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  1. ZestyGreen New Player

    how can i get items to make my character more like green lantern
  2. ZestyGreen New Player

    please help
  3. Prodigy_Deity New Player

    Go to the guide section and there is a thread for how to look like a green lantern and yellow lantern.
  4. Delta795 New Player

    If you want to look the part there are a few items you can pick up.
    Sinestro Bands that drop in the duo
    Guy Gardner Vest (can't remember where it drops)
    Sector agent / Sector Incendiary armor drops in multiple FFL instances
    Tertiary slimline pants (allows you feet area green without looking like a boot)
    Reverse slimline top
    Alan Scotts feet wraps

    These are a few that I have found (I hate the hoodie) that I mix and match usually I go with:
    full domino mask (looks like my avatar)
    Guy Gardner top
    Sinestro Bands
    Clasped belt
    tertiary slimline legs
  5. petvpets New Player

    Nah dude, wear whatever you want but you need a green aura.

    Probably be a good idea to ask for a green aura in a new thread though. Dont want to de rail this one.
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  6. Delta795 New Player

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  7. Remander Steadfast Player

    It's a reward for the Emotional Spectrum Briefings.
  8. ZestyGreen New Player

    where can i find green aura
  9. Fearlantern77 Well-Known Player

    You can't they developers haven't implemented it into the the game yet, except for the npcs. They got Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Gold, Violet, White auras in the game currently. There gonna add blue lanterns in the future at a later date. So there might be a blue or red Light power set down the road.
  10. SparkmanX Committed Player

    It has taken me a long time to accept that there is no green aura. Even when i was tempted to buy skin to simulate cosmic green aura, but then I repent, and do not want to spend my money on something I do not know if it will work.
    My character has used many styles of Green Lanterns, but here I leave the most frequent.

    Chest: Reverse slimline.
    hands: Dr. Fate.
    shoulders: sharpshooter
    face: Oan mask, or full-domino.
    legs: stalwart defender
    feet stalwart defender
    logo: justice league (because; you are not a REAL green lanter, but you are part of the justice league, and that is ok for me)

    weapons: green energy market.
    I use brawling, but as I like to see the bright ring, do not use the style of arms.

    If you want to do a Sinestro New 52, you only need to put in the hand: sinestro banded (and use bright green for the hand)
  11. Baryon Boy New Player

    Male characters have it so much easier coming up with a Lantern costume. On female characters Reverse Slimline is this like armless latex leotard unzipped down to the belly, and most of the other tights-type tops don't have patterns that work well for a Lantern. I ended up going with the High Collar top which means there's only a little green at the top of my costume, it's almost all black:


    I also bought the Green Energy Weapons pack, and have been using the staff from it. It looks great in motion, switching fluidly from that to claws or a minigun and back to staff. :)
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  12. Lynx Committed Player

    I dont have a screenshot, but when I tried making a lantern character I ended up using the turtle emblem colored white and green. It's no lantern logo, but it's close - besides, if you go with an alien-esque character you can stretch the concept to say that maybe the logo you're wearing is from that species' homeworld or something =P
  13. Toshknight Loyal Player

    This is the perfect Green lantern Costume
  14. Toshknight Loyal Player

    Streak Slimline Chest
    Territary Legs
    Stalwart Boots
    Dr Fate Gloves.... Closest to standard white gloves there are... cause there just isnt any
    or Sinestro corp Gloves
    Moon emblem all white

    Color Codes
    Green 074c2a
    White White
    Black/blueish 000800 it can very

    email me if you have any questions
  15. Toshknight Loyal Player

    Yellow Lantern is even cooler, easier as female
  16. Baryon Boy New Player

    I went a little different with my yellow ring bearer (not technically a Sinestro Corps member):


    I've had that look for a while though, I should go through my new styles and see if I can freshen it up.