Gravity defying movement

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  1. Ghostof91 New Player

    I thought about how Darkseid's and Martian Manhunter movement was and was amazed by the fact that they both defies gravity.

    Can there be a such?
    These icons were the inspiration of the movements below:

    Superman/ Wonder woman - Flight

    Flash/Cheetah- Superspeed

    Batman/Grodd- Acrobat

    Would this work at all....
  2. NexGenX New Player

    Wait.... WHAT?! I don't really know if you're trolling but I kinda wish that you are so I could have a good laugh.

    The ability of flight IS defying gravity. Meaning both Superman and Wonder Woman ALSO defy gravity.
  3. Ghostof91 New Player

    Troller Nahh, A friend of mines just dared me to post this because we had a discussion about supermans flight and other Dc characters way of flight.
  4. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Maybe what you're really asking is, if we can get different animations for movement powers.

    Like Superspeed WITHOUT the bolts, Acrobatics without zip-lines, Flight without throwing your fist forward the whole time.... Alternative "Styles" of the movement modes. It would be a good Marketplace seller for sure.
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  5. Gwalir Loyal Player

    If you're meaning having Gravity Defiance as a movement mode, I don't believe it would be distinct enough from Flight to warrant it. After all, Flight is already defying gravity by it's nature, so how would Gravity Defiance be different?
  6. Ghostof91 New Player

    I had levitation- afloat in mind. Maybe your right it would be to similiar.:p
  7. NexGenX New Player

    Lol it must have been a dare. But if you're comparing different kinds of flight using Superman and other characters, remember that levitation can just be hovering, which most fliers in the DCU can achieve. Its not enough on its own to be a seperate movement. Seeing as to how I can just tap "F" and levitate or defy gravity :p
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