone.

    "Artifacts" Introduction Mission
    • This mission is now granted between story arcs around when players would be level 20, rather than the moment a player hits level 20. Heroes who have finished the mission entitled "Lantern Bearer" should then be given the "Artifacts" mission at the same time they are given the "No Joke" mission. Villains who have finished the mission entitled "Fearmonger" should then be given the "Artifacts" mission at the same time they are given the "A Crook's Best Friend" mission.
    • For any players who level in Event content rather than continuing the leveling content, the "Artifacts" will be granted when players hit level 23 instead of level 20.

    "Virtues over Vices" / "Vices over Virtues" Missions
    • Adjusted these missions (related to the ‘Sons of Trigon’ Episode) so that the 'abduction' encounters which were found all over Metropolis and Gotham are now found in smaller, marked areas of those cities (in Suicide Slums in Metropolis and in Diamond District in Gotham).

    "Building a Power Base" Mission
    • When this mission is granted, it should no longer cause you to lose track of your active mission (ie. you won't have to go and re-track whatever mission you were on as soon as you are granted "Building a Power Base."

    Miscellaneous Improvements & Fixes
    • Made improvements to various early-game and leveling-content missions so players are for example not told to go to Metropolis to Continue their mission when they actually need to go to the Little Bohemia Police Station or Nightclub to continue their mission. This affects every mission in the game which erroneously directed the player to a city rather than the appropriate safehouse. Additionally, a marker should display on the minimap leading players to the safehouse teleporter in the safehouse where they turned in the previous mission.

    • While on any mission that has you return to one of the safehouses (Police Stations or Nightclubs), there should now be an X on the minimap pointing to a Teleporter Hub if you're in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom.

    • Made a few interactions with mission-givers Cyborg, Doctor Sivana, and Blood Priest Lucius skip-able, so players don't have to wait for them to stop talking if they want to walk away.

    • Players that use the Skip-to-level-25 feature on a hero character should no longer mistakenly have the mission "Communication Breakdown" in their journal.

    • A number of missions, including "The Justice League," and "The Secret Society" should now be filtered into the "Main Missions" section of your journal while you have them. Previously they showed up in the "Miscellaneous" section.

    • Shazam has mostly retired his old moniker "Captain Marvel," but some of his allies and enemies still refer to him by that old name while talking about him. In-game, any gear, items, or missions which used to refer to "Captain Marvel" now refer to "Shazam," but VO in missions hasn't been updated.

    • Agent Zeal, Agent Order, Revolver Rob, Sentinel Rolins, Officer Vega, and Officer Galient have all moved further back into their respective safehouses.

    • Legends PvE content should sort below the current Event queues in the On Duty menu.
  2. Black Astral New Player

    So... how does the early-game tweaks get tested if the server is coded to drop us at cr32 without even being able to run through tutorial?
  3. Brad Sisto Well-Known Player

    Human Skins issues

    I love that you made new human skins. I do have a problem with them though as the Face/Neck vs Body skin colorings are off. They do not match each other as the Head/Neck are darker than the body/arms/legs. I first noticed this in the Livestream Preview and verified it myself on the Test server.

    Honestly it looks like you Tanned your Head/Neck and had the rest of your body completely covered. You can litereally see the 'tan line' where the Neck and Chest transition is. You won't notice it very much as you are actively fighting/moving with your character but you will on anyone that shows any body skin as well as their face.

    That said I like the new faces and want more of them. I want the age and emotional versions made. Hell emotes need to be changed from a 'skin' to a facial state that we can change in the Emote commands. Then we won't need Young/Old versions of not only each of the 3 new skins but their emotions happy, sad, angry, jovial, etc
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  4. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    Is it intended that vendor 00 now only sells the items listed below?
    • High Voltage Set
    • Sunstone Edge Chest
    • Prideful Set
    • Scion of Ion Set
    • Shepherd of Adara Set
    I made a new character on the test server, opened the 270 CR box and went to vendor 00, so I don't have any of the styles that would be in there.

    This slightly increases the cost of completing style sets from 80 MoV for a set to 104 Source Marks. I recommend returning all of the T1-T6 styles to vendor 00. It would also be very helpful to add a Vendor 00 to the safehouses next to the new vendor so that players see the other style options for the tiered armor.
  5. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    A note regarding the SoT cultists while you’re tinkering with them: Jacob’s cultists, only one appears initially and the other two are summoned when you hit her. However, if that first hit KOs her, or it stuns her and she doesn’t get a chance to breakout before she is KOed, the other cultists will never appear, the portal and potential abductees just sort of hang around. Might be worth taking a look at.
  6. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the heads up! A fix for this should go out at some point.
  7. JackFrost Developer

    Hey! This particular change wasn't in my wheelhouse, but I spoke with the person who was in charge of this change.

    Yes -- this is intended. The style vendor only sells the style items that are not available as gear on the tier-gear vendors.
    I hope this helps!
  8. Shattered Psychosis Well-Known Player

    *scrambles on live server to get marks across alts to use replays to get styles before update*
  9. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    Good to know - Thanks for the response!
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