GU50: Are Elec, Light and Nature being shafted?

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  1. Sore Steadfast Player

    I'm having a hard time picturing Nature without a weapon only being slightly worse.
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  2. generalzod Committed Player

    Honestly it can go anyway I just want the damage to be on par with the last update ! Only power on this update that should not use a weapon is hard light ! But I'm open to minded as long as when there done damage Is there ! The weapon thing just sucks because u have to hope you get the best long range one to drop in a raid ! When other top powers just need any weapon for just the stats !
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  3. MrB Dedicated Player


    Seriously for nature and electric when have you seen Black Lightning and Poison Ivy rely on weapons to fight their foes. Or beast boy. Or Static.

    Same goes for lanterns.

    I can understand the use of weapons if out abilities came from us using weapons, lantern rings don't count, that had the given powers but we don't. If we had to use magic swords that shot out electricity or fire or ice or plant spores or ect then sure weapons are welcome. Munitions looks great with weapons. But from animations its clear that we produce these powers from our bodies or use our bodies to gain the said effect.
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  4. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    Grinding the gear , farming for the mods , getting the skill points just to be disappointed because your power set isn't balanced. This has been my nightmare for my Electric, Fire and Earth characters. I'm really hoping this update gives electric a fighting chance .
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  5. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    I hope that GU50 gets all the time it needs to be tested before it goes live. Also like many of you I am hoping that Electric can go weapon free. I use to think that I was part of a few players that wanted to play electric without weapons, but after going legendary to have access to the test server I began to get emails from MANY people telling me not to back down from the weapon free aspect.

    I also know that there are those that like to use weapons in conjunction with powers and that is fine also. I am hoping that with Electric and Nature there will be a way to do both without too much hassle. For Nature I do not want to say much, I personally do not have hardly any knowledge of that power. Electric however I do not believe it would be too hard to manage. The Dots do need to be increased a bit more so most of our damage comes from the dots, however all we need is one power combo that does about the same damage as the standard WM or weapon clip. It should not be too hard to manage. There are more than a couple ideas in the Electric test thread with ideas.

    One is with Shock Wave. Many want it as part of the AM, it could also very easily do increased damage when used on targets that have dots on them from the am or in conjunction with Wired (I say wired so it cannot be spammed) or Arc the same as the Egen into Arc combo does extra damage.

    These are just my thoughts though.
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  6. Chocolate Enforcer Committed Player

    It's a holiday week guys relax .....
  7. MuTeDx Committed Player

    I wish we would go back to vendor gear being top cr
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  8. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I'm playing a super hero game to use my super powers. Why give us the ability to shoot fire/ice/light from our hands or control gravity if my primary mode of attack is going to be my weapon. Sure there are street level heroes and that works for that concept but most of us want to be able to role play their character somewhat accurately without having to use a weapon that breaks the concept.

    I.E : A quantum player A envisions their character as a meta human. He/she should be able to simply use their powers to attack

    However Quantum Player B envisions their character as a scientist that harness tachyon particles through their Staff of Space and Time. They should be able to use that staff and be competitive as well.

    The combat in this game is ambitious but that ambitiousness makes it hard to balance. I would wager that is another reason no new weapons are added.

    Additionally a lot of the WM combo choices are questionable to me personally. Why would I throw shurikens and then all of the sudden throw and energy ball? I would have preferred weapon master be just extra damage on your normal combos with the crit windows added. They really break character sometimes.
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  9. Streven Dedicated Player

    This is tough. Many of is wanted to be able to switchoose weapons in combat. I think WM was some attempt at giving that. Unfortunately it was also the tool used to bring balance between powers. I never understood the need to make WM combos hot so much harder than normal combos. I was also disappointed that you couldn't actually switch to the second weapon. Then, sadly, all the extra damage started this arms race of over inflated dps that at this point has long ago jumped the shark. I remember when trolls were doing a good 2/3s the damage of dps. Now to say you're a battle healer or battle troll is a joke if you think your damage is actually meaningful.

    But I digress. The game is what it is and is still fun. I too really hope elec, nature, and HL are going to get a little more tuning before 50 is released.
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  10. Scar-Red Nova Dedicated Player

    Every power that gets updated doesn't have to eclipse every current DPS power. That's called Power Creep and it's very bad for games.
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  11. the solowing Steadfast Player

    they can only make bank on power token id you willingly feed into it. A self proclaimed myth that the players themselves trick themselves into believing that as they use their spending habits as their own proof
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  12. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    That's the earth dps community fault imo, they were trying to get balanced with sorc instead of quantum.
  13. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Thing is, weapons have been a part of the combat equation of this game from the start.
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  14. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I don't agree with people who just want pure power rotations for nature or electric. Those kind of rotations are boring as heck and feel so slow paced.
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  15. Grumpy Dedicated Player

    I think they are more upset over the fact that some powers simply have to spam their 12345 rotation and be on top of the board while Electricity and Nature are forced to use their weapon and still do less damage than the rest.
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  16. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Something I'll never understand TBH. I think weapons and powers should be intertwined. The 1-2-3-4-5 crap that mental has is the most boring thing in the whole world. I'm at the point where I prefer controlling and spamming brawling to shuriken and clipping debuffs and other powers with empowerment. Combat used to be amazing in this game, now it is crazy boring.
  17. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Nature is so much fun. Far and away the most fun power in the game with the whole wolf form changing stuff.
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  18. RoxyStormbringer Dedicated Player

    DoT powers should do more damage than the 1,2,3,4 powers because of the extra work that has to be done. Nature requires you to set up your DoTs, then change to Wolf Form to apply Carnage and more DoTs, then you go into Canine form to Spread said DoTs, while making sure to go back to Wolf Form to refresh Carnage and other DoTs. Wow, Nature is going to be a headache, not to mention all of the damage lost while changing forms. What's even worse is that the Shape Changing animations can't be jump cancelled, so you're vulnerable to one shots because you can't block.
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  19. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

  20. Veritech Loyal Player

    BS, we gave plenty of feedback that got disregarded. Doesn't help when you get a test server nerf 2 days before going live with no time to test.
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