GM Dunbar told me to post my loot bug here

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  1. Jadzea Dax Well-Known Player

    So i'm doing as informed. Below is a copy of my ticket submission:

    I know you wont admit to this, and im not expecting you to. However, my account has a serious issue and it's to the point where I'm running my sub out this month and never coming back.
    I've ran the atlantis solo 348 times since i've come back less than three whole months ago. That's right, 4-5 characters every day since ive been back. And I've had 0 shards of the leo drop, not a single one. Whereas leaguemates of mine get a shard out of that solo atleast once a week, and usually two or three times while running it 3-6 times a day. One has never cancelled his sub, while the other just started running the solo again 2 weeks ago and has already got 4 shards of the leo from it.
    I run the atlantis silent school 4 man atleast twice a day since ive been back. 0 shards. I run zoo elite, panopticon elite, rise of bat, starro 4 man, age of justice 4 mans etc. What we consider the money runs, I have received one OP collection piece from all the runs, and that was over 2 months ago, whereas my same leaguemates are averaging one-two op collections a day.
    I understand RNG, i played WoW vanilla-wotlk and was a server 1st raider. I played wildstar for 3 years as a progression raider. I know how rng works. But RNG does not explain 348 solo runs and 0 shards while others are getting multiple shards a week on less daily runs. Why I'm not getting any drops from alerts or raids while others are averaging several drops a week.
    I had a leaguemate join on ultraman mid fight, didnt attack a single enemy and he got the ultraman cape, after being in the raid for 2 minutes and not hitting one ability, while i carried the entire raid group during a 50 minute raid. How does a rare item loot to someone who didnt even attack an enemy. He literally portal'd in to the raid, ran to the door and got the rare item, of which hes received 3 of in one month.
    348 runs and 0 shards. that goes beyond rng. what is the drop rate on a shard of leo? even at 1% i should have had 3 drop.
    I dont know if my account is flagged or marked or just cursed. But if i dont start seeing my effort and work resulting in a half reasonable drop rate, then i will take my monthly sub and my marketplace spending elsewhere. Ive been back for less than 3 months and have already spent over 200$ on the marketplace. I know that's not the most, but it's certainly something, and worth more than being screwed out of drops that im working my butt off for.
    I'll give it to the end of this current renew and if i dont see a difference, im taking my money elsewhere and permantly.

    It took me 6 years to get helm of nabu from nexus, hundred of runs, every week walk ins, lpve. Still havent got runes of east gloves from with a vengeance, multiple runs every week...

    Some may think im just complaining about rng, but as I said this goes beyond normal RNG. In an ever increasingly inflated economy, how are some of us supposed to be able to purchase or sell if run afte run, day after day, week after week, month after month of multiple runs every day we dont get anything worth money.

    The dev said he's received several similar complaints, so i'm not alone.
  2. Jadzea Dax Well-Known Player

    **The GM said he's received several similar complaints, so i'm not alone.
  3. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    It's RNG, random is random and those items you are having trouble getting are super rare. They are rare for everyone, they are random for everyone. This isn't a bug unless they were not dropping at all. A quick look at the broker would reveal that they are.
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  4. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    Honestly I only ever got one OP drop and that was the Atom belt . The op collection I've had to spend hundreds of millions of in game cash to get the rare ones.
  5. Anri Myst Active Player

    I've been running it since Atlantis got released, still don't have any shards. But its only recently I got my CR over 250, not sure if that makes a difference.
  6. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    The Shards didn't drop in the event version.
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  7. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    This is probably the cause of confusion.
  8. myandria Item Storage


    I thought the Shard of the Leo only dropped in the Elite Atlantis raids. I only get shard drops from the 4 and 8 regular raids, never from the regular solo.
  9. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

    The raids and open world are normally the most common op collections to drop. The alert and duo/solo are the rare's. Alerts I think tend to be worse in terms of drop rates but more people spam the alert than the duo/solo so they end up being rare in the broker as well.
  10. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Shard of Leo drops from the boss fight in the Atlantis solo only. The Shards of Libra and Virgo only drop from the last 2 bosses in the alert.
  11. myandria Item Storage

    Oh, ok. I understand the OP's frustration, since I also have not received a Shard of Leo. Then again it took almost 7 years for me to get that Kryptonian Chunk from the Prom box (finally got one this year!). However, it is not a deal-breaker for me since there are other aspects of this game that I can work on.
  12. Jadzea Dax Well-Known Player

    368 solo runs, 0 shards. Over 400 SS alert runs, 0 shards.

    In the last 3 days, leaguemate I do cash runs with everyday got a Leo and libra yesterday, and the virgo 2 days ago. His 3rd used joker canister in 2 weeks and some other less expensive op collections over the last 5 days. I've got 0 drops. We run all the money alerts on 3-4 toons minimum. I'm the only one in league who hasn't got a shard, Cape, manbats, or the other various op collections since I've been back. Have 2 weeks left on 3rd renew.

    And everyone I talk to in game is 100% shocked at my bad luck.

    It's not just shards or op collections either, I've ran nexus and vengeance atleast 4 times a week, and nexus I walked in repeatedly and spammed lpve. Didnt get nabuhelm till last week, and still dont have runes of east gloves.
  13. Jadzea Dax Well-Known Player

    I'm sorry but that's just incorrect. The shards aren't "rare" for everyone. People I know and talk to get them on average 1 a week, sometimes 1 every two weeks, sometimes 3 in a week. I haven't talked to any1 else who is closing in on 400 solo runs and 500 alert runs with 0 shards to show for it. Same for Cape and man bats, or most of the other op collections.

    I have a massive sample size and even if the shards were a 1% drop rates my 1st shard will have me at less than a 0.30% drop rate. The older content even lower.
  14. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Some people have exceptionally good luck then. Having bad luck isn't a bug. I have a leaguemate who finally got a Shard of Leo 2 months ago. I have only seen 2 drop and had to buy one off the broker for my third toon. It's RNG, it sucks but it's currently working as intended.
  15. inferno Loyal Player

    Leo once a week? How many toons is that person running in a day? I remember when i was running 15 toons a day for the first month on that solo and I only remember getting Leo 2 times. I don't know who or how many are telling you they're getting it once a week or even more times than that because I wouldn't classify that as extremely good luck but unbelievable.
    I, personally, have never been able to complete a collection purely from drops. I've had to buy from the broker to finish it.
  16. Jadzea Dax Well-Known Player

    My leaguemate who has the insane drop rate on everything has never broken sub and played since launch. My other leaguemate got 3 shards super quick after buying 6month sub
  17. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I've been subbed since 2016 and have only seen 2 drops across 3 characters, what's your point?
  18. inferno Loyal Player

    I have 1 friend who's account is exactly the same. Any rare collection it drops so frequently; I, jokingly, always say I wanna choke him everytime...which would be about twice a day. His account has always been so since I've known him 2012.

    "oh look. I got another Superboy."
    "hey, is the blue toothbrush good?"
    "What collections do I need to watch out for on the Shazam TC/ Let me open 20." 5 minutes later he sends me a photo of 2 Billy, an encyclopedia, 2 ornitopthers and the power of Zeus style.

    Like I said, I've known him for years and it's always been so. He's not being mean about it, from his perspective he could not believe they were rare since he got them so often. I just accept it. Sometimes I'm lucky if i run 15 to 20 toons on the solos or duos to get enough multiples, sell in the broker and buy what I need.
    From MY experience I've learned to accept it and adapt to it. I believe there's no way a dev can go into an account and find the code that regulates that account's rng. You can see a sample of this on the dev's own account. When quarks was first introduced, they said the value would be high ( around 100) and Mepps opened a bunch of them live and all he got were 10 or so every time. Even the dev beside him couldn't believe his bad luck.

    I think the GM advised you to post here so you can see other players' experience and stories about their own RNG.