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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tsavorentless, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    When your keyboard dies right when you're putting a ticket to leb n u press x selling it for 139k instead 139 mill which was gnna be cheap anyway. Right when I was putting the Zeros.

    I was excited because I couldn't open the new tc's because I got laid off right before Xmas.

    Woulda really helped but that went down the drain. :(
  2. Zneeak Devoted Player

    If it makes you feel any better, you sure made somebody else's day. Lol. I feel for you, though.
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  3. Zoe· Favored of Olympus

    Same thing happened to me with the scorching chroma material. I feel your pain.
  4. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Ya I know overall just really disappointed becuase it really woulda helped and I only have 10 mill after buying the puff of collection.
    I don't have either style and missing one of the one enhanced emblems. I really believe in karma so I try n give to other people. I'm really hoping that it's a person that needed it because that would really make it feel worse.
  5. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    What emblem?
  6. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    There should be something that makes like a double confirm or something for rare items. You have no idea how excited I got then blah.

    This is my 4 the month back and it's been a battle to get arts and sp back to top level so I'm still missing alot of tc collection feats.

    This stuff really makes it hard to catch up. Overall the the time capsule feats I knew were gnna be hard only had 3 done.

    Overall I'm 284 full elite with 474 n 4 200 arts. You don't realize how hard it was the get the old stuff done. Anyway I'd prolly be 490 something. I'm missing 31 seasonal and like 13 sp in TCS and the old op collections I'm having issues

    If anyone got it please let me know you needed it so I don't feel sick to my stomach .
  7. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Missing the enhanced blackhawk. Style missing chest hands n legs . Enhanced style only got legs. Really loved the haha so only collection I got done

    Been busting my **** to get something worth money to buy the stuff.
  8. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    PM your ingame name
  9. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    A by product of high inflation unfortunately. The need to pad the extra digits leads to complications.

    Happens with real countries, where inflation is rampant. Store clerks mis marking zeros,; a loaf of bread that should be 50 mil local currency is 5 mil.
  10. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    My in game name is Tsavorentless.
  11. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    Check ur mail
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  12. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Ty very much. I really appreciate it. There's not much kindness In the game today. Ty u really didn't have to. Got me 60 feat points with n emblem that clearly is around 15 mill. Just caring about someone else's feeling makes me feel better somewut . Again. Ty
  13. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Again thanx everyone.

    I was able to finish my emblems and the reg enshadowed style .

    I already have laughing accessory. I woulda got most of the collections but another time. A friend gave me like 30 dark electrum so I was able to finish the reg style too.

    I'm down all the collections for the thang head and combat aura and I just need the enhanced chest n head . Thanx again guys.
  14. tinoman Dedicated Player

    I just wasted my og arctic mat. I was putting a forge mat in my alts inventory from shared bank and i thought i did. But, apparently it was a og arctic i grabbed. I equipped it instantly because i thought it was a forge. I'm sad. Wasted $. And it was on a Gadgets alt lol. I feel for you. BTW its the dude that was tanking for max absorption feat we got a couple weeks ago.
  15. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    Rip, I did that with my fire alt with my spare arctic aura, was trying to move it to the bottom of my inventory.

    Materials and auras ought to have a confirmation screen (non chromas don’t have confirmation)
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  16. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

    I lowkey feel bad reading your story considering I see 30-40 mistakes a day in the broker when I'm refreshing and buying things. You've been around on the forums for a bit since I recognize your name so if you need something <=100mil, just DM me.
  17. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Tried messaging you but ur not online.

    I love ur sig. My tattoos are set up like that joker. Also have a t-shirt of it. My fav character was lantern but after that joker he's number 2.

    More then anything it was gone in 60 secs like Randall Raynes. Still the next day feel like I'ma throw up.
  18. Gro Level 30

    After posting an OG Blue plasmic aura for 1$ I have greatly slowed down my clicking and moving in the broker. Happens to everyone once I think.
  19. Reinheld Devoted Player

    That sucks. I dumped a Red plasmic for 8 mil vs 80mil the same way(a few years ago..would be 1 Bil now). This is why I almost always list everything with different numbers for the different digit instead of 80000000 which is easily mistaken with 8000000, I should have listed as 80111222. Not much different in price but way easier to see a missed digit.

    What's hilarious is when you list something high end and immediately see the 'you have mail' come know you f'd up as soon as you see it....either $1 sale or just a missed digit....someone scooped it up.


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