GU36: A Troller´s perspective

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  1. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    Alright. I may still need a day or two of full testing, but here are my overall thoughts about gu36 as a Gadgets controller....

    Overall, we win.

    These are some things I´ve realized:

    1) My vita is higher than before with the same amount of skillpoints. At 136 SP (I know, not that much) I was at 2418 vita before. After speccing into some Masteries, I have 2474 now. Perhaps not a supa-dupamazing increase, but hey, It´s something.

    2) Overall, the ranged weapons have become way more versatile with the WM combos that add extra hits. Furthermore: Bow block.breaks wonderfully fast and easy now (no longer having to wait for that BB or to use a combo!), and Rifle now has the privilege of being the only weapon that can blockbreak WHILE MOVING (qand I´m not talking about the rolling barrage combo). Grenade may have lost its BB but it can now also be shot.

    3) The already old complaint of "Defib being slower" can be balanced by using a WM combo right before: you are giving out the same amount of power to your mates, but it costs you LESS. The speed reduction is, IMO, a reasonable adjustment to be able to do this.

    Now I don´t know which weapon to use! (>_<)

    On a side note, testing on my HL DPS.... those who say that HL is dead are overdramatic. But that will have to wait for another post...

    Can any more trolls share their experience with WM?
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  2. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    thank you.
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  3. LoArlequin Well-Known Player

    I'm really liking this.

    Got extra vitalization and the same dominance. Plus some really nice extra power. So in stats, I'm happy.

    As for the weapon mastery combos, i like them. But can't seem to time it perfectly each time. And I'm not sure of what weapon to use. Im thining martial arts shurikens or shielld's mangum round. Quick combos, followed by a nice ending. But one handed solar flare... it's so op! So fast :/ I dont know, will have to test all the combos.

    But hey, I'm giving less power but people don't really use that much, so we can do all the other cool stuffs like cc or adding damage. Battle controlling is back and more alive than neva.

    In a side note, the crits are beast!!
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  4. Mick Nugget New Player

    I. Love. It.
  5. Darth Loyal Player

    Look at my sig to check out my Vit now and guess how I feel just from WM and not getting any new gear other than a 91 IL weapon. :)
  6. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    I've only messed with my light toon and powering out was super easy. Players are using WM and animations are slower leading to using less power. Usually I'd get doubled almost tripled by DPS in Power in. Todays results we're much more reasonable.

    I have enjoyed using shuriken storm. As a Light player I was already no weapon controlling and this just gave me a cushion.

    I do have to say the Dev's did a decent job on keeping Light and Gadgets good powers. Overall they we're changed/altered the most.

    I also have to say some combo's two in particular still feel amazingly clunky and are unnecessarily difficult to pull off. Ram>Snap and Snap>Light Blast. I'm sure it'll get easier with time but the animations don't feel like they fit the new time's still. I hope this gets some attention when they have time.... Overall they did a good job making it work. I'm still looking forward to some tweaks that may help the support tree and more/better dazed PI applicator options.

    WM seems pretty cool to me. It's nice that players will once again be feat hunting like maniacs.
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  7. Dephyre Committed Player

    Totally loving it right now, added extra vit and prec, both of which are greatly appreciated. The added PI to HL + the extra damage on the combos makes for a very smooth run. Going to have to test this out in something challenging.
  8. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I like the new weapons tree's but I still have new use for weapons mastery as a troller .
  9. Dephyre Committed Player

    I usually run with another controller (gadgets) who is in love with sticky bomb, so he's constantly setting up the PI while my moves like WT>HC, lay out some nice damage, even for a troll. WM was just the icing on the cake for me, as I've never been a JC/clipper.
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  10. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Thank you for the detailed summary and post.
  11. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    I think Mepps just made fun of me! :eek:

    Other than that, I´m very happy to see more positive, enthusiastic receptions to WM and the new possibilities it brings us all.

    Some weapons are definitely easier to master than others. Rifle has a lot more potential than before, but the timing for the WM combos is very tricky.

    Keep it cominbg, fellow forum users!
  12. RiskVsReward New Player

    I hate what happened to HL, not about the jump cancel fan, I rarely did that... Everything feels so slow and clunky, not fluid at all. Don't care about the slight damage increase, I enjoyed the old HL. Transitioning from ram feels so awkward
  13. junglejim New Player

    Lulz. Ok so from a gadgets perspective we had our grenades slowed which could be perceived as a nerf however with the range, targets hit and new p.i changes to foam gauss etc outweighs the cons of the nade changes imo.

    Obviously needs co ordinating with any gadgets dps but we wanted cc now we have it out the wazoo. Gauss into 8 targets followed by foam = a whole lotta cc . Ive been spamming that just for my own amusement and ofc the novelty factor.

    A general observation is that power consumption is dramatically reduced due to w.m the ones trying to reinvent the troll wheel should be happy here.

    Ive smashed my way through content with a 1h with wm and power was in abundance and my damage phenomenal. Ive not tested alot of wm combos but for regen I cant see past hand clap / shuriken storm on brawling. Not that I see the need for it arising unless im solo trolling. I see myself sticking with 1h and doing a quick armoury switch for dangerous boss fights. Ive always enjoyed pve trolling but thats because I play my way. Now im back to year 1 levels of loving it.

    The new innates are just the icing on the cake. Sure ive lost some crit power chance but I dont seem to miss it at all. In summary gadgets trolling was buffed imo. All trolls were buffed in terms of power giving with w.m (low power cost, less group consumption) and the wm combos fit perfectly for my style of play . Its all gravy as far as im concerned from a pve controller viewpoint