Gotham Time Capsule and Quark Vendor Recap

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  1. Trexlight Loyal Player

    So looking at the livestream I grabbed the prices for the Auras that were shown. For those who haven't watched the Livestream you can find it below:

    For those that dont want to watch (watch it) here are the notes from it. Please note, not perfect in math so some info might be wrong and if it is I apologize and I'll fix it when I can.

    Gotham Time Capsules:
    Gear Sub-Capsule - Beyond Gear (Max Item Level
    Regular Gear and Enhanced Style Plans
    Batman Beyond inspired style

    Emblem Sub-Capsule - Gotham Villians
    Blue: Bane, Scarecrow, Ras Al Ghul, Riddler
    Purple: Man-Bat, Catwoman
    Gold: Harley Quinn, Batman Rebirth

    3 New Auras from 3 Collections (Do note these are guesses on which the Collections are tied to Auras)
    Energy Vortex - T.O. Morrow Trophies
    "Riddle Me This" - Riddling Wringers
    Sandstorm - Kahndaqi Clues

    Box of Thugs - New Henchmen Trinket (Choose which Henchmen Trinket you want. Drops when opening Main Capsule)
    Henchmen Trinket - Joker Goons
    Henchmen Trinket - Riddler Goons

    - All Time Capsules, previous and current, will give Quarks.
    - A minimum of 10 Quarks is guaranteed when opening a Time Capsule and 10 Quarks in the Sub-Capsules as a choice in the loot picker window. So you're looking at a possible 20 Quarks in a Time Capsule. There is a chance of having more than 10 Quarks in a Time Capsule. The increments are random and maxes out at 100 Quarks.

    Quarks Vendor:
    - Items on this Vendor are not found in any Time Capsules
    - This Vendor Only uses Quarks for its Currency
    - These items have NO Feats except the Resplendent Cache

    Tactical Mods Box - (Price undetermined)
    - All Mods wrapped in one box
    - When opening a Box you'll have two choices of Mods to choose from in the Loot Picker Window that correlate to your Power. A Fire player will only see Fire Tactical Mods etc.
    - Water Tactical Mods will be added

    Training Supply Kit - (Price undetermined)
    - 3 XP Boosters
    - Bombardier Gear Box (Random Piece of Gear that scales to current Episode Gear. Style is Avatar Bombardier)
    - 12 Soder Cola Ultimate

    Bombardier Gear Box - (Price undetermined)
    - Scales to Current Episode Gear
    - Avatar Bombardier Style
    - When opening the Box, you have a choice of which Piece you want to get

    Crafting Supply Kit - (Price undetermined)
    - 20 Complex Materials
    - 60 Simple Materials

    Compound Omega Cache - (Price undetermined)
    - 5 Compound Omega Soders

    Materials - (Price undetermined)
    Note: Stealth and Opalescent Materials no longer hide the lining and design of gear.
    - Stealth Material
    - Blue Smoke Material (this one hides the design of gear)

    Auras - (Price listed on each piece, Prices Subject to Change)
    Energy Cell Aura - First Sectional Auras in the game and are Account Bound
    - Feet (420 Quarks)
    - Hands (630 Quarks)
    - Head (420 Quarks)
    - Head, Hands, Feet Combo (840 Quarks)
    - Head, Hands Combo (630 Quarks)
    - Hands, Feet Combo (630 Quarks)
    - Right Hand (630 Quarks)

    Resplendent Cache - New Premium Item (Price undetermined but said to be the highest cost item)
    - Items inside are a Material, 8 Auras, a Title and a Feat
    Opalescent Material
    Diamond Mist Aura:
    - Full Aura
    - Feet
    - Hands
    - Head
    - Head, Hands, Feet Combo
    - Head, Hands Combo
    - Hands, Feet Combo
    - Right Hand
    Title (Unknown Name)
    The Resplendent Cache Feat: 4 Stars (1 Skill Point)

    Thats all from the Livestream.

    Costs Breakdown

    So for now, lets go with that the prices for the Energy Cell Auras are correct (subject to change of course). Let's look at the prices for Keys, I'll add American Currency to it too.

    1 Stabilizer Key 100 DGC/LP Non-Members ($1.00)
    1 Stabilizer Key 90 DGC/LP Members ($0.90)
    20 Stabilizer Key 1900 DGC/LP Non-Members ($19.00)
    20 Stabilizer Key 1710 DGC/LP Members ($17.10)

    Going off the Prices we do know and using the base line of 20 Quarks from TCs.

    420 Quarks = 21 Time Capsules = 2000 Non-Members/1800 Members = $20.00/$18.00
    630 Quarks = 31.5 Time Capsules = 3200 Non-Members/2790 Members = $32.00/$27.90
    840 Quarks = 42 Time Capsules = 4000 Non-Members/3600 Members = $40.00/$36.00

    Bringing the total cost of buying all the Energy Cell Sectional Auras to

    4200 Quarks = 210 Time Capsules = 20000 Non-Members/18000 Members = $200.00/$180.00

    The variable in this is the RNG surrounding the Quarks. The amounts could be much higher than the 10 you get. These figures also do not include the Fragments/Keys you get from the Stabilizer Event.

    Hope this helps and Ill try and have this in the Guides section later when this launches on Wednesday.
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  2. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    Thanks for putting this together.
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  3. Saami Loyal Player

    That 20 dollars BAtman-mask seems dirty cheap now.
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  4. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

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  5. FlawlessTime Committed Player

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  6. majosea Dedicated Player

    when I see the cost of a gamble vs a sure thing in the marketplace[IMG]

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  7. DarkAya Committed Player

    I was about say that LOL people were so pissed back when the put it in the marketplace, "Whaaat? 20 bucks for pixels?!", oh that's cute.
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  8. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    I hadn't watched the livestream, but this post shows me it's not as bad as some are making it out to be. You have a chance to get more than just 10 quarks; could even get a rare drop of 100. That helps take the edge off. Add that to the fact that the vast majority are not going to want *everything* in the vendor; and the likelihood of a double mark weekend down the line - well, I think we'll all reach our mark goals faster than one would think.

    In any case, if someone doesn't like the vendor, then don't participate. Simple. If few people participate, then they'll change it. I'll be using it for the little I want out of it, but I won't be buying the majority of it.
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  9. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Want to make a quick note cause I feel I brought some confusion.

    The Sectional Auras are individual and there might be those who don't even want all of them. I brought them all together in the pricing above for those who DO want them all. Its a sticker shock to be sure but you also dont need everything as they dont overlap on each other. Even buying all the auras on the MP all at once will be a good chuck of money too but these are cosmetic so the desire to want them is up to the player.

    And as I stated above, this is just only going by the 20 Quarks minimum. The RNG maybe on your favor and you'll get more Quarks.
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  10. spack2k Steadfast Player

    we dont know yet the price for the 4 star feat , it may be 1000$ we will see
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  11. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Good job as always Trex. ;)
    You the Man. ;)
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  12. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Its not that bad.

    The issue would escalate with each additional TC release. But I think the current prices are fine.
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  13. Aquajet Well-Known Player

    Love the individual aura's and glad we're getting those, but DBG finally makes a cool Energy Cell aura I'm interested in from TC's, but neglects to make it full body. Good job. :mad:

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  14. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Well, not to burst your bubble, but when they were opening the capsules in the livestream, the random varied between 10 and 13, lol. So I wouldn't count too hard on getting 100. Also, keep in mind the numbers posted above are if you select the additional 10 quarks instead of any subcapsule. Just FYI. Also, do they do double mark weekends for stabilizers? Can't remember.
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  15. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    They sadly confirmed what we pretty much knew for quite a while...... the RNG system is weighted down to make sure that we get the minimum most of the time.

    We can see the same whenever the RNG is involved.

    Like when we use Recovery Kits for example.
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  16. EconoKnight Loyal Player

    Yep. We had a bonus stabilizer fragment weekend. We've also had a sale where stabilizers were cheaper if you bought a 30 bundle for $20 (which reduced to $18 with member discount). If they added a bonus Quark weekend and continued the other bonus opportunities (which I'm confident they will periodically), then that would be three ways to cut costs / time on vendor items. A random chance at bonus marks on each capsule - a fourth way.

    It comes down to patience and what time you want to invest. But most importantly, it comes down to what you actually want out of the vendor and what your goals are. I feel there will only be a handful of players who want *everything*, and people with that compulsion won't have issue spending the money.
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  17. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    They have done the bonus stabilizer thing...and they mentioned somewhere they "might" do it again (nothing's guaranteed till it actually comes to pass).
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  18. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    I was just doing these calculations myself.

    Good job at presenting it in a clear purchase argument.

    I'm reserving my position before seeing the pricing on some of the other items before making a final call on pricing.

    I don't have issue with the system itself and the pricing is going to be somewhat subjective and you'll either buy it or you won't buy it.

    It'll be interesting to see what effect this has on the tc duplicate market on the broker but we'll just have to see how that plays out.
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  19. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    I also think the primary issue causing people an issue with this system is perception (lol)

    They thinking they are buying capsules in reality they're not they are buying the quarks inside

    So buying $20 worth of stabilizers to get 400 quarks is the same as loading $20 onto the marketplace to buy something direct.

    The only difference is you have to go through more clicks but you don't even care about the capsules you only care about the quatks inside.

    I.e if you buy $20 worth of stabilizers to get 400 quarks to buy something for 400 that is exactly the same as them putting that item direct in the marketplace for $20.

    In fact they could argue that members already get a perk through getting more free stabilizers when the rewards are in a vendor like this rather than on the market place.

    So this is all about perception.

    The raging about this system is probably knee jerk behaviour and lacks common sense because people are too busy expecting the worst which is fine. But take s step back, take a breath and actually have a think about it.
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  20. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Yeah it's all about the Perception, and I'll admit my first reaction was a Knee Jerk one, but after blowing away some steam I'm waiting to see how it all turns out tomorrow.

    Personally, my biggest concern right now is the RNG regarding the aforementioned"Jackpot" currency. As that can make quite a critical difference between on whom gets what first and at what price.
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