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  1. Black Prime New Player

    On the list of moves being slowed are the power dumps for trolls. Has anyone messed with these? I know most are worried about their damage. I am already tired of talking about damage. Please any trolls on test give us some info. Ok maybe a little about damage. It looks like move debuffs are aoe now. Are they working correct? What kind of damage are you seeing?
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  2. NexGenX New Player

    Defib for Gadgets does feel a little more sluggish. More on the level of Quantum and HL power dump speeds. Don't see why they couldn't just speed those up...
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  3. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Well when your pushing weapons mastery you have to mess stuff up enough to were people will use it.
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  4. Darth New Player

    They slowed down Defibrillator(Gadgets) and Psychic Empowerment(Mental) to roughly the same speed as Temporal Extortion(Quantum) and Recharge(HL) I'm assuming, like NexGenX said. I really wouldn't have minded them going the other way but it shouldn't be a big deal.
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  5. Caleus New Player

    If they brought it to the level of HL and Qtm, then they should be faster.

    I'm Mental and a leaguemate is HL we can both start Recharging at the same time, given about 6 Recharges he's already overlapped me by one full recharge.

    So either they slowed them to Mentals animation or they were sped up to HL and Qtm.

    But this is just a personal experience on live server.
  6. TheDark Loyal Player

    I played with it and I honestly didn't notice a difference.

    Forgot, I timed them both. I think they both came in at 1.8 or 2 seconds before I could cast my next Defib. But when I went Defib to an offensive ability like Gauss, it was 1.2 seconds.
  7. Black Prime New Player

    Yes mentals recharge is the slowest. Now all should be the same. Have played all troll powers and mental was my favorite for dps. Hated to troll with itbecause of slightly longer cool down on psy res. It would only flow right with certain weapons. All the other powers were about the same.
  8. Revoemag Committed Player

    what is this about debuffs being AoE?..
  9. Darth New Player

    The damage from debuff casts, not the debuff effect itself. Some debuff moves that did single target damage before will be doing AOE damage once GU 36 drops.
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  10. Rhinosus13 Loyal Player

    Has someone checked out the innates? I've heard trolls have lost cunning in favour of a larger power pool
  11. The Lone Stranger New Player

    Hope not...
    That crit power ever 2 or 3 ticks is how I stay competitive with low gear!
  12. Rhinosus13 Loyal Player

  13. alloygt New Player

  14. Caleus New Player

    For mental with TB and PK is it not the explosion or both of them separately are hitting AoE?
  15. jedimaster91 Active Player

    Hallelujah. It'd be nice if we could get more AOE stuns, but I'll take more AOE damage. Makes debuffing for mobs a little more relevant. The other thing I'd really like to see is a decrease in Word of Power's animation time. I can cast Bastion twice in the amount of time it takes for WoP.
  16. Darth New Player

    I'm not experienced with Mental but I'm sure there is someone on the forums that is better qualified to answer that.
    All the Quantum CCs I use are AOE stuns for a reaon :)

    As for WOP, that would be nice. I wrote it off a long time ago because of its cast time. I've never used it. I was a Speed Drain fan until I switched to Quantum.
  17. Caleus New Player

    Awwws :( alright then. I've literally seen almost any posts regarding this and clarifying if indeed the explosion is meant or both of them separately.
  18. Sherry New Player

    Glorified Mental controller here. Psychic empowerment feels a bit sluggish compared to what we're used to. However I really dont think it would make any significant difference on the controlling end given that even if your next attack is slightly delayed, you can cut it short at anythime with another PE.

    For as far as debuff is concerned, mental has always been an AoE, except Terrorize.

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