GU33 Weapon Changes Affect on Healing

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  1. winter13 New Player

    I am not on the test server, but I have some concerns about the upcoming changes to the weapon ranged charged attacks (focused blast, solar flare, etc). My main concern is the reduced damage to charged attacks/solar flare with the handblasters. Healers do the least amount of damage of any of the four classes. One of the only saving graces when being attacked by multiple adds was hold triangle the tap triangle (solar flare). Now, with the adjustment healers will be doing even less damage with that move. Weapon attacks are one of the only options healers have (non-celestial) for putting out and damage. Yes, a sorc for example, could put bad karma on adds and use cop or use Sol, but those ticks of damage are minimal at best. For non-celestial healers, your weapon is your primary source of damage and survivability. Now with this upcomg adjustment, I feel like my only option is going to be pop a shield and turtle til the DPS comes to save me. I don't think the weapon adjustments should apply to support roles.
  2. Captainn Chaos Well-Known Player

    I'm gonna be mad if the decide to do this to support.
  3. rce3 New Player

    Your main goal is to heal. You shouldnt even worry about damage, and if your getting attack by mobs your tank isnt doing its job or your dps isnt burning quick enough. The only reason I do damage is to get my power regen up.
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  4. GrumpySnot New Player

    Did any weapons gain, a buff????
  5. Vamsi New Player

    Although as a Healer myself, I like to do some damage and not just sit there and Spamming power. But as rce3 said in earlier post, as a Healer your main concern is to heal and to build up some weapon combos whenever you can to regenerate some Power and Supercharge back. If you want to do damage then try going a DPS or you can try a Hybrid load-out. =)
  6. ThatGuyLee Committed Player

    As a healer your focus isnt putting out damage it is to keep everyone alive in raid 4+ group situations if you are running by yourself just grab a dps weapon for solos duos etc of your choice.