GU 102 & St. Patrick's Day Seasonal Event

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    St. Patrick's Day Seasonal Event

    Mister Mxyzptlk is back this year to taunt Metropolis with his riches! Look for “Mxyleprechauns!” in your Mission Journal, and speak to Mister Mxyzptlk in your HQ.

    New Feats!
    • That Feeling Something's Off
    • Dressed to Perplex
    • Jynxed! You owe me an… umbrella?
    For 2020, Mister Mxyzptlk has new base and style items! Start now before your luck runs out! Level Requirement: 10

    The event begins March 12, 2020, and ends March 26, 2020.



    Nintendo Switch Small Install

    As of today, the download required for DC Universe Online on Nintendo Switch is now substantially smaller (decreasing to about 16gb). Additionally, the game's movies and motion comics will be removed from the initial download and made available separately in a free, optional Cinematics Pack DLC (about 2gb).

    Because this is an optimization adjustment to the base game, all players will be required to re-download the game. This can happen in two ways depending on where your specific space limitations.
    • If you have installed DCUO onto an SD card with at least 12gb of available, free space, the game will automatically download a patch that will essentially reinstall the base game.
    • If you have not installed DCUO onto an SD card or you do not have 12gb of free space, you will need to manually uninstall the game and then initiate the download for the new installation.
    Why? Even though we are reducing the installation size dramatically, with the way NS patching works, the new patch must download completely before any changes can be made. This means you will need enough space for the current (large) installation and space for the new patch to patch automatically, which is significant since so many files are being changed.

    When in doubt, the easiest way forward is to manually uninstall and then reinstall. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you will enjoy the free space.
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  2. Ekart Committed Player

    Mepps why is the style stuff again not account bound? Atleast the accesory. This is just at the point of being ridiculous.

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  3. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Oh wow, I need that rain cloud for my Nature Healer!
  4. Stoopid Witch New Player

    hey mepps, so if i miss my daily marks on all my alts couse of login issues, are you gonna reset me for free?
  5. DeitySupreme Dedicated Player

    I didn’t have any issue logging in. Have you checked your internet?
  6. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    EUPS. bit buggy. on two characters, accepted the Fool & His Gold mission, & it didn't show up in my journal. in both cases, found it in the "Hidden" tab. on several characters, getting stuck in the pick up animation for the coins & not being able to pull out of it until someone else comes along & hits the chest, or! in the case of when you've completed the chest, the only way to get out of it seems to be to warp to the nearest rally point. aaaand. . .Exploration mission not registering / completing properly. you fly to each of the points, Statue, talk to Myx, Planet, talk to Myx, City Hall, talk to Myx, Art Museum, talk to Myx, go into journal to complete mission, & it's telling you to go back to the Daily Planet to talk to Myx. so, go back to Planet, talk to Myx, get sent back to City Hall, talk to Myx, then Art Museum again, talk to Myx again, & then it completes. that happened to me on two different characters.
  7. Gonadicles New Player

    Yup, on all my toons (10 total), none could do the superman statue mission after the first day, even if they went to the statue and initiated the conversation. I'm not sure if that was intentional or a bug, but regardless, it limits the total amount of currency you can get to 8 a day for collecting the 23 coins. That's not good.
  8. Irvynnge Dedicated Player

    the Exploration mission's been switched from a daily to a weekly. that's why you're getting 14 coins for it, instead of the usual 2.
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  9. mrcheap Well-Known Player

    Thank goodness that is a massive QOL improvement.
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  10. Walvine Well-Known Player

    To fix the general audio issue when activating this seasonal mission and the pots of gold when playing multiple characters , Goto settings audio then set voice audio bar to 0 for a more relaxing gaming session ;) no more artwork sanitary comments from that little goblin.
  11. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    I like the inverted rainbow base items. But... are there normal non-inverted rainbow base items I can get anywhere in the game?
  12. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Name's a little confusing. Inverse is regular, Inverse Upside Down is upside down. (if that's what you meant)
  13. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Inverse means backward. Tabby's looking for a traditional Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet ordered rainbow. The order on these rainbows are inverted Violet Blue Green Yellow Orange Red, one upside down and the other right side up.
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  14. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Basically inverse light scatter through droplets in our atmosphere into your eye the curve is actually projecting horizon of earth's atmosphere like a prism where each layer density can re scatter the light and project multiple rainbows , The changes in electromagnetic spectrum can alter rainbow colour bands drastically on othere planets atmosphers the unrefractive colour bands are what tell scientists which planets have what elements in real life ,You can often spot inversion rainbow during triple or double rainbow , like

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