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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Mepps, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    This plus even with only running 1 combo (AcB) because of the clip heavy nature of Celestial healing you still can't afford the power costs/consumption with the 100 power cost..Going up to 200 is going to absolutely kill it. You are literally going to push Celestial healers to mod and spec power which is going to make the HoTs even more crap then they already are..HoTs underperforming has been an ongoing issue that Celestial Powers and I have been talking about in every single thread relating to healing and the general update threads.

    Also you can't get much worse on DL than it already is..348 6 tick HoT is pretty trash for a 450 power cost as is. Meanwhile AcB and CS blow the doors off that with their HoTs at a cheaper power cost and still suck too...The only thing viable healing wise is bursts and that's why Electric is the only viable healing power going to live. Celestial has burst/HoTs but can't afford to use them. Nature..well its HoT based and has extreme power consumption so that's a double rip. Sorcery, that's a joke......So much power to do squat all..

    Why is it starting to feel like this GU is the apocalypse of healers..Celestial Powers and I have told you all a million times over the span of the Stats Revamp testing things that needed to be done to help each individual powerset and healing in general. I can't be asked to keep repeating myself. You all know what you need to do to fix those 3 powers for that role and healing as a whole, if you all don't do it the blame is on the Development team.
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  2. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    At this point I'm done giving feedback. It is what it is. If people on live server don't complain about it then we'll know we were being over dramatic, but if they complain about the same things we are, we'll know it's justified and perhaps the devs will consider doing some changes. If I were to bet on it though, I'd go with the latter...

    Only time will tell at this point. Bring on the 26th.
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  3. Gamma Lantern Well-Known Player

    Buff the healer power sets across the board devs.
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  4. Derio Steadfast Player

    At this point the final build has already been sent to Sony and perhaps a day 1 hotfix but thats about it. I dont think anyone from live server will complaing about it as there will be power complaints in general that will be for all powers. Sad thing is tanks still need to be looked at, and come tomorrow people are going to start playing the blaming game because tanks didnt have enough mitigation or the healer ran out of power, etc.

    I will feel really bad for people who play controller and the hate they will get tomorrow due to the ignorance of others.
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