Give us this chest style/ring accessory

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  1. Toshknight Loyal Player

    This is probably the most wanted powerset look and lets be honest lantern slimline chest piece with the emblem location placement wanted, and gloves like it, there are not any gloves "no matter what anyone says, ive played since year 1, and have been through EVERY SINGLE hand style , there are not gloves like this that dont have either extra raisers, items or longer/ thicker material, the slimline gloves we get in game have 2 batman style finns
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    What exactly are you looking for? No disrespect meant, but your post seems jumbled.
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  3. Reverse Sentry Active Player

    I have to agree on what KHALON said. You didn't provide us any information on or image of what specifically you are looking for.
    Did you simply forget to add an image ?
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  4. Toshknight Loyal Player


    1. the HL/Light Hero/ Villain powersets Style aka yellow glow/ Construct colors/ Green Glow and Construct colors, to be Altered like any other style in the style tree, and there has been a lot of awesome stuff changed, from the movement styles especially, accessories, they haven't done powers yet, but its possible, being,

    2. change into what? The Ring color / glow, and Constructs colors "not animations" not needed, would be cool but, Using the Ring slots, to have rings available, to buy/loot , that represent the color the Light powerset will be altered too, Blue, Violet, Indigo, Orange. "WOL Metropolis battle zone, has all the npcs using the same constructs and some we don't use but each lantern corp npc uses the same constructs so the mesh imports are possible.

    3. what about non HL/Light powerset users, I've thought of this a lot, if they use the ring method, it would be easier to implement , each ring, much like the speedforce ring, that gives the user speed, should give Everyone no matter what flight, and possibly the glowy ring, but that is for the devs to work out if that is possible IP wise.

    4. Utilizing the Construct Color Alterations, Via Accessory , Imo, since there wouldn't be stats involved this would be a slot i would choose, they could just have the ring glow for the respective ring 1/4 u put on, no matter what power, don't Have to have the flight, cause you get the ring glow if u just wanto cosplay as a lantern if your gadgets, quantum, mental exc.

    5. further more and a more wide scale ideal way, that does what the accessory tab version would do, would to be to add a Powerset Style tab, much like the movement style, that gave us the Light stream colors for every corp in the game and more, if u say the light stream colors aren't particularly lantern, they are apart of the lantern mega pack, they have to advertise things certain ways but every player that has been playing this game for a while and knows how things have gone and are in game.

    P.S I've written down tons of in depth ideas, for things like this since 2012, and over half have happened, not saying cause of me some of the things i based forum posts on, is cause they happened, I'm saying The devs do listen, if you lobby for things, and start the talk for things, Rage powers was a big one back in the day, as well as the Weapon Styles. so if you want something to be added to the game that is in the range and reasonable, post about it, and don't worry about people saying its a bad idea, or In there opinion it doesn't make sense, cause if it makes sense to the devs, and they can do it, if people want it, it will happen, via the Back from the hack Reward , when Sony was hacked, returning players, got a two face , mask "basically turns your head into Harvey two faces npc head, and the batman inspired mask, they said time and time again, it would NEVER be available, via marketplace, feat, nothing period, even that one suprised when people that weren't here got it, which is a good thing.
  5. Toshknight Loyal Player

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  6. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    Oh this is one of those threads.
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  7. Toshknight Loyal Player

    what. letting the devs know, and giving ideas, that other players may like, or not of thought of, sometimes you have to read, pictures and 1 sentence doesn't get the word across most of the time, not sure what you mean though by 1 of those threads, "i assume , asking for more lantern stuff " "or your tired of seeing stuff asked for?" i dunno, but what would you like to see added?

    Accessory , Movement style, Weapon style, Aura, Material, Powerset, or something different other then those items. im really curious to hear from lantern fans.
  8. Toshknight Loyal Player

    sometimes an idea can't be explained with 10 words and a image, some of these things , to understand them you have to read, sorry. i posted a couple related photos, but you have to read .
  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    The devs can’t just change things like this as they want. The game is basically using material provided by dc comics. Lanterns as an example, not all lanterns can make hard constructs so thy wouldn’t just allow anyone to do this. I get this is a highly requested update. I for one would love it in general too. However they can’t just do it.
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  10. Atrocuis_ Well-Known Player

    Well One Of The Devs I Think It Was Claron Stated We Will Get Lantern Emblem Accessories Like The Star Sapphire Or Uv Lanterns That We Currently Have In Game That Pop Out Of The Chest

    Also They Added Lantern Supply Drops Which Were A Fantastic Idea So Theres That & I Believe They Will Add For More For Other Lantern Powers

    But About The Part We Have Ring Type Accessory Is Gotta Be A No. I Rather Have The Actual Power Set I Mean Sure It'll Look Sweet But I Prefer The Real Thing

    I'm Sure More Surprises Are On The Way
    Jus Let The Hope Burn Bright
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  11. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    I have no problem with you asking for things to be put in game, I'm just saying that this is a tired thread that returns countless times for almost the last 10 years. I play as a lantern, I too would love more lantern items, but I am also aware of limitations and expectations.
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  12. Toshknight Loyal Player

    well its how we got rage, the emblems, the flash cowl, and how much more were tired threads that came to be reality in game, i can understand seeing threads repetitive maybe getting annoying if nothing ever came through, but what are ya gonna do, its how we get things, by posting about it.
  13. Toshknight Loyal Player

    Why it would be more efficient to have the style of Blue,indigo tribe, Star Sapphire , and Orange in appearance not powerset

    would be cool but a waste of powerset developing. i don't think we will get all 4 but a blue lantern powerset Healing would be most likely but and for the villain side it would have to be orange.

    "Roomer" i've heard from several people and pre WOL 1 leak info" speculation

    i would love to see more powersets lantern, but with the ps5 update, gives the game a big boost in numbers and size of what can be added to the game, being " water " powerset was created out of the shelved Blue lantern tank they were suppose to release along with the red lanterns only suppose to be villains, but due to the major differences in animation type both, they were not simply just the same with minor construct changes like Light is, it was like two different powersets almost if i had to guess, and being they could only fit so
    much on the console at the time, it would of been not been able to run like they wanted due to limitations.

    its just something i heard from someone. but i really looked into the evidence , the water power uses the saint walker construct tai chi style for a lot of it's move list, just altered to be more water looking, i don't know,

    at the end of the day, i do and would love to have more lantern powersets, but why not just let the existing green and Yellow lanterns, which have your basic hero and villain construct types, add a accessory , ring , or something to put on style wise, and make new powersets something other then lanterns, cause, its mainly the style and RPers that want blue lanterns, and the other colors.

    it would make more sense financially for DIMENSIONAL INK and Development priority wise

    adding new types of stuff for the ps5 update. and powerset color changes, not even just the LIGHT powerset but, they could even add a Style tab for Powersets, and do the same thing as they are doing with movement style tab, and weapon, a negative speedforce movement style, or something, or just a speedforce style in general, the iconic powerset tree needs a revamp in animation and some additions as well.
  14. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    There is literally way more to how we got the things you mentioned then people asking for them in the forums. As I said before I understand your point, but this is exactly the same as every other thread asking for things that we "should have" or "need" in the game.
  15. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Yeah, no matter how much we call for something, there's unfortunately only so much DB/DI can do. They have to get permission from DC/WB and that can be a very difficult and time consuming process, especially since DC/WB can be VERY protective over certain thing (hence a handful of things not being color customizable) as well as other things that can make it more complicated. That's why we haven't been able to get a Superman emblem in forever. The creators' families still have partial ownership and those extra parties being involved make arranging things much more complicated and time consuming (same reason we don't get stuff from the movies or shows for the most part). It's not necessarily a willingness thing so much as a practicality thing in that particular case, but others definitely are willingness things or a bit of both. There's also time and resources to consider. I also would LOVE to see more Lantern powers, accessories/modular auras to look like we have certain color rings, and/or the ability to choose which Corps. color we want for a given toon with the light power (probably the most practical way to do it instead of making a whole bunch of individual powers that are mostly the same). Especially since I have a collection of characters I refer to as my Lantern Girls in which I've been making a girl for each Lantern Corps. (still need to get the enhanced UV Lantern emblem so I can make my girl for that Corps., can't make a Gold Lantern in the game since we don't have the emblem so far so I'll just design that one by drawing her when I get around to it). So don't get me wrong, OP, I want it really badly, too. But unfortunately DB/DI can only do so much. Requesting and suggesting things and giving our opinions and feedback matters and does help some, of course, but only to an extent. DC/WB are the ones we'd need to convince on this one. I do appreciate and respect the determination and perseverance, though.
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  16. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Post an image of what you WANT, not a list of what you don't have. Then we can dissect it.
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  17. Jack T. Chance Devoted Player

    He clearly wants to make Player Characters that look exactly like the NPC Ring-Slingers. Go look at the in-game NPCs of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Sinestro, Atrocitus, etc. to see what he wants.

    As was already said, this is a tired thread. It has been pointed out numerous times to these posters how to get as close as possible to what they want, but "close enough" is never good enough for them.
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  18. Atrocuis_ Well-Known Player

    What You Said About The Limitations Of The Powers We Were Able To Get Is True On The PS3

    Thankfully Now PS4/5 DCUO Has The Abilty To Add More

    But Back To The Part Of Being Beneficial For The Company
    To Be Able To Implement Ring Type Of Accessories
    I Really Doubt They Would Take That Idea & Go Serious With It

    Even Changing Color Sets Seems Like A Reach For Them
    Sure The Role Players Would Love That & Yeah It Would Be Cool To Change Some Powers To Diffrent Colors But Specifically Not Light/Rage/Yellow Because Of Their Animations & Lore Attached To Them That Make Them Unique In The Game

    But As You Said We Might Not Get The Whole Spectrum Of Powers But It Would Be A Blessing If We Could Get 2 More

    Hopefully DCUO Can Live Another 11 Years & Gives What We Want By That Time
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  19. Toshknight Loyal Player

    again, you have to post ideas, even if they're "TIRED THREADS" even though, no one has posted the ideas or thought of them to the detail of the games working like i have, i just kind of detailed what they could do putting edited images would help and ill see what i can do. copy pasting a thread that is old and making it new thread is rubbish but, a new thread with similar and more ideas is far from a tired thread. it's how the forums work, someone has to be negative about an idea when they don't even know truly what it is. again, to get something put in game, or the devs to actually listen, you have to make Noise, its how red lanterns , flash items, batman items, and tons of stuff as I said, is in the game, cause people kept asking, you have to do that with a topic of something being done, "not every day, but 1nce every 3 or 4 months, if that is tiring out a thread, i don't know what to tell you,

    yes i have seen people just ask for other lantern colors, and to be able to use a Color meter/ item to just change the colors of powers like we can color everything else, and that's not at all what my ideas are. the above pic, is a photo shop of a player using a star sapphire construct, in color instead of a sinestro corp amber color.

    i will agree, some of my ideas are kind of complex, and bunch of mumble jumbo, i will work on doing screenshots with some of my future stuff, even though, we may not be on the same page, i do appreciate the criticism, cause after seeing 3 or 4 threads asking for pics to go along with it, i understand.

    Result of an idea but not how it is achieved image below re posted
  20. Toshknight Loyal Player

    yes of course. in game feedback, tickets, streams from the devs chat, but the forums also play a roll, i didn't say the forums posts were the ONLY way that's taking what i said at face value without considering just cause i didn't name every single way things get added to the game would be way too many things. just figured it was given that you would be able to understand that.

    see all this is arguing semantics , just to argue