GU-47 > Omnipotent Gears...Now more "Omnipotent"?

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  1. BigDaddyDru New Player

    Greetings world of DCUO! Representing the US-PC Hero Server, It's Mr. Competent > BigDaddyDru.

    As a proud owner of all the Omnipotent Gears in the game, I just simply could not help but notice that these Gear Items ALL received a "Buff" after Game Update-47. Essentially, what this means is ALL the Omnipotent Gears are now useful (at least from my testing anyways).

    Allright, so with this Test we see that I have the Mask of Omnipotence Equipped and the rest of my gear being full 100/101 (except my chest, being 99). My entire Gear is Fully VI Expert Moded. With 203 Skill Points, My Equip CR is 115 and I am able to complete the Spark of Parallax Solo in exactly 3 minutes with all these attributes.

    During this Video, we see that I now have ALL Omnipotence Gears Equipped (Mask of Omnipotence, Pendant of Omnipotence, Both Rings of Omnipotence & Helm of Omnipotence) in replacement of each of the previous 100/101 Piece from the above Video. It is important to note that Although my Equipped CR dropped from 115 to 112, my stats took a dramatic jump.

    My OP Helm and Both OP Rings were Unmodded and my OP Neck did not have the Escalating Might V Neck Mod during this Video. Everything else remained the same. Despite all this supposed "Nerf", I was still able to almost match my 115 Performance from the above Video (lacking by only 2 seconds) during the Spark of Parallax Solo.

    We see here that I have equipped Lower and Weaker CR Gears than the above Video, but because they are OP Gears, their immense stats easily make up the difference. We see in this Video that my performance has actually improved and would really be vastly better than the above Video had I modded the OP Gears appropriately.

    In this Final Test Video, I removed my Mask of Omnipotence Face and kept all Gears the same as the 1st Video. Doing so resulted in my Equipped CR dropping to 109. My Performance in the Spark of Parallax Solo was definitely noticeably worse than BOTH of the above Videos, completing the Instance at about 10 seconds later than the 1st Video.

    And this performance was JUST with my OP Face Removed (The Face is the WEAKEST piece of Gear on your Character and 1 of the LEAST Weighted Items for Combat Rating).

    So, this leads me to my final question for the Developers > With Update 47, do you all intend to make the Omnipotent Gears an Exception to the CR rule in that these gear pieces will Scale with your character regardless of their Item Levels?

    Honestly if you do, that would be AWESOME! It would actually make the Omnipotent Gears, actually "Omnipotent". This will make these Gears much more attractive and sought after by players. They will also be "obsolete-proof" since they always scale with your Character.

    Also, having these gears Equippable in PVP Arenas would make them even more "Omnipotent". These Gears have all the Stats (including Toughness), so why not make them more Omnipotent by having them Equippable in BOTH PVE & PVP?

    Just some curious questions Daddy has about the Omnipotent Gears after Update-47 Dropped. Some answers would be immensely appreciated!

    Thanks again for all that you do. ;)
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  2. blklightning New Player

    This is from my OP neck, before and after GU47


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  3. Benn 10 Committed Player

    Yeah me and a few mates was wondering about this. A response from a green name would be awesome. :) Intended or naw?
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  4. X-zero Loyal Player

    Think it may be a glitch in the automatic system based on the type of gear. Like how 94 raid gear has some superior stats to 97 vendor gear just because it is classified as raid gear.

    If it is intentional then glad I keep my prime helm.
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  5. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I think its meant for you to only have 1 or 2 pieces of OMNI gear on. Not all. Having 1 or 2 pieces does not reduce CR dramatically thus helping you rather than harming you.
  6. Schimaera Devoted Player

    I just parsed a bit with OP items on the sparring targets and I lost DPS due to the CR drop the older OP items cause.
  7. Creton Active Player

    It would be nice if the CR scaled with the piece so you do not lose any CR. Like if you had a 100 Neck piece then the OP Neck piece auto defaults to 100, and if you got a 101 it would up it to 101.
  8. TheAkuma Well-Known Player

    Yea we noticed this last night. My 100 cr gear actually gives me less Vit and Dom than the 94 cr gear.