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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    DEVS.....overcharge needs to splash damage on first hit feels behind some when you spam because other powers are at an advantage of killing the target before you hit the target yourself and have to wait on second hit for splash damage to activate.....this is not fair....please make splash damage activate upon every first cast
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  2. Cyro Committed Player

    ..................................................................................Thats what i said, and have been saying in elec, the animation is beautiful on live and somewhat useful at times. On stats its worthless
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  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Has anyone tested the DPS with an only burst loadout? I've tested with DoT and burst mixed (it was my ideal loadout with my favorite powers) and I just wanted to compare notes.
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  4. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Request: Could spark barrage somewhat be like soul barrage from sorcery?
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  5. Xibo Loyal Player

    Testing Electricity today i think that needs a slightly increase in damage. Tomorrow i will provide some parses to see exactly what ability could be buffed in max 10%.
  6. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    I found a bug with Electricity's finisher Ionic drain.

    Ionic drain will do no damage and does not hit targets if they are polarized or electrified.

    You can test it by casting ionic drain by itself, it will do damage, then cast a polarize or electrify ability and you will not be able to damage your target with ionic drain.

    Please look at this before release. It's easily replicated.
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  7. Xibo Loyal Player

    After testing Electricity on Olympus, SJ/WC and a duo, seems fine to me, nothing to add.
  8. spord Developer

    Thanks for the report. I'll get it fixed up.
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  9. The original Nightling New Player

    what rotation/build are you using ?
  10. krytine Loyal Player

    Why ask him his rotation learn the power for yourself we are at a unique stage in the game go and find your loadout and rotation that you enjoy first then start begging for others load outs and rotation. Take an hour or two and you will have it
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  11. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    The selfishness has already started. I gladly share loadouts with anyone that asks.
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  12. krytine Loyal Player

    Its not about selfishness its about learn for yourself and dont be lazy figure something out for yourself. Brand new game basically do the work then see who has the best but each person shouldn't wait for someone else to figu4e out how they should run thier own toon. But if you are solo lazy or someone is solo solo lazy to not spent a little time to know which powers do what or which ones they can cancel out of or clip then they wont really know what they are doing so ducky rubber duck if you want to have 10 or 20 or what ever number of people copy you and not understand all the ins and outs of a power then your intelligence and integrity could be brought into question.
  13. L T Loyal Player

    Electricity is a bit different than many of the other power sets in that there's a clear dichotomy-- there's polarized/burst and electrified/dot-- and they lead to very different playstyles. When someone says "I found Electric to be effective" it's more natural to wonder what loadout they were using.
  14. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    Not making fun but Xibo really doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to electric. You should have read his posts throughout this revamp. So his loadout which he ain't sharing is only for his own playstyle. Not electric overall.

    On a side note. I still like to see something done with Spark Barrage developers. Please. :)
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  15. Xibo Loyal Player

    Really? Being quiet you're a poet.

    /ignore list
  16. krytine Loyal Player

    Look we are at a massive change the devs did so much to not have the cookie cutter load outs where everyone was the same. So now is the time for every player to experience thier power for themselves and learn what they do maybe they can find something new out maybe not. But this is the time to first try for yourself and see what you can do tweak your load outs and see what is out there. We have no excuse to not try for ourselves right now. And with all the different playsyles out there maybe one carbon copy loadout wont work for you so learn for yourself and dont be lazy
  17. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I don't care if you ignore me. You're the one who suggested making Electrocute add both PI to enemies. One of the worst suggestions ever suggested. You have no understanding of electric and that is a fact.
  18. Xibo Loyal Player

    PFTT: Static Push-Electrocute-Electrogenesis-Shockwave or you can try Arc Lighting-Electrocute-Electrogenesis-Voltaic Blast-Overcharge.
  19. Xibo Loyal Player

  20. High Troller Loyal Player

    Nothing wrong with using powers that look cool!
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