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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please use this thread to discuss Sorcery in the Stats Revamp.
  2. planetkiller500 Active Player

    Its nice to see shard of life came back.
  3. silikyan Well-Known Player

    Could the radius of shard be increased? And circle will remain as it is, or the keep heal out of circle can be kept ?
  4. planetkiller500 Active Player

    So what exactly did you do to the pets?
  5. light FX Steadfast Player

    I saw in the notes it says "shard of life new ability!" Is this a typo?
  6. L T Loyal Player

    In quick testing yesterday, Fury was doing about the damage of a strong 300 cost burst ability every time offering was used, plus a steady stream of background hand blaster attacks. It seems really useful but not completely over powered.

    At CR166, Fury's CR was reading 145. Have yet to test Fury's survivability.
  7. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player


    I like how Sorcery plays, but the damage needs a buff all across the board. Even with fury in my loadout I'm not doing very much DPS.

    Once again I'm having issues with this pet, Like on live I can power him back up but he'll start using standardf HB combo attacks instead of his one and only super power.
  8. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    It's not a July 14 change but it was removed in the first Sorcery build and a new version put in later.
  9. planetkiller500 Active Player

    So with pets still being cr based how much is going to affect not having fury in my loadout?
  10. L T Loyal Player

    It shouldn't affect you too much. Fury's burst is like a strong 300 point power. good but not overpowered. The background damage is approximately the same as you get from Robot Sidekick. Noticeable, but not indispensable.

    I would say Fury loadouts will do very well, and if you want to keep playing Sorcery that way you'll be fine. But other load outs can work well also.

    Arbiter of Destiny is shortening the cool downs of movement powers as well as sorcery powers. Not sure if that's intended or not, but it's a nice bonus.
  11. Fearless Fury New Player

    So I guess they are going to leave Ritualistic Word broken. Such a shame...
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  12. zor ile Well-Known Player

    reduce the cool down for invocation of renewal.
  13. light FX Steadfast Player

    Alright thnx. I dont play sorc and havent tested it much at all. Guess id know that if i had tested it :D
  14. SSB Active Player

    On live we all know how the HoT from CoP works right. On test the HoT we get from walking in and out of CoP is gone. My idea is that when you use CoP after the revamp, the HoT you get from walking in and out of it on live should be made to just go to the rest of the group automatically which would give CoP range and it won't be a wasted 8-man heal.
  15. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Request: make offering clippable with other powers. It doesn't offer (see what I did there?) any offensive capabilities besides powering pets. Doesn't make sense that fortify golem can be clipped with other powers but offering can't.
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  16. planetkiller500 Active Player

    Yes, please make offering clippable, it would make things alot smoother.
  17. street0018 New Player

    Can someone tell me if the pets are base on combat rating or equipped cr cuz if they are base on the equipped cr then the op items wouldn't have the same effect as the non pet powers for example with the op hands on live I have 198 combat rating but a 196 equipped cr.
  18. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    My biggest question/problem with fury, did they fix the AI? What I mean, will he still miss? If this is the case, it should be figured into his damage. Basically, if he is going to continue to miss, to make up for lost dps, he should hit harder.
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  19. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Or take away the ability to clip from fortify golem. :)

    Someone else said that the pet fires when you use offering. If that's the case, and it's made clippable, wouldn't it be a bit strong? Currently, on live, I clip offering with weapon of destiny.

    Just curious.
  20. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Offering has a 6 second cooldown, so no it wouldn't necessarily be OP. Plus fury is a chump in comparison to Crystal.
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