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    Along with alot of the heros and villans that are ledgend characters, i think the Green Arrow would be an awesome legends character because who doest like fighting with the bow?? yes there are some but i love pvping with the bow, its so un used and thats why i like it, people dont know or expect what your going to do and its awesome, and thats why io think GREEN ARROW should be put in as a legends character.

    Your opinions, ideas, likes, dislikes ect idc just share.
    Also what should his moves be like?
    Super charge no super charge??
  2. The Enquirer Steadfast Player


    This isn't a new topic around here. Green Arrow is one of the most demanded characters in Legends PvP.

    Odds are the moveset will be a lot of acrobatics moves with a couple of stuns in it. I can't see how a supercharge would work with the character though.
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  3. DaiKaiJu New Player


    Serious note, this is old request. Deathstoke, Green Arrow, F;ash/Zoom are few of the most called for characters people would like in DC legends.....

    There are more, but all in good time my man.
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  4. Eminence Dedicated Player

    Hes coming, "soon"
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  5. BoneyweenPvP New Player

    I still want a flash/gorilla grodd DLC bad. Perfect good/evil story arc, mental/gorilla for is there already, super speed and electricity is already there, throw in some central city content/expand the zone a little bit and boom! Take my $10
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