Green Aura????

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Dominic Omega, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. TrueMarvel New Player

    If you truly believe I was serious. You truly have absolutely no understanding of sarcasm
  2. cravex15 New Player

    While your at it how about making the light power colors open to both factions? I want my villain character to have green light power because it suits with what I have created for him. Ive had him all set up still at lvl 3 forever now and wont play him cuz I'm not happy with his light color. It doesn't fit him.
  3. Talve Committed Player

    Well being a yellow lantern is all about creating fear in your opponents. And what else can be more effective "then being afraid to get t-bagged by xX ChildCrusher Xx".
    I know i am. :>
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  4. nevadafenix395 New Player

    With regards to the whole "DC Injustice has green auras" thing, and as far as I see it...

    Netherrealm AND DC are both owned by Warner Bros. Hence, cross-company stuff like that goes through Time Warner's approval, which seems to be a bit more lenient. Since DCUO is still SOLELY under DC's branch of WB, DC can allow or forbid specific aspects from being used as they see fit, and with more strict standards than is the case when crossing brands/branches.
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  5. Agnetta Dedicated Player

    doesnt make sense. why can we have gold auras but not green?

    "its too much like the real green lantern" huh?

    dc doesnt want us looking like real dc characters

    because the dark specter batsuit looks nothing like batman right?

    not to mention the numerous vault items displaying the actual logos of real dc characters
  6. Agent Flores Well-Known Player

    I find this funny as hell. I like DeadMeats response. Also those who quote me I only made a assumption. Sorry if you are offended.
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  7. Faust74 Loyal Player

    TOLD YA! :cool:
  8. Comixfan New Player

    Nothing about your post implied sarcasm. If you want people to see that you're being sarcastic, you need to communicate that intent better.
  9. Rebelyon New Player

    Oh gosh, Emerald and Jade auras will be much too close to being Green Aura but Gold is definitely not a Yellow aura. Ok... so Metallic colors are different...

    Titanium aura anyone? :D

    As for tea bagging type shenanigans... Seems like everyone forgets about Guy Gardner...


    Nuff said... DC is overprotective for a colored aura within a DC game... Deadmeat just proved it with his reply
  10. Ilunis New Player

    Just posting this for others to see my sig. I will do this in every "gimme green aura nao" post until this forum, and game, dies.
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  11. Comixfan New Player

    Because DC permitted a gold aura for player use in DCUO.

    Again, DC permitted the use of iconic logos on hoodies, but did not give permission for them to be utilised in game as emblems. Their properties, their rules.
  12. Dee Pius New Player

    After reading what has been said about this issue in this thread and in others about the fabled green aura, I say why not make an off-green Aura, and call it Emerald.

    The one that semi-matches Sinestros Yellow, is called "Gold", make an off-Green called "Emerald". Everyone's happy, especially Nature toons. Lol
  13. Sionn New Player

    They better get on with copyrighting the color green. Oh, they can't. Then they better start suing other comic publishers for having characters with green auras, because they're out there.

    I would want a green aura for a non-lantern character. A greenish sparkly aura different from the solid colors would be just fine.
  14. TrueMarvel New Player

    Will someone pleased inform comicfan that he is on my ignore. Communication with trolls is bad for my health and IQ level
  15. Oel Em New Player

    People dressed as batman, superman, every marvel toon, using rings, using auras....all are teabagging while resembeling their favorite heroes. So the "not" a green lantern arguement, while funny, is invalid. I understand the IP portion and am rather sure there is a ton more to the issue than any of us players will ever know and I am ok with that. Bottome line is, you are not getting it, so move along now...nothing to see here.
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  16. Kurokei New Player

    How about a teal or turquoise auras?

    IP? xx child smasher xx? teabagging character? I'm not following. o_O
  17. Sionn New Player

    So, yeah. Teabagging in Legends AS an actual Green Lantern that is named xxChild Smasherxx is so much better. That doesn't make any sense at all.
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  18. Ankh_Legacy Dedicated Player

    This has gone along way even with DeadMeat giving an official word this, which was much like what I and others said.

    Sadly those who didnt understand before still dont and i doubt ever will. All they see is what they want and can not fathom any reason from not getting it. People put in thier own logic aswell as sarcasm to show they are right and should have these things but none of that matters the official word is NO. So lets just move on and go play the game or more likely find something else to complain about.
  19. Kurokei New Player

    I understand there's copyright problem. I'm just not getting the internet lingo being used here. IP, xx child crusher xx, and teabagging.
  20. Laff Riot New Player

    It is funny. Doesnt matter what the devs seem to say but people wont seem to listen. DC COMICS said no and that means SOE has to listen. Doesnt matter if its something as stupid as not allowing us to have green auras. I am not against having emblems or green auras but DC Comics said no and they dont have to give a reason to their decision on it.
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