Giant Fish Statue not tradable?

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    This is one of the base items you can get from Isis. Of course naturally most if not all base items are tradable. (sans marketplace ones) Even the other base items she gifts such as the Plush Disgruntled Cat or Pedestal with Iceberg Lounge Gem are in fact tradable. I haven't received any more from Isis as of yet, but noticed this base item in particular is not tradable. You can't even share it across your own account. Is this a bug?
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    There's a giant fish statue?
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    Isis (base pet) has a rare chance of dropping it. Experts are still trying to figure out how that small cat carries it around
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    More to the point - she never leaves the base, so where did she find it? I mean, it's not like it was down between the cushions on the couch or something.
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    The cat's a**hole leads into another dimension. F*ckin logic.
    Mystery solved. Lol