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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please use this thread to discuss Rage in the Stats Revamp.
  2. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Ok, now we have 12 sec shield so we can compensate 4 sec vulnerability window between Severe Punishment. But healing still is too weak.
    Remorseless Recovery: Need to increase amount healing ticks to 10 without increasing healing power.
    Infuriate: 8 ticks for SC it's too small. Need to increase to 12
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  3. spack2k Steadfast Player

    why has rages finisher 6s cooldown while any other 4.4s ?
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  4. Rasolo New Player

    Weird bug with channel hate, I only get it to happen after using dreadful blast while at around 30% power. It does no damage and you get stuck in the animation. It seems to go on up until your power pool regens, or you can escape it by hitting your weapon/toggling movement mode

    Also any chance we could get rage blast or channel hate to be AoE?
  5. spack2k Steadfast Player

    so? why does rage finisher has a 6s cd while any other powers finisher has 4.4s cd?
  6. Trexlight Loyal Player

    I reckon because its a Pull as well but i thought Pulls got lowered below 6 secs
  7. spord Developer

    Because the other finishers lock you into a 1.6 second channel. 4.4 + 1.6 = carrots.
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  8. Cyro Committed Player

    Hmmm still not clear
  9. Cardinalist Well-Known Player

    I like carrots!
  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    That makes absolutely no sense just like people comparing rages combo finisher to a channel finisher.
  11. spack2k Steadfast Player

    will jump on test and see how many times i can use rages finisher in same time periode as other finishers, should be the same amount according to spord.

    Edit: spord is right and while testing it found another bug about gadget need to go to other thread.
  12. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Nice one! :rolleyes:

    But could you make Remorseless Recovery to provide a healing tick each second for the duration of the effect, please ?
    For consistency's sake!
  13. LighTning Emperor Well-Known Player

    Hello Mepps and Dev team, I had to make this post in regards to Rage and its supercharges. Now Berserk used to be a very good SC before AM and CR differential, but the nerf killed that injured horse a long time ago. However, in test I see that even though the time is still only 12 seconds you have fixed Berserk so I'm happy with that SC. Vindictive has potential and could used just a bit more of faster heal return. Mangle is an absolute mistake! It is literally a more advanced version of Lacerate. And the last is Infuriate its not bad, but as a SC it feels like my crit chances are exactly the same with it off. The heals could be a bit better as well. Considering this scales from Dominance and total Health now.

    I just wish your team could have given Rage another Dps SC and trade Mangle with a 100% Range SC. Every power i've tested so far has one but Rage. Especially since Berserk only works at close range. I dont know what else to say other than just give me another Dps range SC thats useful. I mean look at Munitions SC Big Gun. It literally drops everything in sight with HIGH BURST damage if they are 50% or lower in Health. I see that Hardlight received a 100% SC that used to be 50% and hits very good damage. Along with Atomic, fire...etc...

    That is all i have to say really. Its not a rant post, just a "want" post.
  14. LighTning Emperor Well-Known Player

    Also I was doing a ring power test as well with PI scaling. Hardlight vs Rage you could say. Anyway, I tested Claws vs Revenge. Same stats with 201 CR and 15477 might. With and without "Power interaction" hardlight STILL hits harder than rage with it's lunging ability even though rage only has a single follow up after performing Revenge. Why is that? Hardlight claws has 6 additional hits afterwards and the startup of claw damage still hits harder. Non critical Claws hits 5k with PI around 6k damage. Rage's revenge however only hits around 3k and 4k with PI. So let me get this straight...A power with less animations gets the lesser of damage but a power like Hardlight can still out do rage even though it has many more hits? Revenge literally can only hit twice....that's it. But the damage is terrible guys come on! Long story short, Buff revenge!
  15. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Rage is melee based power, so it is logical that most abilities is melee. Also no on-shots in game anymore.
    Mangle is good in current condition. And if you have right build you can use Mangle + Berserk like one 100% SC. So I personally don't see any problems here.
    Claws is 200pc ability, Revenge is 100pc ability... Before complaining about anything read the description of abilities.
  16. LighTning Emperor Well-Known Player

    And who's fault is that? If we need good quick damage revenge is definitely not the power. That's why I brought it up in the first place since I was testing and comparing the lunges. Btw you contradicted yourself when you said rage is a melee power yet just because a Hardlight power cost 100 more power it leads in melee damage by 1-2k damage? Get real kid. Also even chainsaw compared to outrage is another point. Do you even test these powers at all?
  17. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    If you can't read, can't properly test, can't create good loadout... it is your own fault. Instead of wasting time on complaining, try to learn something new.
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  18. LighTning Emperor Well-Known Player

    Can you read? I said I tested these to to see the difference in damage since they were both melee lunging attacks. I'm done...
  19. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Memphis did raise a good point. In comparing HL Claws to Rage's Revenge, its not a valid comparison. True both are lunges but thats not how the Devs calculate the damage with those abilities. Claws is a 200 base power cost whereas Revenge is a 100 Base so Claws doing more damage is intended. Also, Revenge is Rage's combo spammer. Frenzy is a 100 Base Power Cost too but you can get more Revenge's done for more damage than you can with Frenzy.

    Always be sure to compared the power cost because the higher the power cost the more damage it will do but at the same time, as Moja pointed out in another post that if an ability has any Crowd Control like a stun attached to it, it will also do less damage which I believe is what Chainsaw has or had, i want to say they removed that from Chainsaw in a couple of hotfixes ago but I cant recall atm.
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  20. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    OK, maybe this has already been touched on in past iterations of rage tanking, but the Scar Tissue health buff creates a bit of a problem.

    You gain health increase (up to 100% of dom) as the combo meter increases. Now, where's the issue? It literally scales off of the combo meter (when you get to 50 hits, that's 100%). So using brawling (just an example, not that I want to) or shield (nice for the crowd control) is a no-no for rage tanks. With bow i can get to 50 in no time, same with dual wield or even...heaven forbid for tanking, dual pistols, lol.

    My question is merely, is this intended? Do you want us to need to use specific weapons to activate an important part of rage's tanking mechanic? Is there any way it could scale off of total precision damage dealt during the combo counter instead of actual hits?
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