Dev Discussion GU 22: New Artifact - The Clarion

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Ranmaru, Mar 8, 2022.

  1. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    I fear this artifact is going to end up like Demon Fang. A novelty artifact for alerts but not useful for raids. =(
  2. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Why is that?

    The clarion is working as intended and seems to be performing well. The only thing a bit weird from feedback is the way it targets healing. If that were to get adjusted than the artifact would be perfect. You wanted it to heal all 8 members. Others have tried explaining to you why that would make it overpowered. We don’t need every new artifact to be a mandatory artifact to get. This does what it was meant to do extremely well and is proving to find more uses than its intended purpose.
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  3. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I use the demon fang on my electric healer (hybrid spec, not battle healing) during raids, to keep my power bar filling up, paired with transformation and purple ray. I have no issues keeping people alive with such setup, and I feel replacing purple with Clarion (when maxed), will only produce better results:
    1 the extra shield (which I only have flux on my loadout),
    2 the extra healing (which I've run on a tank/resto build at 160 and gotten great results in 8 man groups)
    3 the extra damage will help, even if by only seconds, to eliminate adds wicker, as well as the boss.

    Not that I "try" to "DPS" as a raid healer, but with my current setup vs what this will add, is only beneficial to healing output. Sure, there are various ways to produce great results, and this artifact is certainly not for 'every' play style, or "meta," but for certain styles, it'll help.
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  4. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Last night, it didn't prioritize me with the shield, so I'm apparently lucky that in previous runs it did, so having that adjusted will be great to prioritize the user.
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  5. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    That’s all some players want to play. This artifact has many viable builds possible. One of the more important ones for some players will be a survival build. Not everyone likes group content and does most content solo. Bounty hunter builds will love this. Prec players will also be able to still put up good numbers while helping a solo healer in harder content. Tanks as well. Battle builds aren’t my favorite but in an elite duo, sure. Elite alert, yeah also viable. And again, a solo heal in elite can easily replace their 3rd choice with this and not worry about the added damage aspect and concentrate solely on the healing aspects of it and do just as well as a trans or orb user. Like 20 of us tested it and we all found great uses for it and praise the hell out of it. No it isn’t meta but there isn’t a meta 3rd artifact for healing or tanking. Just the 2 for each so having yet another 3rd option is awesome.
  6. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    1) why do I think this artifact will be like demon fang
    Everyone that I have spoken to that heals elite raids has no intention of using this artifact. Nice in theory but like demon fang will not deliver. Not going to replace the page, purple healing ray, EOG.

    2) Healing people will be mega OP.
    I respectfully disagree with you. Healers being able to heal people in itself does not make an artifact OP. Are you worried all 8 people I. The raid will be running the artifact? Only way to know for sure though would be to test it. Would have been nice if we could have tested it on test server but that ship has sailed.

    3) I want an artifact that is functional
    I want a artifact that is functional in alerts and raids. I feel that you intentionally want this artifact to under perform. Why I do not know. Perhaps you are very worried about artifacts being to strong? Perhaps you do not want to many people using it? If players are going to invest the $200 to level up this artifact it should be good enough to justify it.

    4) This artifact will be mandatory
    I do not see that happening. Even with 8 person heals I do not see it replacing EOG, Page, PHR. Most healers prefer to heal and do not focus on damage. While I do not expect it to do the job of any of these other artifacts. It does need to be good enough at what it does to justify using it. Otherwise we will see in LFG “ looking for EOG nonClarion healer” for elite raid.

    These are my opinions and not meant to start a argument. Over all I appreciate the Dev team trying to make new artifacts and trying to make a battle heal style possible. I like the idea of this artifact. Which is why I want it to succeed.
  7. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    if if page works for you its still broke for Celestial
    for me sadly its trans, strat ,purple
    Trans, purple, and now clarion
  8. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I'm sorry but you are wrong. Healing 8 players constantly with no downside will make the artifact OP. The group heal heals 4 players yet its viable. So why does this healing 4 players not make it good? This artifact is perfectly viable as is. It was intended for battle healing which is where it shines. However it performs so well that it is finding a place in regular healing and trolling in the state that it is right now. This means that this would over perform if it were to heal 8 players.

    I have a genuine question. Have you ACTUALLY tested this artifact? Have YOU seen the numbers this heals? This artifact has actually good heals when paired with a weapon that can take advantage of the cooldown between healing ticks.

    As for not replacing page, purple, or EoG. Why not? Purple at this point can be replaced pretty easily with the amount of things that increase your power regen. Even with a buff troll. You have cyborg, and BWL to regen power. Out side of the power back what does the purple do that is so irreplaceable? The HoT when you fill up the bar? The clarion can do that without needing to fill any bar. The shield that it places on yourself and one other person? Clarion can put a shield on 4 players at a time. So what can it do that the clarion can not do?
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  9. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Is it broken broken for celestial or is it just cutting the range down but still working? I know 2 celestial healers that are still running it. I had informed them about the “don’t switch roles right away” issue and they’ve just been doing that since I told them. I did also tell them that there’s a range issue but neither has said anything about it. I’ll remember to ask this weekend.
  10. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Is test not up still? It was on test for awhile and it went thru a few changes so in the end, we really only got a week to test it as is but everyone was very happy with it. Once the priority aspect of it is handled, timing the shield will become second nature and you can then put a hard light strength shield on 4 players and your powersets 4 person shield on the others. This is one aspect people seem to be missing, our shields go to the 4 players with the lowest health bar and this goes to the 4 full ones. That’s pretty easy to manipulate imo.

    Phr is a good artifact. One that can easily be replaced by this especially if you’re a powerset that can run hybrid. On test, I was critting 30k heals on a toon that’s nowhere near as strong as my main. That’s a much better hot than phr gives. And using phr for prio is a giant waste. That shield is meh and that’s the only reason to use prio for it. Power back is great when there’s no troll whatsoever but even a buff troll can keep a good healer powered up enough in a decent group that isn’t completely ignoring mechanics.

    Healing 8, nah. Not needed. We barely ever have heals that hit 8 targets and we’ve made it this far. Page already turns a 4 to 6. Pancakes don’t care how many are on it. But almost every power has a cap to the amount of players it heals. This is cranking out heals, in a 30 sec span, it will heal 8 players. It just won’t hit 8 every second. But it’s not like it picks 4 players to heal and only heals them for the entire raid. It bounces around to whoever needs the healing.

    Even if test is down, it will be back up soon enough. Play around with it, you’ll change your opinion. I don’t believe we’ve even stumbled into it’s greatest potential setup yet. We’re all thinking inside the box still. Like of course pairing it with healer artifacts makes it work great. But now, what can we replace so that we can do some crazy stuff? Which powersets work best with it? For now, I know a few but still have more than half of them to try out. It’s been like a week, I wouldn’t dismiss it so quickly imo.
  11. LoganCaron Active Player

    Ive read that there seem to be something wrong with the Strategist Art..and yeah i seem to be doing less that true or its just me loll
  12. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Trans card is having weird issues. Which in turn will affect Strat because there’s less triggers for it. So if you’re using both, that’s probably what you’re seeing/ feeling.
  13. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    according to the thread its still broken I have honestly just quit using it so I couldn't tell you with certainty how badly but the latest updates to the thread are in the last week
  14. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Ok Devs: I decided to feed an artifact into this one (one that was connecting dust) to get it to 200. This is on my Rage character still (gonna have to wait till double artifact xp to top it off my healer).

    I've got 100 into resto for the particular build I've been using it with, hybrid, in tank role, DW-Flurry.
    At rank 200, Clarion, IMPRESSIVE! The shield strength is noticeably better, and the heals are doubled, awesome.

    Little testimonial:
    I decided to just random Q TSDr, as a dps. Got to the forge master and we wiped twice. Everyone agreed we needed another tank, and more heals. So, I decided to switch to my Clarion loadout and see what happened. Boss kept focus primarily on me, my own mitigation coupled with this, was great!
    At the end of the raid (2 boss fights) I had just over 5 million in healing out (roughly 2.5M per boss) which was enough to compensate for the extra healing needed for the group (and shielding).

    So my final feedback on this (for Rage build) is GREAT JOB! It's not over-powered, and it's not weak. The rank 200 bonus is definitely the sweet spot. I am, however, hoping that the prioritization of the user gets added, but even without it, it's still a great addition to the game!
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  15. LoganCaron Active Player

    Tkx for the earth dps using Trans..Stat and Solar...all maxed out...what should i use instead until its fixed? Btw i use 3 iconic powers loll i know that dosent help with damage too..but i was doing fine before i notice less damage im doin now loll
  16. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Depends what you’ve got. They’ll be fixed shortly, they’re literally on it now. Strat should be fine just less effective due to the trans card. That you should slot out for anything with decent stats since even the base stats seem to not be working in new content. EoG would be a decent substitute or grim. Really any dps stat one
  17. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    The transformation card may have been autocorrected, caused by server latency, a patch might have corrected it, or a number of things: but the issue hasn't been able to be duplicated again, so for is safe to say it appears to be working correctly.
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  18. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Couple questions if you don't mind:
    1st, the gifted Clarion, was it meant to not be account bound?

    2nd. If it is not meant to be able to be traded to account characters, that means I have 2 on one character now. So I'm curious if I were to level up both of them, would they work together coordinately/stack (get heals/shields from both), or would one cancel out the other?
  19. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    They should not stack and if they do than not intended so not worth leveling them both up.
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  20. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    A perfect example of 'not checking the fine print' lol. I figured since it was a gift, it would've been account bound, but not everything is.

    Do you know by chance, what would be the highest precision boosting artifact available? I've not done a "precision" setup (except battle healer). So I'm considering options for increasing damage with this setup, since survival is not an issue.