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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Forgot to show generator mods which were all 6.2 which helps to make up for the number of skill points invested.

  2. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    I got everything, mods for gear. HT mods an generator mods. Thank you
  3. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Another video for fun. Power never seems to be an issue this one. Artemis hits hard though.

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  4. light FX Steadfast Player

    Well pretty much all low cost powers except for tb and getting the baubles back too i would expect pwr to not be an issue. I know ya say for fun but wonder how this loadout would do for dmg in alerts or raids. Im guessing u wouldnt use it for alerts or raids tho.
  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I used it for the hallways in JFA because Singularity allows you to move quickly. Singularity, Lift and Gravity Bomb are all 200 cost powers but this is also a full range loadout. I did not use the healing Crystal with Penguin in Iceberg Lounge and ran low on power. I could have also used all my trinkets on that fight too because I would on Live but wanted to see how viable play was without them.

    Sure I could have put Alc Wave in but that would have limited my range. It's really not worth a small bump in damage IMO.

    The Supercharges seem really depressing now.
  6. Zr0-Gravity New Player

    They changed how some powers work, didn't think I'd like it at first. Tried something from years back and included some of the new adjusting they've added. Works well and it's fun! Atomic is nice too. Ice seems boring as ever though. I swear the first thing I'd do is swap back to quantum in live. Peeps gonna hate when they find out how what level they're really at. These optional changes were nessecary.
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  7. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I plan on moving back to Quantum on live as well.
  8. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    I've actually used this loadout and It's worked well for me.

    Gravity Well, Time Bomb, Lift, Gravity Bomb, Inspiral Waves, and Obilvion as my choice of Supercharge.

    Rotation: Gravity well. Time Bomb, Lift, Gravity Bomb, Inspiral waves, Lift, Gravity bomb(repeat this again when time bomb comes off of cooldown)

    Since Time Bomb has a 6 second cooldown, you'll be able to use it twice before needing to recast Gravity well again. It's not the smoothest experience I've had with Quantum, but it's the best result I've had from using PFTT thus far.

    If you need to know my stats here they are:
    189 CR, all crit stats maxed out, 165 Into might, Split modded between might and power(50/50), Full Olympian power generator mods. All league hall buffs were enabled for me as well.
    HT mods used:
    I have E.might in my neck.
    Core Strength in my chest.
    Max damage in my hands.
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  9. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    So is Quantum the only Power to retain AM?
    AM minus the Power Regen that is.
  10. Ringz Dedicated Player

    The concept of AMs is gone period. Meaning the power regen, and the bonus damage. What you have now in that replacement is called PffT(play from the tray) and every power is able to do it.
  11. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    I think he means just that time bomb echo dmg back like on live but more variety now
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  12. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    I have all those mods as well an generator mod is all special forces, an gear mods so I guess I am fully modded, gear mod is might/power.

    I did try your loadout an others. I still feel Quantum with the power return can't compare to earth or celestial. I ran my earth loadout had no issue with power regen doing PFTT. Quantum doesn't even do as much damage as earth. We did fos 3 for example 3 of us earth users 6 minutes then we all went quantum took us close to 8minutes an had to use supply drops an soders. I know it is only 2 minutes difference but I also had to use soders an all 3 of us dropping supply drops just to finish fos 3 on our quantum all of us using PFTT, all 3 of us cr201.

    I kept all the same mods I only just changed powers.

    Exaclty as you said Quantum still does not feel smooth to me like earth an even ice at this point.

    What if it;'s a new player an they don't have all the mods or base as of now starting out a new toon with quantum they would def do better doing hybrid then PFFT. I hope the devs please listen an do some thing with Quantum to bring it up to par. The power cost an lack of damage will make me switch my main on live from quantum after being Quantum for over 2 years to another power.
  13. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

  14. Microwave Well-Known Player

    So unless something changes I think my quantum on test with more sp and higher cr should be more powerful than my quantum on live with less sp and lower cr. It's not. So unless something changes my feedback is, I think that SUCKS. And I think it's going to make me abandon my quantum which is my main and maybe the whole game if I don't find another power that's half as fun.

    Quantum was my favorite power set.

    Hate if I seem like a pessimist here but seeing is believing. And if what I see on test goes live I think I may never play quantum again.

    I don't see much of a point for even being quantum troller on the test server tbh. The power out SUCKS and a quantum troll doesn't damage a lot so..... WHY would I even play quantum troller on the revamp at all?
  15. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I don't understand how you arrived at this conclusion. Because you don't see a big Time Bomb hit?
  16. Microwave Well-Known Player

    No no. It's not a dps thing. My fav role is quantum troll. I'm just really scared because I built a similar toon on test and it, with higher sp and higher cr (by 40sp and 2cr) on test throws less power to my team than the troll I built on live. How in anyone's logic does more sp and higher cr equate to a less powerful character? I'm just scared it's a total nerf. I'd be happy to be proven I'm wrong and jumping to conclusions for sure.

    But from what I've seen so far, if I as a quantum troll, can't throw as much power to the team even with 40 more sp and higher cr, can't damage because troll is not a damage heavy role, why should I play a quantum troll at all? What benefit will that kind of quantum troll be to a team in any way?

    Unless it's a big power/loadout change(and even if it is the removal of am and a change in power tray loadout to become effective again will change my entire play style), shouldn't I have higher stats for having 40 more sp on test than on live? And shouldn't I get a little boost from the difference in cr?(which is only 2 cr 198/200 and I understand cr isn't really defining anything in the revamp, if it is just sort of an "indicator" it seems to be indicating incorrectly.)

    The difference seems obvious. I'm not one to whine or cry about things usually but unless I'm missing something it feels like the quantum troll is being made irrelevant.

    Seeing it on test has so far made the point of being a quantum troll elude me.

    I'm not understanding the loss of power on a character with more sp and higher cr. It just really has me very confused.

    Skill points just don't count as much in the revamp? o_O

    A good example:
    I can beat BC and GA in gotham pretty quick in troll role right now. I fought Black Canary and Green Arrow in Gotham map on test and they beat me if I don't use sodas on test. How can a 200 cr toon get beat by level 46 npcs in the gotham map?

    Not to mention Quantum Tunneling which I find useful in PVP as an evasive power, lights you up like a christmas tree with a loud blue bubble around you that makes it hard to see where you're going in tighter spaces, and defeats the purpose of the power being used for evading is confusing.
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  17. light FX Steadfast Player

    Can we please not get things twisted and have people thinking quantum still has an AM or is doing AM damage. Its not ;) Ive made it known i cant stand time bomb but im not gonna post anything more about rotations until i finish testing 2mor.
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  18. light FX Steadfast Player

    I dont think fighting 2 npcs out in gotham as a troll is a good example, just saying. Maybe take a look in the main gu73 revamp thread from july 21st and see what avair and mepps stated about older content. Cause if im not mistaken those 2 out in gotham were/are a bounty mission. Your toon being cr 200 does not have the weight it did before because cr differential is gone.

    As far as having 40 more sp well it would depend on where u specced them. 40 more sp is not a very large # and depending where u put them at u might not see a big difference. Its been said many times over during this testing period of the revamp that most of a players stats will still come from gear. As far as power out goes in troll role well they were trying to make 2 controllers in groups the norm. After the changes last night people are running 1 controller in raid groups and from vids ive seen and being on test myself i dont see the issue right now because the power dps are getting back seems off with a few powersets. So it doesnt look like anyone is starved for power when just 1 controller is in the group.

    The revamp is a different version of the live game. U can make comparisons to live but thinking 2cr and 40sp should make u so much stronger imo is a flawed way to look at all of it. Things are not the same. There has been a lot of changes especially to support roles from whats on live. U are not going to be the same controller u were on live. The intent was to make all players manage their own power instead of everyone having a full power bar all the time with the controller barely even having to recharge. Hope this helps ya understand things a little better.
  19. Microwave Well-Known Player

    Thanks for trying to explain. It still seems like revamp will be making us work harder for sp to mean anything. I applied sp into stats that were similar to my live toon. It's not an exact match but close enough I thouht I would be able to get a feel for it. I understand 40 sp might not make a world of difference at all, but I would have expected the value of each sp I've currently earned to feel like it holds the same weight at least. Anything less seems like it's taking away from the value of our skill points. Maybe I didn't understand all the talk about the changes. I tried to keep more than mildly informed though at least haha.

    If it's just a matter of further understanding the new...everything...I'll try to get used to it. I was just always hoping my play style would stay the same, and that the skill points I do have at the moment would feel like the carry at least as much weight as they did before. I felt each role had a vital part to play currently on live and on the revamp it seems like it's going to be hard to understand where to fit in. I'm gonna try though...I'll wait for some help from some youtube videos! LOL
  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    Well we pretty much all will have to adapt ya know. Gonna be trial and error on live for awhile. And if i could give some advice when seeking out info on yt, make sure ya trust the person and double check things yourself ;) A lot of misinfo can get thrown around.
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