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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please use this thread to discuss Electricity in the Stats Revamp.
  2. Duck X Active Player

    Everything in electricity dps seems pretty good to me to be honest, i dont have any complaint right now. The only feedback i can think of is making spark barrage benefit from electrified, and electrogenesis in healer role going the lowest group member or the furthest group member.
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  3. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Seems good to me. I'll finally be able to play with this again. Thank you.
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  4. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    I still say OVERCHARGE explode on first hit and SW needs to be electrified spammer.....but overall I LOVE ELECTRIC.....cant wait till on test all weekend...
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  5. L T Loyal Player

    Spark Barrage: please fix this useless ability. Really, it doesn't have a point. Does Electric somehow need 4 100 cost abilities with a 0.5 second cool down? I'll make one last plea here to turn it into an exact clone of sorcery's soul barrage-- 200 power cost, full range, 1.9 second cool down.

    Ionic Drain: all of the heals it generates are still exactly the same (with no variance), and they are all still very very weak. If each tick were 10 times as strong as it is, it would heal about 30% less than arc lightning. That would at least be a start.
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  6. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I have to be honest. Even on live, I never used Spark Barrage. I think it's time for a name change or an updated version of it. Something like Spark Bolts. Bursts of electromagnetic energy from the hands with knock down ability. Polarized enemies take additional damage.

    The name of the move is inspired by DC Comic's Spark

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  7. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I also support the sorcery clone of Soul Barrage,
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  8. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Very true, I have never even considered using it.
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  9. krytine Loyal Player

    Instill dont like the fact we loss a great visual effect of ionic drain just so a boss in the game can have it. And why can't our shield look more like black lightnings
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  10. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    Suggestion: I don't wanna promote copy and paste but I would appreciate if spark barrage could act like soul barrage from sorcery.

    If possible I would appreciate if it looked better too lol but that's not necessary.
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  11. Cyro Committed Player

    so i decided to test elec dots to see what they are doing i did each power 21 times with and without pi on 1,3,8 targets. i also noted the time the dot is up using in game combat phaser after combat option not sure how reliable that is since it doesnt take into account animation time. egen - 11 seconds ecute - 11 seconds vbolt - 12 seconds telsa - 5.7 seconds ebomb - 2 seconds


    egen being a 200 power cost and ecute being 300 yet even with pi egen had more damage most of the time, is this due to the fact that the dots are on adds so they can move away from each other or the fact they can die and take the dot with them? also ebomb being usable so quickly and doing such high damage kinda makes ecute sort of useless since the damage is so low. Could ecute and all similar (wintry tempest, circle, inferno, etc if im missing any) abilities get a buff since shorter abilities are doing more damage or is the trade off being higher power cost since you have to use them more?
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  12. Cyro Committed Player


    Iconic drain:
    Why was the animation changed back to how it used to be? I feel like we are taking a step backwards. You took one of the most beautiful animation in the game and tossed it in the trash? That doesnt make much sense to me and i would like a reason why it was changed. The old animation fit the healing aspect of it but the new one is just weird seeing as we are focusing on just one add

    Second aspect about iconic drain is its pitiful damage. Its a finisher so it shouldnt be healing for all that much right? In healer role its not doing any damage for me. So there is no reason that a channel ability should be healing for a total of 200 when everything else is around 3000. Did this ability get overlooked or am i simply using it wrong.

    This ability people have wanted to be able to heal for quite some time - imagine their surprise when they realize how bad it is. It is healing me for about 1300 it is a 100 power cost and arc is 200 and doing roughly double the healing but - this ability is so niche no one will use it it may be cheap and be usable back to back its still worthless in all content that doesnt involve everyone piggybacking the tank. So can overcharge get a buff seeing as its so situational.

    People have wanted this ability to heal for years because how cool would it be if you are healing someone by summoning a cloud and healing someone with a strike of lighting, that would be one bada** motherf@*#%r. So i and i know im asking for this fairly late into stats so the chances are slim but any chance this ability could heal? Its already doing poor damage so the trade off is already there :p

    Bio cap:
    Sight still no bio charge interaction huh? On a more winable note the safety note is healing me for different numbers each time so i assume it isnt healing based on a percentage of my health if i am correct can we have it return so it heals us based on our total health instead of our resto?

    Just to reiterate it.... iconic drain?
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  13. McShotzz Well-Known Player

    The fact that healing powers with damage components are penalized for such makes ionic drain useless to use as a healer, i cant see why a new ability hasn't been brought in to make the channel using the old animation
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  14. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I don't care too much for electrocute healing (seems like a copy and paste of circle of Destiny almost) but I would not mind if it was implemented.

    Anyways I agree completely with this whole post. Especially the part about ionic drain.
  15. Duck X Active Player

    I would like if voltaic blast did a heal over time in healer role to electrified enemies but its just something i would like to see. If they dont do it i ouldnt really mind. It would b cool if they did
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  16. Shaz DCUO New Player

    Yea definitely what Duck X said, spark barrage definitely needs work, it was OK during Nexus days but now it's terrible it needs to be brought up to par :)
  17. Xalhadrin New Player

    why would you heal enemies? Could you clarify what you mean here?
  18. Duck X Active Player

    If i electrified enemies, and hit voltaic blast on them, my allies should receive a heal overtime, similar to electro burst on live but a heal over time instead of a burst heal.
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  19. Xalhadrin New Player

    Thank you, this makes more sense.
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  20. Duck X Active Player

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