Work In Progress GU103: Tank Balance

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Batuba, Mar 6, 2020.

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  1. Psyfur Well-Known Player

    I’m worried about cogs and pick ups if immolation won’t absorb 100% of damage anymore.
  2. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Use this opportunity to bring real tanking back to the game. Being able to stand toe to toe with a boss and protect your group. I have mostly quit tanking because having to run around in circles because we have no survivability is garbage.
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  3. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Tank should not being pickups. Can't sacrifice something that helps the powerset as a whole bc dps can't be bothered to do pick ups
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  4. Ziegion New Player

    It Would Be Great If Totem Healed Brick For a Proper Amount instead Of The Under Performing State That It's in. Currently As An End Game Earth Tank It Only Heals the pet for 900, Slightly Tweaking Or buffing This move Would Be Such A compliment To Brick Tanking and Helping Him Stay Alive.
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  5. codyxrhstou Well-Known Player

    Scar tissue hit counter caps at 50.
    At 30 hit counter Scar tissue grants more than 100% of dominance as health.
  6. gemii Dedicated Player

    another thing that gets overlooked with tanks is.. Rage and ice are probably the most (Free Tanks) and what i mean by free is your not restricted with either power.

    When you block with earth you lose your stone skin / you also have to stop kiting (if your kiting ) to do jack hammer
    when you stop doing combos with atomic you lose your aura (again this can be issue to those kiting)
    Fire is just bad and to dependent on healers

    The type of content that tends to get released requires kiting players barely face tank anymore

    Ice you rotate your shields and GO
    Rage you pop your severe punishment and GO

    the only difference as i stated before is the content is more catered towards Rage because its the best tank to handle an onslaught of adds the only thing your truly worried about is popping your e-chain on time. As with ice your more worried about preventing your shields from getting over run and easily broken and once that does happens your pretty much screwed unless you have some good healers by your side or phase dodge supercharge to buy you some time
  7. L T Devoted Player

    before the revamp, fire didn't have any shield at all in the power set, and tanks managed to succeed in content. It was a weakness, to be sure, when you couldn't pick up the dps who refused to block or the healer who got caught mid-animation, but we managed.
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  8. Agent Iceberg New Player

    Give ice a group shield, and make bitter winds a shield.
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  9. AutoBot Rage Active Player

    This is what tanking should be...Please take this in mind Batuba it's great you have done these little changes now but please reduce the kiting that we tanks have to do or remove it entirely.
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  10. Vindex Active Player

    Yes everyone knows Totem heals Brick, but it's stationary and AOE to heal Brick was so small. Tanks are not what it used to be as they are now forced to do kite-tanking and Totem doesn't serve it's purpose in healing Brick when kite-tanking as one constantly need to change positions and proximity. So only workaround is to incorporate healing mechanic to Brick via Fortify Golem to be viable even with kite-tanking.

    Tweaking Totem can also work if they'll give it max range AOE to heal Brick just like every healer's priority heals range.
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  11. Tangent Line Level 30

    As a long standing rage player that has been on the game since early 2014, I don't see this becoming such a pressing issue. We will definitely have to see how things play out in practicality, however I do think rage will still be viable in Elites. I am glad they are finally addressing some of these issues the other tank power sets have because it is nice to see variety in elites and in the game, generally speaking.
  12. spack2k Steadfast Player

    yes but they should since one would either use a pull or a taunt on loadout and never both
  13. spack2k Steadfast Player

    balance goes in both ways, u can balance by taking or balance by adding and since the tank player base is very small it makes more sense to go the adding route.
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  14. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    I'm blown away right now. Is this actually happening or am I dreaming? Are we starting to balance powers/roles
  15. Vindex Active Player

    Totem doesn't serve its purpose doing kite-tanking with Brick. A fast and efficient fix is just to give Fortify Golem a healing mechanic to Brick.
  16. DJ BOSS New Player

    Would be great to increase the strengh of the shields . Im a ice tank , and most of the time my shield get destroy to easily , can u buff the shields .
  17. Templeton Active Player

    There are many concerning comments around here about all tank powers and tanking in general, like 95% of them. But the ones that truly poke the eye are about rage nerf and kiting. Let's make this straight: The ''nerf'' for rage is a slap on the wrist, let's be real here, it was already unrealistic trying to reach 30-50 hit counter in a boss fight where you were kiting, just as only 1 person metioned before, you won't be able to fully benefit from Scar Tissue, in a boss fight, I say it again. You would only reach so many hits on the adds on the hallways. 15 hits is a lot more down to earth even with that 50% cut, because know this, Rage's true power lies in Severe Punishment and correct spec (going full health). Severe Punishment is the most powerful mean of heal/shield in the game, no true nerf has been made here to the elite player, the elite player will thank you for the 15 hit counter while the reg/event will keep on arguing over the ''-50%'' that they weren't even aware of. If you people who praise the Scar Tissue think this is bad I can only imagine your main priority in raids is the first the hit counter and second the mechanics. Can't blame you, reg and event does not bother the player with mechanics, but you're playing here with the future of all tanks in the game, there is elite content out there where if you'd take your time and patience to figure out and enjoy, you'd think it's goofy suggesting Rage to remain untouched and moreover, get the other tank powers to its level, funny.

    Then there is has been years since the revamp has kicked in and tanking took a whole 180 turn (as in it's different, in a good way). You're too late to ask for the tank powers to become the same as they used to be pre revamp, you must adapt to survive, quite literally. If you still couldn't figure out that this is the way they roll now, or you are aware but highly dislike that tank became rather ''bait'' role in the present, then no offense but this it not the role for you. Most of the complaints here are 100% in a scenario where one would face tank, pull and block. You're almost 4 years late people! Of course your ice shields take one shot if you're hugging the bosses, it's not 2015 anymore. Or, that's rich, ''health buff for Brick'' or ''greater heals for Totem'' have you forgotten the fact Earth has 2 ways of tanking? Or you're aware but short on armories so you'd like to stick to one method for any content? When Brick dies too often then it means the fight simply calls for Stone Skin. Stone Skin strenghtens your defense, therefore your shields too. If the fight does call for Brick you use Fortify Golem. It died? shoot! resummon. Clip Brick with a shield, there you have it, the guy is back. Never forget that Earth has most powerful shield in the game, the Gemstone shield. How EASY do you want things to be that you gotta ask for extra health and heals for Brick? You don't see the buffs they're making for Fire but the loss of that 100% damage absortion for dampening field 2.0 aka Immolation, take it this way: While you have Immolation up you're like an Atomic tank with a 35% damage absorbing aura. Isn't that cool? Fire reaches nowadays 230k health, more or less, but lacks defense, SEEK defense, and kite, don't whimper about the fact your favorite tank power ''sucks'' and don't focus on its cons only (in a way that makes you not keep on tanking) but rather in a constructive way. You can't face tank with Fire? Kite, that's the way it is and you're going to accept it, and then, think about how awesome you're going to look when you solo tank as Fire, who the hell does that? Think this through and don't attempt to misdirect devs into thinking nerf for Rage is an absolute mistake. I'm telling you, the day all tank powers will be buffed in the ridiculous way you want them to be, it's the day the game will truly lose its last hope. Let the tank be the hard role, you like it? embrace it, don't try to change it, otherwise you can just play another role, and gaze upon the people who dared to play by the rules even the seemingly broken powers and role, the tank.

    Seriously guys, take your time and carefully watch for your favorite tank power's pluses so you will only have to worry about covering the minuses. I made it happen with a powerset like Atomic, a year ago I used to think it's complete garbage and that it needs high buffs, now I admire the minds behind it and enjoy it's pluses while I combat the minuses the best I can and hell does it work out fine.

    My comment might be taken lightly by most here, so I call out the endgame tanks, to come and speak out for true changes that are needed to be made (if even needed). Leave your thoughts about this, don't let the event/reg runners dictate the future of your power!
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  18. Proxystar #Perception

    I don't agree with putting everything on fortify golem but yes, I think they could singificantly increase the range and overall effectiveness of totem. The only reason I say not to put everything on Fortify Golem is because that might make everything a bit too over powered and less palatible for the developers.
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  19. Jian New Player

    I Atomic Tank all the time and it is my main powerset used for all of the DCUO content. I think the increases for Atomic is a step in the right direction and welcome more changes to Atomic Tanking.
    I don't like feeling like "glass" when tanking any content old or new. I don't like to rely on the Quark-Gluon Aura for every fight in every situation when my secondary shield should be just as good. I'm interested to see how effective the newer tanking artifact is with Atomic defense since the newer content always has a higher damage output.
  20. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    So I originally had a different response to this thread but after reading it I realized it was just a complaint about how weak the tanks in this game here I go stop punishing us for using a natural reaction when u know your taking damage to do this and I see new player doit all the time.they don't believe me when I tell them it's bad 4 them and second we need better damage mitigation cause adds hit way to hard .some in elite hit for 80,000 when artemis has only 120,000 health.only bosses should hit like that and its usually a tank buster move. Love what I see 4 fire since that is my second tank character.
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