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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Duck X Active Player

    Its not a big deal and they shouldn't do it if it means that voltaic blast's damage in dps role would b affected by that. They shouldn't do it if that happened
  2. L T Loyal Player

    It's power-interation type heals like this that I personally miss about the revamp. This is a good idea.
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  3. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Did some playing around between Sorcery and Electricity. What makes the polarized PI so challenging is that Spark Barrage and Shockwave, both 100 powers, are two totally different cones. Because Spark Barrage is a wide cone, you have to get on top of the 8 dummies to get hits on all of them. If you are that close and Shockwave, you may only get a hit on 2-3 of them. In contrast, testing on the 3 dummies yields better results as they are more tightly packed and not staggered, which means the tight cone of Shockwave hits them at a closer range and all 3 dummies are hit by Spark Barrage. Under this constraint, they do the same damage.

    As a side note, the Sorcery abilities can also miss targets and Soul Storm is vulnerable to interrupt. For this reason, I threw my comps out on the 8 dummies and just went with the 3.


    I did notice that the weird dovetail on Spark Barrage is gone. I fear this is what caused it to change from a 200 to 100 cost ability.
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  4. L T Loyal Player

    Thanks for sharing.

    My main problem with spark barrage is that it's mid-range. Also, Polarized doesn't need 2 100 cost spammers. In my testing, I never saw soul barrage miss target, even from max range. I can't be certain it doesn't miss in content-- I ran content as sorcery but didn't pay extra careful attention to that-- but it never missed for me at the sparring targets.
  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    My numbers were erratic on the Sorcery ones; they weren't nice multiples so I know there were some misses. Also, I think Soul Bolt might only hit 4 targets max. Since my 3 dummy test appeared more accurate I went with it since I was looking more at Electricity.

    I always thought if you were going to PftT with Polarized PI, you would just rotate Repulse, Attract and Shockwave, use two DoTs of Electrogenesis and Electrocute and keep MV in your back pocket.
  6. KenCope2007 New Player

    Please Devs for the love of God make Electricute usable in Healer Role.
  7. Dead13 Active Player

    plz, make electrıcıty power more attracktıng wıth new anımatıon
  8. krytine Loyal Player

    With how electric now has a bunch of burst damage as well as the dots. It would be time to finally make either tesla ball or electrocute have both damage and healing
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  9. Nightling Active Player

    Anyone tried full precision loadout ? Is it viable with dual pistols ?
  10. L T Loyal Player

    Full precision is definitely viable. However as of the last time I tested dual pistols were under achievers
  11. L T Loyal Player

    Full precision is definitely viable. However as of the last time I tested dual pistols were under achievers
  12. Nightling Active Player

    What do you mean ? Hybrid and might are doing better ?
  13. Nukpana New Player

    What about a real 8 ppl HoT for electricity healing?
  14. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    With the news of this hitting live on the 26th just quickly wanted to post some final thoughts.

    With Healing I found it can be a bit restrictive in terms of your cooldowns, since the power sets mainly burst this can be a hindrance especially since there are going to be certain situations where electrogenesis isn't useful.

    Arc Lightning could use with a small cooldown decrease to 2s.

    Recover could also use with a small cooldown decrease to 2s.

    Bio Cap desperately needs a coodown decrease to 12s. In stressful situations the net would basically trigger literally seconds after meaning I'd need to rely on my other abilities resulting in all my loadout being entirely used up at some point and I'd just need to spam my priority heal.

    I'd like to see ionic drain actually return as a channeled heal, make it function exactly like bloom, can you not remove the execute portion of the ability in heal role?

    Revert the range change to galvanize and just increase the strength. Reasoning for this is because with an ability like this, it's dependent on your positioning, increasing the range relaxes this requirement and rather being easier to use I'd rather it'd be more rewarding for the players skill and therefore positioning you're in.

    Electrogenesis, to help with its inconsistency maybe you could double the HoT if allies are below 50% similar to Invocation and Guardians Light?
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  15. L T Loyal Player

    Has ANYONE else tested this? Ionic Drain's heal is so utterly useless it's ridiculous. Just remove the heal and make it good, or remove Electric's finisher and give us a really good heal.
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  16. krytine Loyal Player

    Still not happy about how the dps side gets super charge builders and on the healing side we dont have anything to help build our sc. Why? And way was ionic drain changed so much. Dps get no pi with it and becomes a 35%. Healing side we loose the sweet animation and see an npc get our move and our heals and damage with it are to low. So yeah we in role form get screwed
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  17. Cyro Committed Player

    On live iconic drain was perfect, in dps it was a finisher and in healer role it was simply a heal. If you arent going to bring it back to live version just remove the heal altogether - only reason to use iconic drain as a heal is to annoy your teammates
  18. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Another QoL change I'd like to request is with Electrogenesis for healer role, I just realized that it's the same as live with this certain aspect but I think if it gets changed it can help with some of it's consistency issues. In fact I think this is where it's consistency issues stem from now since the range was made more generous.

    So when you apply the aura you don't receive the other persons auras healing, this basically makes it you and that person are receiving a single tick of healing whilst everyone else is receiving two. I'd like to see this changed to where regardless if someone has the aura both players will receive the healing tick if they are obviously in range to receive it.

    This would provide consistency in Electric's only HoT ability and potentially allow us to conserve power since I won't need to heal to cover the inefficiency due to how electrogenesis functions.
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  19. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Further playing around with Electrogenesis, scratch the double healing below 50% request, just allow players with an aura to receive the healing from the other aura and it'll be a very solid option.

    I strongly feel like galvanize should have it's range reverted and made stronger because I feel like electrogenesis right now is a much more power efficient choice to pick from.

    This way you have arc lightning for good burst for when u want to stray away from your team mates but if they cluster together, electrogenesis if you position with them and galvanize for a burstier option.
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  20. krytine Loyal Player

    Not totally i actually found a boring load out way to make ionic drain work well and use less power with it. But was just a rotation move not actually healing when you needed to. And its animation was sweet just look at the final boss in us
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