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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Its really beating a dead horse but can CoP get some love. Its not practical as is as a proxomity based heal that requires you not to move to continue seeing heals. This doesnt even work in newer cotent due to aoes and gets worse when you have bosses who like to break aggro and come after you like you have a ham sammich in your pocket. And is fortify golem working as intended or will offering get changed? (Know the answer but I can dream). Apologize if it was fixed just didn't see it in notes haven't had chance to get on test yet.
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  2. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Atomic Pull but for healers, lmao. I'd actually like that, put a short duration shield on them and pull em towards you, very hard to implement, if it targets lowest health you could screw your tanks if they can manage but it'll be really good for other roles.
  3. L T Loyal Player

    OH MY GOD will you please get out of that FLAMING POOL OF LAVA!?!?!?! ...Fine. let me help you out.
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  4. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Soul Well should really get buffed to 300 power cost with proper DPS and Healer role effects increased.
    Having 12+ secs effect that is not 300 power cost is pointless and healer side still needs a push.
  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Wait, what? You can still have two Soul Wells out at the same time, making it an excellent power for boss fights at only 200 power cost. And you want Circle and Soul Well to have 300 power cost?
  6. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    You got that right!
    Soul Well and Circle of Protection are still range limited while other power set's 4 and 8 man heals just reach everybody without problem.

    Sorcery's on target hybrid healing powers are also range limited making Sorcery healers' lives way more complicated as usual.
  7. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I would not consider FFXIV a DCUO competitor. FFXIV rescue ability is funny IMO and the only time I have seen someone use it was to be trolling, and very funny at that.

    I think one big issue is that there is no UI element that tells players that they are dying. Other than the red screen when you are near death, or a visible dot on your character. A UI element like something next to your character name or a burning symbol flashing the screen would be more beneficial.

    However with the current UI that apparently is hard and cost wise to do. Which is why content can seem artificially harder without these elements or artificially easier with them.
  8. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Ima trust in your sig for the first part.

    As for UI, I think your catering for others lack of attention span, too much. If your own HP bar(which is basic mmo ui requirements) and the screen turning red is more than enough indicator that something is wrong.

    Only valid excuse is barely visible dots that are on your toon or invisible aoe under you, like unholy matrimony case.
  9. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Precisely but screen doesnt turn red sometimes until its too late. Then you have to accomodate for PS3 users where the fire may not render under their feat until they are already dead or near death and run around in a panic throughout the fire trying to find the way out.

    Then you have the case of certain auras masking visible DoTs on the player.

    Much of which has been aleviated throught the revamp by eliminating nasty 1 shots and being a little more forgiving damage to player wise.

    Like sorcery circle of protection you can see the healing buff. But you have to remember that the option to disable other players effects is still not in play so for some players it can be difficult to see what is hurting them with all the quantum bombs, voltaic bolts and orbital strikes covering the screen.
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  10. Harlequin Loyal Player

    Priests in WoW have been able to do that for a couple of years now. It's mostly used for trolling people, though.
  11. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    As a die hard ps3 player my league has grown used to the screams of "what the hell is killing me and why!?" moments, in hindsight not the best thing as i mainly tank.
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  12. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    One very tiny small little thing about fury, can he just not ever do pulse beam. It seems he really enjoys finishing the wholeeee animation even with full power
  13. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Thanks for allowing Ritualistic Word to power the Watcher again, it's a step forward but I don't think it's strong enough;

    Ritualistic Word regenerates 25% of the pets power pool
    Offering regenerates 100% of the pets power pool

    Ritualistic Word is a 3s 300 power ability
    Offering is a 6s 200 power ability

    I know Ritualistic Word wasn't intended to have this feature again but I think this amount of regeneration would be OK if the watchers healing ability was buffed, it's currently healing even lower than some of the hybrid healing abilities right now and is taking a permanent loadout slot which requires an activator to even do anything beyond the first two casts it provides. Either this or allowing Ritualistic Word to recover 50% which is one cast I think is also reasonable.

    It is a shame that Soul Siphon is going to remain as it does now, you've basically attached the Bad Karma/Purification PI to it and capped it 6 hits. Don't really see a use for this ability besides doing tankless content and in a raid setting it'll be a wasted slot since you're effectively healing one person slowly, my priority heal can do that better honestly even with the "gambling" component of the ability eliminated.

    Here's hoping for further changes to occur on Wednesday. Please also look into increasing HoT strength right now for all power sets, more details in the main revamp thread

    Also, if you're really reluctant to increase the healing amounts of the hybrid healing abilities please just nerf the damage they do in heal role into the ground, I don't understand why these two things are even interconnected, a Sorcery healer of all things isn't going to give two sh*ts about what damage they'll do, the notion of trying to do damage as a healing support role died when Celestial's battle healing's effectiveness went down the toilet.
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  14. planetkiller500 Active Player

    So is wise to have both RW and offering to keep watcher power up or is not worth it?
  15. Fearless Fury New Player

    From the little bit testing I did with it so far I would say Yes and No. While Offering now allows Watcher to give better heals making it more useful then how it was before giving just a shield and power to Watcher. As pointed out RT uses more power but a shorter cool down. The reason I say yes and no is because it will all depend on the person who is using them. If they do not know how to manage their power pool then they could drain it quickly.This is only my opinion on it though.

    I am extremely happy that RT now gives power back again. I want to say thank you for that.

    Moja, I have a question about the super charge generator for the healing side. If I want to use a SC I would have to use KL. What I am trying to get at is KL is a damage only. It is not like say SoL where depending on which role you are in would depend on what it does. It is a pure dps only power and no benefit to the healer role besides a SCG. The only way this would not be a big deal is if you were healing without Watcher. It would be if you wanted to use watcher though. Is it possible to make KL so it can do heals in healer role and dps when in dps ?
  16. planetkiller500 Active Player

    Well some things now that need some love is the healing dots, all healing sets need this.second cicrle of protection need to be like how it is on live, i know ive said this many times but it has to happen. Thrid can shard of live be reduced in power cost i really dont see the use for it in healing or dps.
  17. Fearless Fury New Player

    I agree with you on CoP. However SoL has it uses. Damage mitigation for the tank for example. I can see where you are coming from though, if it is a power that you do not use a lot or at all.
  18. planetkiller500 Active Player

    Im just used to on live were i used it all the time and cant find a replacement for it. Of course on live shard barely used any power lol.
  19. silikyan Well-Known Player

    The watcher got buffed?
    • Watcher - Removed the passive heal aura. Now receives a small amount of Power from each cast of Ritualistic Word.
  20. Domi Well-Known Player

    Okay, so I did a little bit of testing tonight for Sorcery. I only got to use 2 loadouts so far. I want to further my testing on it.

    The info below reflects my thoughts while using both of these loadouts.
    1: Shard of Life, Boon of Souls, Circle of Protection, Watcher, Ritualistic Word, Rejuvenate.
    2: Offering, Boon of Souls, Circle of Protection, Watcher, Ritualistic Word, Rejuvenate.

    This was for Hybrid Healing.
    1. Please increase the healing out on Circle of Protection.
    2. Thank you for the Ritualistic Word buff. However, the watcher kept dying every 4 seconds. I kept having to resummoning the poor little eyeball. Maybe bring back the shield or heal to the watcher? Although I feel if Circle of Protection was buffed in it's healing out it would be suffice enough to not have the watcher die every 4 seconds. ^^;

    I personally don't have any complaint on power costs at the moment, like I said I do still need to test some other loadouts and such.
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