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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please use this thread to discuss Mental in the Stats Revamp.
  2. PSYL0CKE X8 Well-Known Player

  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

    after incasement with though bubble, targets fly away in direction WEST on the mapp, if you lift them with telekinesis.
    shouldn't they get smashed to the ground instead, while taking weaponizing dammage? i guess it is not intended, right?
  4. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Bit of a copy-paste from the Gadgets thread, but I'd also like a general overview of revamp Mental, if possible.
  5. L T Loyal Player

    Mental is a good all-around power under the revamp. There's a lot of changes from live, but you'll still recognize the power, especially if you played it pre-AM.

    Power costs changed a lot. Psychic Shock and TK Push are your low power/low cool down abilities to fall back on. Mass Levitation is now a DOT, as are pyrokenisis and cryokenisis. TK bolt is a high cost/high damage burst. Psychic Prison is a new ability that creates a DOT field similar to Circle of Destruction from sorcery.

    Invisibility is changed a lot, and is the most interesting aspect of Mental to me. It now detaunts when cast, just like grandeur. some abilities cast from Invisibility get an extra burst of damage-- and it's a really strong burst. Ambush Pain Blast is single target, but it was the highest damage non-supercharge ability in all of my testing at something like 236 base damage with the buff from Invisibility included.
    Sleep is a very strong single-target attack that doesn't get the bonus but retains Invisibility.

    Trolling is very different. You now give Power over time by casting any ability. I don't think there's a way to double-tick it. Psychic Empowerment-- your power dump-- is a high-cost power that also buffs the precision of 4 group members. It has a short cool down, but you'll probably find yourself out of power if you spam it-- and your group mates will likely be yelling at you to spam it.
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  6. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    Rip double ticks, will be forgotten be any above avg troll.
  7. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Thank you, that's really helpful ^^ Have Phantom Flames, Terror Tendrils and Mass Terror been removed?
  8. McShotzz Well-Known Player

  9. L T Loyal Player

    No. Phantom Flames is a DOT and encasement breaker. TT was mega OP and was reported fixed but I haven't re-tested it. Mass Terror is a decent burst power.
  10. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Ambush Pain Blast description says power cost 300 but it has no power cost.
  11. FlreMint Active Player

    FireMint here

    Hey guys any of you feeling lonely in here? On the previous thread the only green named post we had was
    The posts above have been reviewed by the team.. or something... by Mepps...

    Mental wasnt even mentioned on the last patchnotes for the final (final 0.0) version of the stats revamp...

    So... well I'll gather whatever feedback might or might not have been ignored from the previous thread and post it here... again... in hopes it makes some space in here at least... I was really gladd of the discussions we had back there

    Also I just wanted to say HI to Shin-O-B, he is the dev in charge of mental right? right? I have no idea... well a big HELLO to whoever is in charge of this power I love, please say hi back.

    Your new bestest friend

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  12. PSYL0CKE X8 Well-Known Player

    I dislike the cool down time for mass terror . its longer now it makes it hard to combo into other powers and get a faster power interactions.. in my Opinion.

    Super charge : Mass hysteria doesn't last that long but still has a high sc point cost
  13. FlreMint Active Player

    FireMint here sumarizing previous thread feedback as promised. If you think I missed something please bring it here for discussion.

    +Get rid of the interrupt on Mass Terror.

    +Tweak Mass Hysteria SC. Longer duration, improved visuals, rename it... No more ‘giant fury’ (stambock ;])… I mean, Eclipso spawns 3 of those on War Crimes alert… I bet Ice players would be mad if we had Mr Freeze or Captain Cold spawn some trashy Ice Elementals that could be one shotted at level… Also the user is getting the Terror PI after exiting this SC…

    I had another look at it and I am actually satisfied with the way this supercharge works, the Ghosts got one or maybe two new moves. I would like to know what others think, should it really last longer? I think it would be nice if it had AoE 'Terrifying Damage' on cast, in a similar way how nature form supercharges have. I havent tested this SC in instances, I just dont have the time, please forgive me for that... Visuals, however, are another matter, no more 'giant fury'... I suggested a 'Ghost King' based of the Ghosts model instead.

    +Let us jump cancel Terror Tendrils’ animation. Just cast Terror Tendrils and try to jump, try to move, after 10 casts or so you start feeling the Terror yourself...

    +Fix Encasements shielding adds and other players breaking your CC, while letting them be picked up and thrown-smashed or controlled through telekinesis or polarized PI for weaponized damage. I didnt test the multiple encasement exploding damage exploits but that was something that needed fixing and my guess is this problem persist... I will confirm tomorrow if I have a chance.

    +Make Flight’s Downdraft deal weaponizing damage to levitated targets.

    +Fix Encasement+Telekinesis bug.

    +Reclaim Terror PI to Mental color palette.

    +Horrific Visage is not working properly on DPS side, only sets Terror PI on single target and does poor damage. Suggestion: On DPS side turn a single enemy into your personal pet ghost for the stun’s duration (kinda like Starro mind control), set terror PI on targeted enemy and any other in a 5m radius. This will only work on solos and duos, but would still be awesome.

    The Controller version of Horrific Visage was behaving oddly today... I guess it was because it had been worked on but I Fear for the sake of this unique Mental power... please do not change how this power has always worked for the Controler role I beg you. Whenever I used it on one sparring target on the 8 sparring group the audio, stun messages and my combat log went crazy, surrouding sparrings were transformed and only after they went back to normal a DoT started tic'n on them.

    Improve its visuals, Ghosts are supposed to look ‘disturbed’ but they look bored instead… Suggestion: Add the Terror stun animation to the upper part of the Ghost, make them put their hands on their heads, this is just a visual change, let them wander like they have always done, but 'disturbed' this time.

    It was asked several times by several players to take the SC generator function away from Horrific Visage and add it to Thought Bubble or Psychic Prison but Proxystar just made a Great Post about SC generator powers on the Controller Role, and I believe that more than just switching this function, it should be reviewed and redesigned... or taken away from the game entirely.

    +Psychic Prison feels too plain as it is..., I feel like it needs a PI... or somethign to spice it a bit.

    +Thought Bubble came back from the shadow realm and now dazes, this is great but I feel like its missing its debuff... Id like it to have it back.

    +Share game formulas with us, shield formulas, heal formulas, power heal forumals, damage formulas. Either by adding them to the UI or here on the forums.

    +Balance Supercharges. Damage and Group Shield+Group Heal Supercharges were drunk back when I tested them, I am glad Battle Drone got nerfed from being able to power heal and shield not only group members, but allies... still... there is a Battle Drone right? a pet that does damage, I expect its Group Shield+Power Heal to be less powerful than the rest to compensate for that. 50% and 100% damage supercharges from different powers had significant differences in damage output... all of these I need to test again... and I will as soon as I have the chance.

    +Let countered foes be controlled… it doesn’t make sense that when the tank (or anyone) counters an add, it becomes immune to CC, maybe if it's the opposite it would be ok, the add earned its immunity after all. This currently happens on live, I will confirm if this persist on test, just leaving it here as a note as I just came up with this concern.

    I'll make a separate and smaller posts about Mental Shields. But It will have to wait till tomorrow, I always take a lot of time to test, write and edit these posts and its too late now... I will be falling asleep at work tomorrow :/



    And as aways, stay fresh my friends.
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  14. L T Loyal Player

    The Gadgets equivalent also says 300 and also costs no power. Not sure if it's intended or not-- though I'm thinking they're intended to cost power because they hit crazy hard now.
  15. spack2k Steadfast Player

    yeah i posted the same in gadget thread , no response though
  16. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Possible Bug: Mentals Finisher Terrorize is not counterable, no counter symbol.

    No Bueno for PvP.
  17. FlreMint Active Player

    Sup FireMint here with the shields post.

    Shield Strength = Base_Shield_Multiplier * (112.5% * Restoration + 150% * Dominance)


    Shield Comparison

    Well just by looking at this, the decision is obvious, Invisibility is twice as strong as Telekinetic Shield and 5 times stronger than Grandeur... it also provides immunity to control effects, movement speed bonus and a access to a whole new loadout, and has 6 seconds less of cooldown... yes, it has a higher power cost but thats not enough to balance things out... Also notice that I didnt type the 'Base Value' for Invisibility, this is because It has a different formula than the other shields, it takes HP into account, and Restoration has a bigger impact on its strenght while Dominance has about the same participation as in any other shield.

    Back in 1.7 the shield on Invisibility used to be even stronger, I could not reach its cap, now I can reach it, but it is still way too strong.

    There is another great advantage Invisibility has when using it along with other shields, what happens when you use any 2 shields one after the other, lets say Telekinetic Shield and then Grandeur?


    As you can see I used Grandeur after Telekinetic Shield, but then Grandeur did not shield me at all, it only detaunted, the shield was negated by Telekinetic Shield with only 719 shielding left... and I died. If you reverse the order and cast Grandeur first, Telekinetic Shield will wipe whatever shielding is left from Grandeur the moment it is casted. Telekinetic Shield is the big bully here.

    But what happens when you use Invisibility and then Grandeur? or Grandeur first then Invisibility?



    Yep, both work TOGETHER, I get shielded for a total equal to Invisibility+Grandeur. The same happens if I use Telekinetic Shield instead of Grandeur. This is how every shield should work, they should stack, not negate each other... I made several posts about this on Mental's Thread and main Revamp thread already... please let every shield stack.

    Invisibility is still too OP... it seems like devs wanted its shield to work even in DPS stance and thats why HP is in its formula but that makes it way too OP... DPS should not have useful shields for the same reason they should not have useful health restoring or power restoring abilities... thats other role's job.

    Mental has another shield... a useless shield that needs major modifications or to be eliminated from the Mental powerset, this shield is Reflect Pain, and why is it so useless? I will tell you why:

    -It only works if you have an enemy targeted, if you do not then you just get a nice purple animation. If for example you need to pick someone up in a corner of the map and try to use this shield while running towads them with no enemies ahead, poof, no shield.
    -Its shield strenght is 15% of your max HP which is a very low ammount you dont field shielded at all...
    -The only advantage that it has is that It stacks in the same way Invisibility does...

    This seems like a PvP-PvE crash right here, as it is it could be useful in PvP but is trash in PvE... my Suggestion is that it gets the same treatment every other shield does, decrease the damage % it prevents in PvP so it can be useful in PvE. Increase dmg prevented to at least 25% of your max HP or make it scale with Restoration and Dominance like every other shield...

    I'll note that Reflect Pain behaves exactly like Cheetah's shield.

    Stay fresh my friends... Im hoping for the best when revamp drops on July26th

    FireMint out
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  18. stärnbock Devoted Player

    yes, yes and oh yes to all of your suggestions!!!
    great work, let my add some more oppinions:

    terror tendrills hits harder than mass terror, besides the power cost and cooldown of tendrills is a huge advantage, also the PI:
    terror should setup PI, for mass terror getting stronger... wich isn't happening... MY SUGGESTION:
    1.) make mass terror a 200 cost power, make it a DOT again(?), let it setup the PI, but leave dammage and maybe lower the cooldown
    2.) let tendrills exploit terror instead of setting it up, leave the dammage but raise the cooldown maybe. mass and tendrills are reversed!

    also i think that invisibility is OP... it. is. OP. ok? and a MUST HAVE, devs wanted to avoid MUST HAVE powers...
    SUGGESTION: take away the shield effect of invisibility and leave the rest as it is. guess reflect pain could get the shield buffed aswell.
  19. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    So what sets up terror and what exploits it? I'm confused xD
  20. stärnbock Devoted Player

    tendrills sets up, mass exploits. atm. wich is strange,
    because tendrills have higher dammage out anyways, stil,
    even though it is a nerved version on test server now...
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