Goodbye for now. Maybe see you later.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Jameztowerz, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Jameztowerz Active Player

    Dear Devs,

    I want to take the time to thank all of you for your hard work over the past several years.

    I followed this game from day it was announced in development and was the sole reason why I bought a PS3 in 2009. I have played since the end of January 2011 and actually only played this game for four years without touching another game. I stuck through all the ups and downs, because this game was worth it.

    Now it has come to a point where I no longer find satisfaction in playing DCUO.

    I know a lot of people come on here to complain and gripe, but dont usually offer feedback as to why they leave.

    My biggest issue of late is the DLCs in my opinion feel underwhelming. The visuals look spectacular, but the game play feels more and more Tank and spank. I feel the inclusion of "Elite Raids" and "Elite Gear" are over played and not all that challenging. I feel as though they are more tedious than anything to get the more eye apealing gear. Yes I know Elite gear has better stats, but recently it feels like the extra stats are not even worth it.

    In my opinion the raid formula you had during T4 was perfect. It made gearing up with vendor gear almost mandatory to even have a chance at beating Prime Battle Ground. This was some of the best content this game had seen. Even T5 was amazing in how it was nearly impossible to complete Nexus. This was a time where even the Villian side had decent population.

    I also believe the game could benefit from more raids like FOS2 with not only
    the difficulty but the mechanics and the length of the raid.

    Now I do not mind the time capsule integration, especially since you do not actually have to pay real money to get the items or the feats. This is what I believe has helped keep the gamr afloat over the last couple years and allowed you guys to have financial means to improve the game.

    Stats Revamp was a big plus and getting rid of gear modsand adding Augments was GENUIS!!!! TBH I had stopped modding my gear when it stopped affecting CR. But the augments make the stat difference felt in battle.

    In regards to PVP, I was never big into it. I did though enjoy Friday Night Legends. Not to mention the banter between Mepps and Spytle
    We will never forget the wooden spoon or TEED STOONE. I believe that weekly or even bi weekly events like this would benefit the game and bring back older players and new players alike.

    I really hope therr comes a time when I get excited about new content or mechanics coming out and return to the game. Im sure I will drop in and takr part in some of the anniversary events just for nostalgia.

    Good Lucks Devs and I hope I can say one day that I am back. For now this is not goodbye but hopefully see you later.

    Tobasco OUT!!!

    I aint given none of my stash away. I know you will ask you scavangers lol.

    Godspeed, Good Luck, Use the force, and may the power protect you
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  2. Ekart Committed Player

    If on EU... Can I have your Stuff?

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  3. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

    Thoughtful feedback. And am staying classy; not asking for your stuff. :p Maybe after some time you may decide to revisit the game.
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  4. Nyx· Issue Tracker Volunteer

    Nicely written. Always sad to see players leave, but you've been here from the beginning as you say and I can tell after years
    you can feel this way.
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  5. PolarisSylar Well-Known Player

    Rest in peace December 2018.

    Great speech to all forums readers.
    Nice popcorn without the butter.
  6. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    tier 4 and 3 also had some of the best armor designs.
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  7. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Best of luck with your future gaming. Constructive feedback.

    But, about your stuff... :)
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  8. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Classy way to exit. You leveled your constructive criticism with praise and gave a personal account of your likes and dislikes.

    Hope you make your way back to the game someday.
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  9. Tilz Loyal Player

    My Stuff on EU will collect dust and rotten. MUAHAHAHAH
  10. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Give it, quickly!
  11. Zneeak Loyal Player

    Sad to see yet another player leave thanks to the lack of quality content. In a perfect world, not too many more has to walk out the door before the issue is actually being taken seriously.

    I hope you find another game!
  12. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Is it? New DLC feels underwhelming, less challenging, the rewards not worth it, yet - more tedious. If the tedious part is not in the challenge, it might be in the community. Just saying.
  13. Zneeak Loyal Player

    Not even sure where you're going with this. The lack of quality content is however something a lot of players have spoken up and agreed upon more than once and also sent more than a few players out the door. Just saying.
  14. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    I'm referring to those "no one is doing the mechanics"-complains that were around here recently. In that case, a run does not have to be challenging but the other players aka the community make them tedious, and for sure more tedious than they need to be.

    And about the lack of quality content: They may agree on the lack of it, bu they don't agree on the type of quality they're missing.
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  15. Zneeak Loyal Player

    I agree on what you're saying there, especially in regards to people's complaints on the difficulty in pug groups where players are not using communication and teamwork, which is being the reason they wipe, not the actual difficulty of the content itself.

    Not really sure how any of this you are saying directly has to do with what the OP actually brought up though, and that I emphasized. (DLC's being more tedious than actually eventful in terms of mechanics and difficulty, with the tediousness more so relying on the current grind-concept of episodes through mostly uneventful content)
  16. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Well, I'm not sure that's what he's saying, since he does not extend on the "tedious" part. So I'm saying the "tedious" he's referencing may be the tedious encountered by community behavior. Now if you know the OP ingame and say "He's in a great league and never had to PUG/Q etc." it's OK since I don't know the OP ingame. Just from his posts I can see we both don't like the current state of the game, but we have to some extent differing views on the "why" and thus very probably different ideas about the "cures".

    And because of that, I did not automatically assume that maybe his point of "tedious" was about the game structure itself. I agree on the game having gotten more and more tedious, but I wouldn't probably agree on the OPs idea of a cure either. That's it.
  17. Ekart Committed Player

  18. Zneeak Loyal Player

    You don't have to know the OP in person in any way, shape or form to understand the meaning of what he's talking about when he's saying this:
    Several points are being brought up that does not directly tie into tediousness caused by the community, but more so points addressing the content itself and LACK there of, aswell as the grind attached to it being tedious while the content is underwhelming. Hence my comment "Lack on quality content". :)
  19. Wade Spalding Loyal Player

    Great example of selective perception, even highlighted in green and skipping the tedious part I was referring to. Hence my concern :)

    Of course the highlighted part will find many people to agree on. "Many" on the forum does this group not even make the majority of any kind. And then find a remedy and the disagreement will start. But it's easy to assume since someone agreed on x points of criticism, that they will also agree on said remedy, but that is not sure, just an "easy" step from a "perceived agreement".

    But, since you're here and the OP is gone, I simply ask you: what is tedious about the current grind - the sheer number of runs through it "needed"? Just asking because whenever the devs put some random in the runs - different boss combinations, different paths opening etc. - you also find people coming to the forums going "please no random content".

    A piece or structure of content takes time do develop, and nearly always more time to develop than the forum-clustering powergamer will need to beat it.

    Approach 1) low number of runs needed - "buhuh, I'm done, what should I do til next content?"
    Approach 2) high number of runs needed - "buhuh, this feels soooo tedious, can't this be fewer runs?"
    Approach 3) random elements to stretch the number of runs needed - "buhuh, I can get [FILL COMBINATION OF BOSSES] to spawn, I'll never get that feat, I've done this 4000 times already...."

    So if it is about the content being tedious and not about "I think I must have explained 4000 noobs already what to do in here and there are still people who don't know it...."-kind of tedious, what should be done about it?

    Cause that is what feedback of long time players leaving is about - telling the devs what to change so they come back. And of the points in question, there are many that cannot be solved "reasonably", just "in favor" of certain player groups. And "in favor" is no solution, just moving the trouble from A to B.
  20. Zneeak Loyal Player

    There's nothing skipped about the tedious-part, it was just a simple sentence clearly showing what he was finding tedious and with the greenlighted parts showing it's clearly not what you claim that he's saying. If you disagree with what was said is one thing, but let's not go as far as skewing words around from what was actually being said.

    As for "majority" on the forums, you are aware that people come from in-game to the forums with this type of feedback every now and then, right? It's not feedback that just falls out of the sky for no apparent reason, lol. You can again agree or disagree with it, but you won't score any points in the argument straight up skewing words around claiming the OP is saying things that he himself didn't actually say, lol.

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