Give us this chest style/ring accessory

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    yea. it sucks . took so long for them to be able to even give players lantern emblems, "still want a white background red lantern one" :) aka the ones the NPCs use.
    the flash stuff, the lantern stuff, it seems to be the most difficult for SOE/DB/DI to get put in game, with the addition of all the cool flash stuff in 2021 anniversary.
    that was a breakthrough IMO. with WB the Flash IP control party, finally allowing speed force styles, the actual back/accessory lightning, and enhanced version to re color as well is a big thing. now there is a speedforce Lighting style with those pieces , "speed Force conduit, and the Enhanced, Speed Force/ Reverse Speed Force back styles can in the future maybe be made into a movement style, much like the Light stream is meant for a lantern look but works for tons of looks.

    i think even if they added a red version of the Default speedster animation would be awesome even. but i would rather see the conduit / back speedforce styles. chained out to a movement style to have them go together, "even a Speedforce Powerset would be world cracking IMO, i know we have quantum but that's a little different or if they say we already have quantum, "put a "speed Force" "reverse Speedforce Style , in a POWERSET STYLE tree, along with many other awesome ideas, without having to create powersets for looks that can be achieved with style tabs, like they have done with other style tabs/accessories to make what the player is going for more accurate to what they want.
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    Erm.. just to chime in here..

    I have long been an advocate for more Lantern powers on these forums, so much so, I created a system with a low effort ONE MORE POWERSET could fill the remaining Lantern Corps* with only cosmetic changes.


    We already have twins, like Gadgets and Mental, update one, update both.

    Update one Lantern powerset above; update them all to match.

    NPC Carol Ferris has the most complete powerset (see sig) with 13 powers out of the required 24. With an additional 4 from other Lantern NPCs:

    Violet Light Blast
    Passionate Embrace
    Hand Clap
    Absolute Devotion/Inspired Blast/Azure Shockwave
    Temperance/Lantern Ward
    ? Insignia
    ? Corkscrew
    Salvo of Adara
    Mind Over Matter
    Recharge (Rejuvenate)
    Hope Indigo Variant 1
    Hope Indigo Variant 2 Supercharge

    With a suggestion of a supercharge 8 person shield could fill a spot. The remaining empty spots could be taken from the current 2 (3) Lantern powersets.

    The trifecta is missing a healer so I suggest this.. I don't have OCD but two out of the three Lantern trifecta would trigger it if I did have OCD.

    I am aware Tosh was only suggesting cosmetic changes and as Deity Supreme correctly stated we are not allowed to just do what we like.. but Tosh's desire (and even DS's and every Lantern fan who has spoken out in favour) has a right to their passion..

    As far as Lantern Corps go.. to be completely frank.. we are a fish on a hook, and while its not directly DB/DI's fault as WB/DC.. its all a waste of our time and passions.

    WB/DC just like to promote whatever movie they have coming out.. which is a total insult to DCUO players as there has been a strong desire for all Lantern powersets since 2011.

    I have given up.. if my heart will allow me.. I have given up on a Lantern Healer.. and like Tosh, I too, was asking for a Lantern Ring accessory recently, but this is a crumb from a banquet plate.. and even this we will be denied.

    I won't just blow right past that we got Ultraviolet content, the OW I really enjoyed. But this doesn't sate a 10+ year old desire.

    TBH.. I feel there is no solution.. on one hand, DB/DI hands are tied (or so they have told us) due to WB/DC's policies.. on the other WB/DC is wasting our time, keeping us as a fish on a hook, a decade of desire in a game is a LOT.. seriously, this should have been addressed and solved already..

    Perhaps.. just perhaps if DI reached out to DC and asked for a statement WHY we aren't allowed to do what we want with the Lantern powersets while keeping it in canon.. this MIGHT get us one step closer to actually getting that powerset (which still isn't coming.. but 10 years is a long time).

    *(except Black/White too OP, Orange, Agent Orange, and the *new* Ultraviolet)
    *in autumn 2011, I made SigmaAtom. I had bought Fight for the Light expecting all the Lanterns to be available. I wanted to be a Blue Lantern.