GU33 - 2 New Bugs - MOV Lair Trinkets

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by RogerDC, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. RogerDC New Player

    Hi guys,

    Since update 33 I’m having an issue with the Supply Drop. The animation is broken, just one globe drops instead of all 4 and its position is off as can be seen in this screenshot ( I've checked the Base Mainframe settings and can see that all for the Supply Drop is still active with 18 days remaining and the Generator cells are at 59% (both shown in screenshot)

    Please fix this soon as I’m depending on my base trinkets in combat.
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  2. Clutch Committed Player

    I thought this was just on test. Is this on live too?
  3. RogerDC New Player

    Yes, my report is about the live server. But I do remember seeing an issue at the Mainframe on Test 16 hours ago. There I wasn't able to purchase one of the Boost II, not sure if that was for Supply Drop.
  4. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    It's not that the animation is bugged, the whole thing is bugged. You only get the benefit of having one globe drop. The same has happened with Sidekick. I have a fully upgraded Sidekick according to my mainframe but when I summon him he is wearing the outfit a level 1 Sidekick (no boosts) would wear and doesn't restore any of my health or power.

    I don't use Orbital Strike but it seems as if everything on the mainframe has been reset to level 1 even when it's fully upgraded to boost 2.
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  5. Stitch Well-Known Player

    My Supply Drop is only dropping one orb. And I am unable to upgrade to Boost 1 and Boost 2.
  6. Stitch Well-Known Player

    All of my mainframe stuff expired and I went to purchase the boosts. I am unable to purchase the boosts for Supply Drop and Orbital Strike. I was able to purchase the Tactical Mod boosts but when looking at the actual gear, the description for the mods are greyed out like they aren't active.
  7. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    I'm experiencing the same issues ... Open World, Instances and Arenas
  8. mckiller New Player


    i have encountered 2 new bugs in the game.
    1st of all i have 87 cr in pvp, so i should be getting 40 MoV/per win, im only getting 10 (Legends wise)
    2nd, supply and orbital IV are working as if they are Type I's, i have full generator and all boosts.
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  9. Joykiller Dedicated Player

    Same, and I'm not able to purchase the Tier 3 and 4 upgrades for Supply Drop (get an error message).
  10. Malik Asmodeus New Player

    I'm having the same problems...
  11. IdontDps Committed Player

    yup preach
  12. Caseyyeah Committed Player

    I noticed the tactical mods greyed out as well. What I did was unequip the gear and put new mods in and they were no longer grey.
  13. Malik Asmodeus New Player

    Uh oh I smell another hotfix coming...
  14. Giggles Loyal Player

    Actually level 4 supply drop is working fine. You see with our health being so high now, it does not scale with our HP, it heals for a flat number. With our HP so high, it does not seem like much of a heal, or bonus for that matter. Remember we went from about 8K HP to 13K+. That's a huge difference. :)

    As for not being able to purchase them, no idea, as mine are good another 14 days, but they are working fine, for me anyways. :)
  15. Malik Asmodeus New Player

    No the supply drop is only dropping one thing instead of the four it usually does
  16. Giggles Loyal Player

    That's really weird, tonight when I was in the arena, I was getting all 4 in my drops. Are you on PC or Playstation? I'm on the PC.
  17. Malik Asmodeus New Player

    Also my sidekick is not healing or restoring power and my orbital strike is doing very very low damage and with no ticks
  18. Malik Asmodeus New Player

    I'm on PS3, it might be a PS problem
  19. Giggles Loyal Player

    Yeah I think it is a PS problem. I have used all of my HT stuff tonight at some point and it all works fine. I hope they fix that for you guys ASAP, those trinkets can be life savers. :)
  20. Malik Asmodeus New Player

    Very true I died while waiting for my supply drop to heal me