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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Goddesssilver Well-Known Player

    Devs should remove that new stupid power penalty you now get for using robot sidekick he does around the same damage as all pets maybe a bit less. It was a terrible idea to punish players who don't have pets, all pets don't give you that penalty and that's the way it should be. The Devs shot themselves in the foot because that will impact sales of the lexcorp starter kit with the new robot sidekick smart players just won't buy it after they see what stats revamp does to robot sidekick. I swear the developers always take 1 step foward 2 steps back everytime they update this game.
  2. L T Loyal Player

    All pets get the same power refresh penalty. At least Fury and Crystal do. Not 100% sure about the non-permanent pets.
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  3. Goddesssilver Well-Known Player

    Yeah thanks for that anyway they need to remove it, it's a terrible idea.
  4. Kuno Loyal Player

    Sonic Shout and Sonic Cry should do more damage because they are short-medium range AOE. Do it please for us Black Canary fans and roleplayers that want to add something different to our loadouts.
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  5. L T Loyal Player

    I concur.
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  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i will mute my game when this happens ^^
    but: i think they realy are too weak. buff!
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  7. stärnbock Devoted Player

    any chance devs would consider giving high pressure a different animation, pls?
  8. Surtur Well-Known Player

    Heat vision is getting a triple tick on power consumption. 1st power consumption tick is what it should be and the second and the third power consumption tic is larger than the first of the first which essentially is making heat vision a 350-450 ish power as far as power consumption goes. ( Listed @ 150 )
  9. Surtur Well-Known Player

    Freezing Breath's damage is lacking to say the least as compared to Heat Vision.
    Freezing Breath is doing the same thing as Heat vision. Using too much damage because the extra damage tics.
    Cool down is too long. Says 6 seconds but actually 9 seconds.
    Freezing breath should be comparable if not the exact same animation time & damage output as Heat Vision & it's definitely not. I can understand that it loses some damage because of the CC that it has but it is still under performing.
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  10. L T Loyal Player

    Heat vision has higher damage because it's single target
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  11. Surtur Well-Known Player

    Testing on single target dummies the damage does not split nor should it make a difference. With more than one target dummy I can understand less damage per target because of damage splitting. The damage on Freezing breath is still too low with the actual 9 second cool down that it has.
    The cool down does not start until after the average 3 second animation.
  12. Surtur Well-Known Player

    The rows that I marked red are the first 2-3 seconds of Heat Visions attack and the smaller numbers are the dots.
    The Dots will will throw them out for now considering we are looking at the first 3 seconds of each attack.

    Heat visions cool down recast time is 3 seconds..... which are the numbers below.


    Heat Vision is doing roughly 5k damage within the first 3 seconds with a 3 second cool down + DoTs.

    Freezing Breath is doing roughly 3.5-4k damage withing the first 3 seconds with a 6 (9) second cool down + CC.

    The cool down for Freezing Breath needs to be shortened & the damage needs to be buffed slightly.
  13. Duck X Active Player

    Suggestion make mesmerizing lasso a single pull only, and make heat vision a fast single target hit like all other single targets from regular power sets, make it inflict burning and make it a single target taunt in tank role. Or add another version of heat vision that will do similar to those ideas like electricity's voltaic blast and voltaic bolt, and keep the normal one a channel. Like if you guys agree. Heat vision should be much more useful than it is currently.
  14. Shaz DCUO New Player

    I would like to see heat vision worked on, change the animation definitely and make it a taunt for tanks and make it the same like the phantom zone trinket from the vault, without the transformation :D
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  15. Shaz DCUO New Player

    Like supergirl from legends that animation
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  16. TripleOG Level 30

    Are the Iconic Powers more respectable? Will I be able to use them as a complete load out?
  17. Surtur Well-Known Player

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  18. Duck X Active Player

    I hope they r usable. It would be something pretty interesting to play around with if they make them pretty decent
  19. TripleOG Level 30

    I stuck with this game with the hope that if I wanted to use all Iconics in my load out after Revamp I could. Or not have to use a particular power and a common load out because it's the best. I don't have time to go on the test server but I really wish I could. I'm not a any MMO type of guy and I'm someone who only has time to play one game consistently on my PS4. I played on Madden for over a decade until I came across DCUO and tried it bcuz I'm DC and Marvel Fan....also an insanely big character creation fan. Fixing Iconics and adding more would complete my total gaming life. LoL

    DCUO Devs, Mepps, ADMIN or whoever please LISTEN!!!!!
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  20. Goddesssilver Well-Known Player

    Iconics are far better now then they are on live sure some moves could use a slight buff and hardlight shield should give much higher defense because the wait to cast again is still too much. Adding more iconic would take too long to add but don't be surprised if in the near future new moves come out players have been asking for them for a while.
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