Green Lantern styles?

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  1. NoobThenPro Member

    Can anyone please list all the GL styles there is in the game, also are there any briefing rewards that give GL styles? Ty
  2. Jafin Well-Known Member

    Gardner Chest style.
    Sinestro's Banded Gauntlets.
    I think that's actually all there is. The only style reward I know of that is remotely connected to GL is the Ferris Aircraft Hoody that you get from the Coast City alert investigations.

    (I could be wrong though so anyone with more info feel free to correct me)
  3. Oel Em Well-Known Member

    Well there is also Sector Agent and Sector Incindiary (Green and Yellow Lantern) that drops from all of the Lantern alerts.
  4. SuperSoldier Well-Known Member

    "Kyle Rayner's" Oan Tech Mask (Face Style) is also a rare drop from the Coast City Alert.
  5. songs New Member

    green lantern hoodie from the vault and light battery pack and gauntlets from oan science cells
  6. Fearlantern77 Active Member

    Like the others stated above there's Guy Gardner chest, Sinestro gauntlets, Sector agent, Sector incendiary, and here's more Kyle Rayner Oan tech mask, ryut shoulders from Atrocitus, also Vice Sector 13 drops too from the Red Lanterns. Krona Energy back and gloves drop at Oa. The briefing for the FFTL on the Hero It side drops gardner chest & on the villains It's Evil Star helmet. Which you can get fighting him.
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  7. Delta795 Well-Known Member

    This^^^ Plus add Allen Scott's wrapped treads.

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