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  1. Adriana New Player

    Do you have fun playing the game with your boyfriend or girlfriend? For me lately that is the only thing I seem to enjoy about this game. I have a guy that I met on this and we live near each other. Been dating for 7 weeks and it seems to be amazing right now. We actually have been teaching each other how to do things on this that neither of us knew. We have regular date night on Friday and game date night on Sunday where we mostly just pvp on game sitting across from each other.

    Sometimes, I just sit in his lap while he is on his computer and he has two versions installed and we test are we able to play while on the same system. Just funny seeing us both killing the same person while I am on his lap. Wondering are any other people having fun playing together this way.
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  2. MrBlazEakaJB New Player

    George Takei "OH MY!" Lol

    I learned about all those things before puberty.

    Seriously though, I'm on the fence whether or not I'd want my wife to play. She doesn't by the way and really just puts up with me playing it, but not without the occasional snicker or eye roll. I think it would be cool if she played but I know also that it could probably cause problems so better off she doesn't. Kudos to you 2 though. There's more stuff I'd say, but more than likely it'll get me banned.
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  4. scotv453 Well-Known Player

    I would kill to have a gamer chick. Congrats. Mines just like to watch soap operas and csi. I just want to tell her get your old *** up and play some DC...YAY!!!! Then run before she tries to slap me.
  5. Breedin Bull New Player

    Nah, meeting someone on this game in real life has a higher chance of not going well than going well.
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  6. Mad9 New Player

    What does this have to with gameplay discussion?
    This thread belongs in Joker's fun house.

    No, my girlfriend considers video gaming extremely childish and she won't play or care to play.
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  7. Jokimoto New Player

    That sounds fanfreakingtastic.

    Anyway call me a cynic but I'll take Things That Sound Contrived and Unlikely for 300$, Alex.
  8. Quantum Edge Loyal Player

    My girlfriend hasn't played a video game since the 80's (yes we're that old). She calls DCUO my "space invaders thing" and looks at me like I'm nuts when I use the mic. When I tell her her I'm talking to people in the game she looks at me sympathetically, and asks "are the people in the game talking back"?
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  9. Minx New Player

    Lol...Thats too cute!!!
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  10. Black Dawn Loyal Player

    I play with my husband and know many other couple that play together as well. We always played games together (giggity) and when DC came out my hubby pre-ordered and loved it and wanted me to play. Unfortunately, my compy wasn't up to the task and I was hesitant to buy a new one when it worked fine otherwise. THEN one day, someone "accidentally" spilled coffee all over my comp and since he "felt soooo bad" about it, he bought me a new one that just happened to be able to play DC and just happened to get the game installed on it and the first month paid for. Two years later we are both lifetime members. As for sitting on each others laps while playing...I need my space to yell and scream at the screen and so does he. Best life choice ever.
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