Ghostly Gunslinger

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Corwin Quantum, Mar 29, 2024.

  1. Corwin Quantum Level 30

    The April 21 day member reward is the Ghostly Gunslinger hat style (and maybe the mask?) But I do not recognize what character this is based on. Gray Ghost? No. Musketeer? No gun. The Grim Ghost? No hat, no mask, no gun.
    Any ideas?[IMG]
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  2. Corwin Quantum Level 30

    Nevermind. BumblingB figured it out. New Superman character. Marilyn Moonlight.
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  3. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

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  4. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Make accessories for the hat...


  5. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    I initially thought of "The Shadow."
  6. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    There's "Two-Gun Kid," "El Diablo".... Most of the ones I know have bandanas. Wonder if you can add one to the head piece.
  7. Multiverse Creator League

    That would have been nice.... The Shadow was published by DC once or twice. ;)

    But the hat looks better and the scarf covers the mouth not the eyes. ;)
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  8. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

  9. kallader Committed Player

    Anansi was the first thing to come in my mind but he got no gun and no emblem on hat

    Then second thing come to my mind was to do TMNT styles with it XD [IMG]
  10. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player


    And, while its not a style I'll personally be able to use on any of my characters, I think its one of the better 21 day awards I've see in awhile. I can see it working for a lot of folks.
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  11. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    I like it. I could see me making a new toon to take advantage of it, unlike the Mad Hatter hat.

    Well, if I can spare the money to sub for April, and for another character slot. :oops:
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  12. tehDarkNite Well-Known Player

    is there an emblem on the hat?

    reminds me of gray ghost

  13. inferno Loyal Player

    OOhh, I didn't realize that so many characters could be made. I just learned about the new character but what really captured me into the style was the 2 color system of the underside of the brim of the hat to the rest.
    AND what an interesting idea to be able to put emblems on the hat or head style!!

    This new reward is definitely rising in my 'wants' category.
  14. inferno Loyal Player

    I wonder if this will allow us to put on the bandana face style with it?