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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Batuba, Mar 19, 2020.

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  1. Batuba Developer

    Hello everyone!

    This is the thread for reporting bugs and general feedback for the B.O.P. Commlink.

    B.O.P. Commlink

    When it comes to coordinating her team, Oracle knows communication is key.

    Breakthrough Abilities:
    • Rank 80: Grants Birds' Blitz
      • Birds' Blitz is a new tray ability that applies a Defense debuff and Healing debuff on target for 6 seconds.
    • Rank 80: All controller debuffs now last only 6 seconds while this artifact is equipped.
    • Rank 120: Grants Siphon Weakness (Passive)
      • When you attack a target with all three debuffs on them, you provide a small amount of power to you and your group.
    • Rank 160: Birds' Blitz now also provides Damage debuff on target.
    • Rank 200: Siphon Weakness effectiveness is doubled.
    Developer Notes: the B.O.P. Commlink is designed to free up tray space for you Controllers that want to try out other playstyles.

    First and because it bears repeating, Birds' Blitz applies a Defense, Healing, AND Damage debuff at Rank 160, reducing the tray abilities you need for full debuffs from three to just one. With those two open slots, it is really up to you where you want to go with your playstyle. You could battle troll with more damage, double down on crowd control, or go your own way. It's up to you.

    Second, remember it's unlikely your allies will ever stop begging for more power, so once you have all three debuffs on a target, concentrate your attacks there to capitalize on Siphon Weakness and pump out as much power as you can.

    Recommended Artifact Pairings:
    • Amulet of Rao
    • Claw of Aelkhund
    • Parasite's Power Harness
    • Strategist Card
    We are excited to see where you will take your Controller builds with this artifact, and we are definitely expecting to hear a lot of feedback.

    Thank you!

    • Birds' Blitz does not appear in Stealth Forms
    • Birds' Blitz does not generate Supercharge
    • Expose Weakness grants power to pets (not sure if we mind yet!)
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  2. Jurandyr Ross Well-Known Player

    How much power does it cost to cast the new ability? And what is the cooldown time?

  3. Elusian Crowd Control

    CD is 3 seconds.
    Power Cost: 400 (Base)
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  4. Elusian Crowd Control

    Actual Feedback: Siphon Weakness (SW)

    SW only works with might attacks when Amulet of Rao is in use (multi-target). If Commlink applies the debuffs without Rao on a single target, SW does not give power back on might attacks. Works fine in both cases on Precision attacks.

    Also is it intended that SW gives power back to pets? Description reads for group members specifically. My Sidekick went wild with all the power return from SW :D

    Oh and something else with pets for clarification: Pet damage also triggers the SW passive power return so my Sidekick powers itself with Commlink.
  5. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player

    Confirmed with everything said from post above.

    Can we also have it that SW scale? This reminds me of Restorative White mods for the leg sockets. Power pools are over nearing 100k or over.
  6. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Some issues I'm noticing:
    1. Bird Blitz doesn't generate any supercharge on use.
    2. Bird Blitz can't be equipped on a Stealth bar.
    3. Bird Blitz has tremendous attack range:

    However, you don't get the debuffs.
  7. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Is this intended?

    With all 3 debuffs setup, I'm getting power back from my pet whenever it attacks something.

    EDIT: I have Amulet of Rao equipped.
  8. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Should the visual effects for Bird Blitz appear if you don't have a target? I noticed that unless you have a target in range, the visual effects won't play.
  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    Most of the times ,damage debuff is more useful than heal debuff... So it would be nice of you to put damage debuff at rank 80 instead of healing debuff .
  10. Cyro Committed Player

    Not sure if intended or not but bop doesnt stack with the normal debuff
  11. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    100% intended
  12. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    So the debuffs only apply to 1target???
  13. BorysUSPS New Player

    Yes if you dont use Amulet Of Rao
  14. p3rf3ctxxxdark Well-Known Player

    So then it's fixed because I remember seeing a video where amulet did not apply multi debuffs with commlink
  15. Jay Leon Hart New Player

    With 83,573 Power and the B.O.P. Commlink @ rank 200 Siphon Weakness restores 86-105 Power per tick.
    100 Power moves cost 3,236 Power.
    200 Power moves cost 6,472 Power.
    300 Power moves cost 9,708 Power.
    B.O.P. Commlink as a 400 Power moves cost 12,944 Power.

    Is the Power return so small because it also affects allies?
    If so, can it be made to inversely scale so it's more powerful during Solo/Duo/Alert play?

    I'm torn between wanting to try it with Harness & Amulet on my regular Troll, or with Claw & Tetrahedron on my buffing battle-troll.
  16. spack2k Steadfast Player

    maybe try that with vitalisation instead of the power stat
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  17. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"


    I may repeat some previously mentioned feedback, just take that as reinforcement.
    • I believe the 0 supercharge regeneration & 0 Crowd Control is intended as a tradeoff from the artifact usage
    • When using power tray debuffs they now only last 6 seconds as well despite not using Birds' Blitz. This is evident when the artifact is at 120 and you still need to use the Attack Debuff which should be 12 seconds as it's a normal debuff but when you have the artifact equipped its only 6 seconds. That itself shouldn't be intended as i'm using a regular debuff it should remain 12s
    • The damage of the attack itself is incredibly weak, this artifact is obviously designed with a battle troll concept in mind and at 50k might base it would only be 12-13k base damage, once again if the tradeoff is to have that range of damage that is fine.
    • The main issue with that artifact is that the power provided by Siphon Weakness is much too low. At rank 200 with 20,000 vit which is a full troll build, which defeats the purpose of a battle troll setup the power return was only 100-120 per tick which across the 6s duration added up to only 800ish power and if the artifact isn't at 200 you are not /50% around 400ish power which won't amount to anything in terms of viable power for the group. To make that mechanic viable it needs to be the same strength as a POT tick, which even then only 1 extra POT tick every 6 seconds is low when you think of the 1 million XP it takes to go from 160 - 200 in order to gain the double power return on the mechanic
    Right now the 3 debuffs in 1 is great but to have actual synergy with the Claw artifact and either a buff/battle troll build is the supplement power that you can provide to the group to make up for the limited power return that Claw provides because of no recharge. If B.O.P Commlink actually gave that complimentary power to the group in addition to claw I feel you would have more usage out of the artifact, especially at rank 200, as where it stands now there is no reason whatsoever to level this beyond 160 in its current rendition.
  18. Batuba Developer

    So some updates that should arrive soonish to the test realm:
    • Fixed issue Birds Blitz did not generate Supercharge
    • Fixed issue where Siphon Weakness would not proc on hit, but instead initial cast of an ability (should work much better with DoTs now). Has a 0.5 second internal CD on proc.
    • Fixed issue where Damage debuff sometimes would not take place on target.
  19. Batuba Developer

    1. Was a bug, should be fixed with next build.
    2. Intended. On tool-tip it should say "All Controller debuffs now last 6 seconds" - This is the main drawback of the artifact.
    3. I can look into this.
    4. It was ticking less than intended on PC Test to where it would not tick on DoT damage. Begins to shine more in AoE situations where proc is more consistent.
    Hope that helps answer any questions. I look forward to additional feedback on this artifact once next build goes to PC Test.
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  20. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I think the internal cooldown should be removed to promote the use of it with different weapons. This artifact could be very potent for brawler users
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