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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by RSL, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. RSL New Player

    i suspect the QQ about how much longer DPSing will take comes from groups where there are only the FOTM/OP/"top tier" powersets and none from the "look ma, we're getting sped up" crew. how about we see something approaching balance where a group that consists of DPS from both camps does a raid and see if it doesn't equal out almost exactly, due to any loss in speed from the FOTM/OP/"top tier" guys being made up in the increase in speed from the other camp. i'd post in testing but... you know... PS players aren't worthy.
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  2. SpicyMoonlight Devoted Player

    Correction* we are "worthy" just not entitled ;)
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  3. Rasta Committed Player

    This is the first step of many in the direction of balance. I'm sure when they're done what your saying will be achieved, but it will take time to get everything correct
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  4. ErnieB Loyal Player

    suspect is the same a saying you don't know, not every comment has been from DPS groups at all, even players that only troll, tank,heal have said everything is slower, but those are support roles so they won't feel the change as much as a dps will.
  5. Malachyte Devoted Player

    Has anyone on the test server ran or have the ability to run through a raid and see if in fact there is a time difference and how the damage output will balance out.

    I'm curious to see the difference of a raid in both time and numbers, using the same players, so the results will be consistent in say A&B or Paradox with a HL, Rage, Clest, and the 4th DPS being another powerset does pre and post GU36 mechanics.

    Having a video of someone on a sparring target testing the new mechanics doesn't tell the whole story in terms of completion time and damage balance of running content.

    Is this type of testing possible ??
  6. RSL New Player

    uhhhh, that's what i'm clearly stating... that i don't know. have no way of knowing but would like someone with access to test server to TRY as stated with the title. not just testing their one preferred power out of context but testing in a balanced raid group.

    also... not everyone has said "everything" is slower. please. some powers have been sped up... it's impossible for those powers to be reported as being slower. i suspect you are one of those FOTM players who just want to stay on the top. [see what i did there?]
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  7. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I can vouch for sorcery actually being faster, not slower. In healer and DPS mode.
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  8. RSL New Player

    padding the DPS with FOTM ones will surely prove out the confirmation bias not just that they're being slowed down but that the raid system itself is though. you need to test with a truly balanced group, not just FOTM. one or two FOTM perhaps but not four FOTM players all trying to overcompensate [as usual] or prove their point of how badly they're being "destroyed" [more likely]. put some of the powersets and weapons that are being sped up [sorcery for one] in the mix and i suspect there's no issue.
  9. jr1nc Dedicated Player

    i have several videos on the Test Server with different dps in nexus and AnB and there is a huge gap difference ..
    i wanted to run more test yesterday but there were hardly any players on ! i have 6-8 members in the league and there were only 5 of us on ! it is still early to determine the outcome and the final results on damage for all powersets cause the fact is poeple need to learn the mechanics but it really isnt terrible... plus on another note there are all types of players working on it! some players that are new and some veterans ... im sure its not a total fail! i see potential on GU36 if not i would not be wasting my time!
  10. RSL New Player

    what kind of players were you running? please detail the powersets.
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  11. jr1nc Dedicated Player

    well i dont have specifics at this time cause im at work! but i assure you each player in these group have there expertise in specific roles
    im a hard core Light user and my concern is hard light! but whatever the outcome is sure the players are trying everything they can to work on the test server! you are welcome to input your thoughts as well join me on a test run!
  12. ErnieB Loyal Player

    what's the dps output?
  13. jr1nc Dedicated Player

    i heard its good! but im not 100% sure
  14. ErnieB Loyal Player

    there are a lot of post of different player trying different roles and giving their opinions, some good and some bad, and about both dps and support roles, or have you been reading only the ones posted by dps players?
  15. Prodigy Progeny Dedicated Player

    They could always open up the DLC early to PS players w/ legendary like they currently do but with a longer window for review. This would circumvent any need for Sony Authentication while allowing the PS legendary players to access & give feedback. Perhaps there is an easier way to get more insight from players. Still dnt get why they can't just give us temporary PC legendary codes to get on the test server.
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  16. ErnieB Loyal Player

    well since it's not on the balance bench guess it makes sense it's not that different.
  17. RSL New Player

    i'm not the one who asserted that "everything is slower". i've read opinions on both sides.
  18. RSL New Player

    i'd love to but i'm not on PC. that's the whole point of this thread btw... to see if someone on PC test will put together a balanced raid group [not just one to "prove" how "destroyed" the FOTM powersets will be] and verify my suspicion that any lessening of the DPS from the FOTM powers are being picked up by the others. that's the whole point of balancing fwiw. it's not to balance one power with itself or one FOTM with another. to balance them all. not that you said otherwise just stressing the point that the goal isn't to make [insert power here] the best or worst.
  19. RSL New Player

    any side effects [and there's always side effects] would affect the whole PS population then though. that would be... even less optimal than now, no? how when DLCs drop, PS server is screwed for days.
  20. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I mostly heal, so I only did speed testing for the DPS. But, considering I can summon soul wells faster and shards faster I would say that it's going to be very competitive.

    EDIT: the numbers I did see looked great considering the great I was wearing.

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