GU79: Scorecard Improvements

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Carp, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. ThunderGunExpress Well-Known Player

    Best. Dev response. Ever.
  2. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    The "damage in" data is still on the scoreboard?
    I would like to know, since im tanking a lot nowdays.
    Anyhow, good job devs, looking forward to this on Live server.
  3. Perdition Committed Player

    I think it goes as followed: Damage Out, Boss Damage Out, Healing Out, Power Out, Damage In, Healing In, Power In, Group members rallied, Team Deaths. from left to right on the scorecard
    that's what it looks like for me atleast, please correct me if i'm wrong :)
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  4. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I'm not liking that most boss damage done. Do you realize that certain powers shine on boss fights? Depends on if the bosses are AOE with adds or if they're pure Single Target. A certain power set will always take that spot unless they are terrible players. I'm just being honest here.
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  5. TheCMS Well-Known Player

    If there is a power seriously underperforming on boss fights it'll be easier to see now.
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  6. Samuiel Well-Known Player

    Is there a way to see how many times a player tried to revive another player?Attempts to revive could be called.
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  7. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    This is true in the overall tab thing. The first page is something to look at after completing an instance or event.

    This won't remove FotM or scoreboard chasers. This also won't help people perform better as skill level with powers is just different for everyone. I do look forward to the update hitting live which I suspect it to come with next Seasonal Event.

    Attempt/fail revives is a good thing to see.


    I would also like to see consumables or items used. I drink a soda when as needed and pop my orbitals/supplies as I see fit. These are tools that affect the duty too.
  8. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    I like the Boss damage feature. We are going to see less people throwing orbitals and Supercharges on adds just to pad numbers.
    I'm just being honest here.
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  9. Aggro Well-Known Player

    Umm, supers r still in the air, and it would be nice if they still had it to where the top dps is higher listed wise, just so I won't have to find it.

    Damage out 100
    Damage out 60
    Heal out 100
    Heal out 80
    Power out 1990
    Power out 1675
    Damage in 1000
    Damage in 90

    Just an example, and more organized I guess. From high to low, so people don't have to go searching up and down the list.

    Everything else is awesome, but the top dps is in the bottom of the list on the screen shot for example, like I'm trying to organize it in my head, please organize supports aswell.
  10. Skandov Well-Known Player

    Great job Carb! But I still hope you guys are planning to redesign the entire blue-themed UI this year, but all of this is awesome.

    I like it a lot! (Jim Carrey voice)
  11. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Yeah I looked at the pictures before actually reading what carp said (sorry Carp :oops: )

    I kind of agree with him, while having trophy cards are good for competitive players, it doesn't necessarily fix the "I need to be on top" mentality that drives a lot of toxic behavior. People will just go from looking at the top spot on the scoreboard to looking at the leader of the damage card.

    Perhaps an added feature to where the trophy cards are off by default and only the group leader can turn them on? That way they won't be visible during random queues and competitive players who like to comp can still get their fix.
  12. Zneeak Devoted Player

    This looks really good, can't wait to have it on live.
  13. Carp Developer

    That's absolutely correct, well done! We're also still tracking things like "Objects Destroyed", "Objectives Secured", that sort of thing, but those aren't really relevant for the leaderboard; you can still find them on your "My Stats" page though.

    Also, PvP arenas have a similar, but slightly different set of stats, which includes the number of enemy players you knocked out.
    I think the same thing is probably true for "total damage out" stat, which is why adding a stat just for boss damage was a very popular suggestion.
    Sadly, no we do not track attempted revives at the moment.
    Yes, indeed. One thing I forgot to mention is that whenever you change tabs, or sort the leaderboard, the Scorecard will remember your preferences and open right back up to the tab and sort order that you had most recently selected.

    For example, if you sort by most healing out, the scorecard will always open up pre-sorted to healing out until you change it to something else.
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  14. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    All you have to do is pick which column to sort by once it comes up on screen and it’ll do that for you. Which you’d know if you’d actually read Carp’s post instead of being distracted by the pretty pictures :p
  15. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Please tell me you are able to add more parameters.

    Deaths by raid mechanics, death by boss/ad special attack and death by boss/ad regular attack would all be extremely useful things for people to be able to track and see to help understand and improve themselves on. It will also let other members in the group help understand what's killing everyone.
  16. Harlequin Devoted Player

    A page that pops up after a wipe that shows what attack killed each player would be very useful. We used information like that during progression in WoW all the time.
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  17. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    This would also put a lot of the pointing fingers and such to a rest
  18. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    On the leaderboard tab, the column name and ability to sort only becomes active when you hover over the data portion of the table:

    Would it be possible to make to extend the sorting/highlighting functionality to when the user is hovering over the column icon? The way it is setup now seems counterintuitive for PC users. My expectation is that hovering over an icon should at least display the column name.

    Also, the the column highlight feature can get a bit confused sometimes. You can see where the boss damage column remains highlighted at 8-9 seconds in that video even though I moved the cursor to a new column.
  19. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Separating out Weapon Damage; Powers Damage; and Trinket Damage would be quite interesting to see.
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  20. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    You missed the point, it's not about looking for a weak link rather understanding what aspect of the raid is killing said player so there can be understanding for them to do better on how to avoid it, it can also highlight broken aspects of a raid of when people get one shot and spout out "WHUT KILLD MEH?!"
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