Google game console and why it will fail

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    One word: Streaming

    Streaming is viable only for Flash and Unity games. It is not viable for console and PC games. There is a reason why AAA games require you to download 20GB of data to your hard drive. Because it is too much data to be processed only server side and be just streamed to the client.
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    Ever hear of thin client
  4. Helderman Dedicated Player

    The thing is regular people are not going to buy a console to play browser games. for thsi there is PC.
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    never say never the tech that falters today becomes the standard quickly...i started playing this game running a ps3 disc...a physical my i play pc and just update a program...does any game make you buy discs anymore...i doubt it...none of this will stay the same...only the need to play games has been constant...
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    Perhaps in 20 years when optic fiber fully replaces copper?

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