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    Hi everyone, I thought I would give some tips for people new to the realm of Legends PVP about how to get their feet and become accustomed to Legends. This contains basic information on the skills of the various characters and strategies to use in battle, but ultimately this is geared towards helping new people understand how Legends works, and how to unlock more characters. This guide will be edited and updated as I think of new tips and as people give suggestions.

    *DISCLAIMER*: There are a lot of great PVPers who post over in the Legends section of the forums. If you have questions about the intricacies of PVP, that is a good place to ask. I myself am not an elite PVPer, but I have played enough that I can provide help to people new to Legends, which is what this guide is all about.

    Currently the guide includes:

    • Combat Tips: Information about the combat in Legends PVP.
    • Choosing a Character: Information about what Legends characters are available to choose from, and advice on how to decide who to pick.
    • General Tips: General advice for playing in Legends PVP.
    • The Legends: An overview of each Legend in the game, their role in combat, and a ranking of how friendly/effective they are for newcomers.
    • The Maps: Information regarding the maps of Legends PVP, both their layouts and tips and strategies for being effective on them.
    ON DECK: Currently I am away from the game. This guide will unfortunately be outdated until I return and get back into Legends, if that happens at all.

    Please feel free to post suggestions and comments, I will do my best to answer everything and change things that are inacurate or unclear.

    For people fresh into DC Universe Online and looking to get involved in Legends PVP, or people who have played on the PVE side for some time and are looking into Legends, the early going can be a little bit daunting. However, Legends PVP can be extremely fun if you stay with it, whether you are a die-hard PVPer or you usually stick to the realm of PVE. Below are some tips to get you started.
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    The Combat Mechanics are HUGE in Legends.

    One of the first things you should be at least a little familar with in Legends PVP are the counter mechanics of the game. In PVE you might be able to get by for a while with just using your powers and attacking with your weapon, but in Legends that will often get you destroyed very quickly, especially when playing against someone who has played Legends before. Knowing how combat works will win you a lot of matches early on as you play people who are unfamilar with how to counter the moves you are doing, which in turn will help you unlock other characters quicker.

    In DCUO combat is interactive and action-oriented. Other players can and will block you, lunge at you, or break your own blocks. Blocking counters your standard attacks and will knock you down, so if you use a blockable attack when your opponent is blocking that's what will happen to you. Lunging is used to knock down a player using a ranged attack, or to interrupt certain powers. Block breaking does what it says, it takes care of an opponent in block mode and knocks them down. Different attacks are vulnerable to different things, so as you use and fight against the various Legends you will get a feel for when you should and shouldn't use certain powers. This leads to the next tip:

    DON'T spam one move over and over.

    One of the worst things you can do against experienced players in Legends is use the same move again and again. Every move in the game has an answer to it, so relying on one move in a fight is just asking for its counter to be used. Sure, you might get lucky and get someone who has no idea how to deal with the move you are using, but often the other player will either know or will figure out how to deal with what you are doing. This applies to the defensive side as well. Many people who are new to Legends come into a battle and block all the time. The problem with this is that your blocks are vulnerable to block breakers, so if your opponent is at all experienced they will realize that you are always blocking and hammer you with that move to knock you down, again and again.

    If you are using range attacks all of the time (such just standing in the air with John Stewart raining down with the Rifle), be aware that your enemy can knock you down by lunging at you. You may love using Sinestro's move where he spins around in a circle of death, but if you don't use it at the right time your opponent will simply block and knock you down. The worst place to be in Legends is on the floor, you just EAT damage and yoy can't attack or retaliate at all, so using the same move constantly and getting countered is a big no-no. Sometimes when you play you will notice at a player always uses one move and blocks, or sits back and uses range attacks exclusively. When you see that, it becomes easy to anticipate the moves they are going to do and take advantage with the appropriate counter.

    Clipping is your friend.

    One of the most important aspects to maximizing your ability in Legends PVP is clipping, or animation canceling as some people call it. The idea is that as you activate a power with a lengthy animation (such as Brawling's haymaker), you activate another power right as your character begins the animation. This cancels the first power's visual effect, but gives you credit for the damage or effect of both powers. This can be used in a variety of ways, and you are going to want to experiment with your favorite legend(s) to see what powers can clip each other.

    Weapon attacks can be clipped with powers, so if you are in the middle of a lengthy weapon animation you can activate a power to clip off the visual effect and produce more damage. Various powers clip each other, so it is up to you to find out what powers and combinations your favorite character can clip. While it is possible to win matches without clipping, especially at the lower tiers of competition, against experienced players you will be hard-pressed to mount a challenge without it. Clipping is an intended feature of DCUO, so as long as you yourself are doing it and not using a speed hack or something of that nature, you are in no danger of cheating. The spawn dummies in the beginning of each match are a good place to practice clipping. You will know it is working if you see your character overwriting the original animation with the new one, and if you see the damage numbers for both attacks appear over the head of your opponent.

    Know your enviroment.

    Legends PVP currently rotates its maps every two weeks, so you will be seeing a variety of them as you play the game. The maps have turrets, health and damage barrels, security drones, and more that can put a twist on the battle. The section later on in this guide on maps goes into the various features available to you on the different maps in Legends PVP.

    In my experience activating the map's features is often a waste. Typically you will be more focused on killing your opponents or capturing and holding the nodes, and most of the help you can activate is easily dispatched by most players. As you get more comfortable, you might decide to take your own approach to this, but in general I have found that only the health barrels make any real difference in most matches. But again, this is up to you.
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    Choosing a Character

    Your personal characters' level, stats and/or combat rating do not have an effect on Legends.

    There are some common misconceptions about the stats in Legends have that you should be aware of. All of the Legends characters in the game are balanced against each other and have similar stats and abilities. Their stats are not entirely identical, but there are not vast stat deltas between them. Some characters are slanted towards offense, some are closer to defense, and a few are more for support, but all of them are within the same reasonable range.

    As such none of your personal stats, whether your characters' level, CR, etc, have ANY effect when you enter a Legends battlefield. You won't hit any harder if you are higher leveled, if won't be tougher to kill enemies who are higher leveled outside of Legends, nothing. Whether you are a level 7 players using Batman and fighting a level 30 player's Batman does not matter, both will have the exact same stats in Legends. This is not the case in Arenas, where your personal stats do come into play, but in Legends the stats you play with are that Legends', not your own. This is part of the reason that most people suggest that people new to PVP start with Legends.

    You can get other Legends characters quickly.

    While in the very beginning of the game you only have access to one Legends character (Robin for heroes, and Harley Quinn for villains), with minimal time and effort you can quickly unlock more characters to play. In Legends PVP, win or lose you will get Marks of Legend and Marks of Valor. The Marks of Valor are for the Arena side of PVP where your main character battles others, so those are something different entirely. The Marks of Legend, however, can be used to unlock other characters for use in Legends PVP, and are how you expand your roster of legends. For people without any DLC, the following characters become available as you progress:

    - The Huntress and either Robin or Harley Quinn, depending on your faction (10)
    - Nightwing (35)
    - Bane (55)
    - The Joker, Catwoman, and Two-Face (70)

    If you have any interest at all in the Bat-Family, there are plenty of options available. The various Legends have different weapons, so keep this in mind as you look at who you are interested in using as the learning curve of a new weapon can catch people who only use one for their hero or villain off-guard. If you use dual-wielding, for instance, Nightwing would likely be the character you would be most comfortable with initially. All of the weapon choices in the game are represented at the moment with the exception of the Bow, so if you like a certain weapon there is most likely a character on the roster who's weapon combos you will recognize.

    Some of the characters have a steeper learning curve than others. This is not to say that they are unusable, but unless you are familar with the character's attacks you may have more trouble at first. Unless you are really good with Handblasters, you wouldn't want to use Circe to try and get good at Legends. She has very low health and unless you know how to use her, you will likely get stomped. A character like the Huntress is extremely cheap (within ten matches you will have what you need to get her, even if you lose every one), and an easier character to get used to. That said, if your heart is absolutely set on a particular character and you KNOW that is the only character you are interested in using, there isn't much point to making yourself play someone else. However, in all likelehood your learning curve will be steeper.

    DLC Legends are not essential, but they give you more options.

    Another way to get Legends in DCUO is to buy a DLC that unlocks the ability to earn certain Legends characters. These characters still need to be earned (all DLC characters are 85 MOL), but you will be able to get them once you have the marks. If you don't have the prerequisite DLC, those characters will be locked out even when you have enough marks. Currently the list is as follows:

    - Hand of Fate: Doctor Fate and Felix Faust
    - Sons of Trigon: Donna Troy and Cheetah
    - War of the Light Pt. 1: Saint Walker and Atrocitus
    - The Last Laugh (PVP based): John Stewart, Amon Sur, Arkillo, Killowog, Bizzaro, Power Girl, and Ursa.

    If you are a Legendary member, you will have access to all DLC, so it simply becomes a matter of who to shoot for first. For most beginners, however, you will either be F2P to start or will buy an item or two and become Premium. Unless you are a huge fan of one of these characters, getting a DLC solely to unlock the Legends is not advised. You can win matches with any of the game's free characters, and if you are going to spend the $10 dollars for DLC Legends there are plenty of DC's biggest names in the game's marketplace for the same price. Speaking of which...

    The marketplace has the most iconic Legends, but tread carefully.

    The in-game marketplace of DCUO has just about all of the most iconic figures of the DC Universe. Four of the game's mentors are in here (Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and Circe), plus a Future Batman (the closest you can get to playing Batman in Legends), Hal Jordan and Sinestro, General Zod, and Steel. Your first instinct might be to snap all of these up, but there are some drawbacks. First of all, each character is 1000 station cash, so buying multiple Legends can get pretty expensive very quickly. Second, if you are expecting the MP Legends to mop the floor with everyone else, you will be dissapointed. Marketplace legends can be powerful, but they are not an instant-win. They are as balanced as everyone else in Legends, so buy the ones that you genuninely like, don't just buy Superman because you figure he will destroy everyone else (You'll be in for a surprise if you do!)

    The balance of Legends power can and will change, so play people you enjoy!

    One thing you should absolutely avoid, in my opinion, is buying a character solely because they are considered overpowered (OP). For a long time the Legends character Steel was OP and one of the most used Legends in the game. His use probably far exceeded his popularity, but people were using him because he was arguably the best Legend in the game. Everyone who got him for that reason was burned by changes that brought Steel back into balance with everyone else. It is common for the devs to make tweaks to the various Legends to try and keep everyone balanced. In addition to that, the stats for all of the Legends are relatively close across the board, so you will never have something like a Level 30 Legend against a Level 5. Combat Rating has no effect on your stats in Legends, so you will have a fighter's chance every time you enter the field of battle.

    With that in mind, my advice is that if you really love a character, play them! You might have a learning curve, but you can win with any Legend given enough practice and learning. And you never know when a change wil completely alter the perception of a particular character. So if you are Superman's No. 1 fan, but keep hearing that he's weak, I would encourage you to try him anyway. You never know what changes are around the corner.
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    General Tips

    It's completely normal to get stomped.

    One of the most important things I can tell you as a newcomer to Legends, is DON'T get discouraged if you lose badly to someone. There are alot of great PVPers out there. Some have become great at one particular character, some will have mastered multiple Legends, and most will have more experience than you at the very beginning. Even if you have played the game for a while on the PVE side, it will take a bit of time to get used to your character(s) of choice, and sometimes that will mean that the opposing player or team will win handily. While Legends does not suffer from the uneven stat matchups plaguing Arenas, you can still be taken down by a very good player very quickly. This does not mean that you have no hope of ever becoming good, it just means you are still learning. Even really good PVPers can run into players that crush them, so don't become discouraged if someone wins running away. Learn from it and try to be better for if you ever run into them again. You may not win, but if you keep working at it you WILL see improvement in your game.

    I have played against people in Legends who have absolutely routed me. I'm sure as I continue to play it will happen again. But I chalk it up to someone who is just better than me right now and work to reach that level. I have played a handful of these people again at different times, and fared far better the second and third time around. That doesn't mean I always beat them (many times I haven't), but there is a noticeable difference. And Legends is all about having fun and getting better. You can do that even while losing, if you have a positive attitude about it.

    If you get beaten very quickly, it does NOT mean your opponent is cheating!

    One thing to keep in mind when playing Legends PVP is that even though there is not the potential for massive gear imbalance like there is in Arena battles, you can still get KO'd exremely fast. If your opponent is a master of clipping and/or their character you can be destroyed in a matter of seconds without it appearing like the enemy is doing much of anything to kill you. 9.99999 times out of 10 what you might mistake for cheating is actually really good play, so before furiously sending the player a tell about how you are reporting them, consider that perhaps they just are playing at a much higher level than you are at that time.

    Also, believing that they are cheating because they seem to have more health or hit harder is not accurate, as the Legends are not carbon copies of each other. Even if the players are equal, the Legends themselves have different amounts of health and offensive capability. Although they are intended to be balanced out so that they are not too good at everything, they do have strengths and weaknesses that skilled players will try to either minimize or exploit. There is a significant difference between the health totals of Saint Walker and Batman, for example, but Saint Walker has better offensive ability to offset his bad health. The descriptions of the Legends later in this guide give brief overviews of what types the different kinds of Legends are, and that will give you an idea of how to try and counter them.

    *Note: This said, cheating unfortunately is not unheard of in DCUO, particuarly on the PC. Opponents who are doing things (like standard weapon attacks) at impossibly fast speeds or using their colas with heavily reduced or nonexistent cooldowns do exist, so if you encounter that, report away. It might be a good idea to ask your opponent what they were doing, however, sometimes it may be a move you just never saw before. (For instance, Atrocitus has a Supercharge that heals him as he does damage to you. Seeing such a thing for the first time might make you assume that the player was cheating, when in fact the opposite was true). However, if you see them doing somthing outrageous like popping their cola every 10 seconds, you can safely assume something is up, If you are in a group, it is a good idea to check with them to see if everyone else has noticed as well. It also allows your whole group to report the cheating, increasing the chances of action being taken.

    Communication with your teamate(s) can go a long way.

    The vast majority of the time I queue for Legends PVP in 2 v. 2 or greater matches, no one says anything to each other. That means oftentimes team members will go to the same nodes and leave others unattended, or fail to recognize priority targets in a fight, etc.

    For example, the Inner Sanctum map has two nodes (one in the front of the main area and one in the back) that give points when you are standing in them. Let's say that you have just knocked out your opposition in the first round of battle. No communication means that you might both go to the same node, costing your team points as one of you goes back to the other one, or as both of you go at the same time and one of you has to go back again. Meanwhile your opponents will have respawned and will be back in the fight to contest the nodes again. Against good players, wasted points can be exremely costly and lose your team the match.

    Now, I'm certainly not telling you to be obnoxious in your group chat, or overly bossy. Something as simple as "Hey, I'll take the back node since I'm using this character" or "I matchup well against x character. I'll take them" works better than giving condescending orders or pretty much anything typed in all caps. If you are in a match and the opposing team has one player who is clearly carrying their team, it might be a good idea to tell your teamates to focus on them first and mop up everyone else after, or take out their allies and then have numbers on the best player.

    As you get better you will begin noticing weaknesses your team can exploit. As long as you give these ideas in a respectful manner, usually people will listen to you and do as you say. By speaking out you take on a sort of unofficial leadership role by signaling you at least are willing to say something, and people will pay attention more often than not. If they choose not to listen, then that's on them, and not you. Sometimes they will have good suggestions that can help in battle, and you should be willing to follow direction from other players (especially more experienced ones), if they know what they are talking about. Even if you don't want to give suggestions, however, you should at least be willing to engage in basic communication with your partner or team. This is an MMO, after all!

    Be Polite.

    Because Legends PVP is usually competitive, especially in a 1 v. 1 where it's just you and your opponent, people can get upset pretty quickly if they or their team are not performing up to par. Unfortunately, there are a lot of rude people who play PVP, so it's likely you will encounter some of them from time to time. In spite of this, you should always strive to be courteous with your fellow players, whether you win or lose. This ultimately will be beneficial in the long run, beyond the obvious benefits of treating people the way you want to be treated. People who play you will know that you won't be verbally abusing them throughout the match or sending them deragotory tells, and they work with you better or show respect when you battle them. Likewise, acting like a jerk will just get you on a lot of ignore lists, and will anger others in turn. And if you beat someone soundly, DO NOT send them tells about how terrible they are or how great you are! Being respectful is ALWAYS the better option, whether they are good players or bad!

    Win or lose, stay in the game.

    A lot of times when the score starts getting out of hand you will see people quit the match. This is a bad idea for a few reasons. First of all, it's just bad sportsmanship, and in anything more than a 1 v. 1 match, it eliminates any chance for your team to make a comeback unless the queue brings someone else in quickly. Secondly, even while losing badly to a player you can gain experience by trying different things and seeing what they are doing that is working. Third, whether you win or lose you get PVP rewards that will help you to unlock more characters, so unless you only care for Robin or Harley Quinn it is worth it to stick around for the Marks of Legend.
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  5. The Enquirer Well-Known Member

    Since this is an introduction guide, something I would definitely do is give some characters that are good to start with and others that are not recommended.

    Any character that uses handblasters, Lex Luthor, Circe, Felix Faust, and Doctor Fate would not be recommended.

    For players who are purchasing their first legends character I would highly recommend The Joker or The Huntress. While I don't like Bane much myself he is also fairly popular.

    I'm also going to be linking to this on my guide once it is more complete for players who may be looking for more of an introduction rather than in depth guides. (

    Just a quick question, will you be explaining clipping on this guide?
  6. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    I will include a section on clipping, although in keeping with this guide it will be explaining the concept more than what clips what and so on. Great idea on the starting characters, I'll start work on that as soon as I have some free time. I likewise will link to your guide as it covers more characters, for people that want to know more about how to use a specific character.
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    Update Index

    - Updated (2/19): Added layout improvements, divided the guide into sections on combat and character tips, and added a explanation on clipping.
    - Updated (2/20): Added a General Tips section to the guide, and added a list of the Legends characters only available through DLC to the section on character tips.
    - Updated (2/26): Added suggestions on communication to the General Tips section.
    - Updated (3/6): Added a link to Shiny Mackerel's guide on Legends powers/stats for people looking for info on the effects of the powers of the different Legends.
    - Updated (3/12): Added a Legends section to the guide, containing brief descriptions of every character and suggestions for which characters would be good or bad for people new to Legends.
    - Updated (3/20): Adjusted the health values of the Legends to be in sync with GU 35, reclassified all of the Legends health ratings in comparison to each other, and modified affected Legends' descriptions as needed.
    - Updated (3/23): Added a tip about how losing badly does not mean your opponent is cheating into the General Tips section.
    - Updated (4/1): Began the process of adding overviews of the PVP maps to the guide (Began with the Shadowlands and the Batcave, more on the way). 4/16: Ace Chemicals is now complete! 4/22: STAR Labs is now complete! 5/21: Watchtower Containment is now complete! 6/12: The Temple of Isis is now complete! 8/1: The Inner Sanctum is now complete!
    - Updated (5/5): Added hyperlinking to the guide and some format improvements to make reading smoother.
    - Updated (5/21): I have made a change to "The Legends" section of the guide by now generally ranking them all from most friendly/best to use to lest friendly/worst to use, IMO. This is done with newcomers in mind, so it is not a ranking of each Legends' specific ability (although it does have a factor).
    - Updated (6/10): Supergirl is now listed in the Legends section.
    - Updated (8/1): Wonder Girl is now listed in the Legends section. In addition, the Enquirer has made some improvements to the Shadowlands and Batcave guides in the Maps section.
    - Updated (8/10): Modified the descriptions of various Legends characters as a result of the significant HOP 1 changes to many of the rosters' characters.
    -Updated (9/9): Added an info tip on how your personal character's stats do not matter in Legends to the "Choosing a Character" section.
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  8. The Enquirer Well-Known Member

    Good to see this coming along. This is also a bit of a shameless bump I'm giving you :p

    I have finished up the Robin guide on my guide so hopefully that helps some people out.

    You should also add in a section classifying legends into offense, defense, support (and so on) categories when you can. I'll probably add that in as just a quick little snip in each characters guide for my stuff, but seeing them all at once can be helpful for some people.

    Edit: A basic guide to maps and exploits in them could be nice as well. I could handle a map or two if you wanted.
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    This ended up being a little more complicated/ambitious than I initially imagined, so what I am doing is just listing all of the Legends in a new section, including their Weapon, Movement Mode, and Health, and then a brief overview of the Legend that includes where and how they fight best (As well as I can determine), and if they are recommended for beginners. I've started putting the Legends in there, it will hopefully be finished today.

    EDIT: Due to the size of this new section, the description of the Legends will be located in the posts below this one.
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    The Legends

    Harley Quinn (Weapon: Two-Handed. Movement Mode: Acrobatics. Health: High).
    - Free to Play, unlocked at Level 5 for Villains of puchasable by Heroes for 10 Marks of Legend. A future Harley version unique to the game is available in the in-game marketplace, but as it is a reskin it functions the same as the standard Harley Quinn.

    Harley Quinn, believe it or not, is one of the best options for a complete newcomer to Legends PVP. She has a slow attack speed with Two-Handed, but if you can use it effectively it will give opponents nightmares. Due to her high health and solid powers, she also can stay on her feet longer than many other characters. Most importantly, while learning to play her you learn a ton about how to play Legends in general. Understanding the combat mechanics is huge with Harley, as it maximizes her ability to knock opponents down and cause good damage. She is a great character to start with because she forces you to get a grasp on the combat mechanics to be successful, and has high health and enough damage potential to make her always viable. And to top it all off, Harley is the easiest character in the game to accquire. She is certainly not the very best character on the roster, but for a newcomer to the game, whether hero or villain, she is one of the best choices.

    Batman (All Versions) (Weapon: Martial Arts. Movement Mode: Acrobatics. Health: High).
    - Ok, there are a lot of different options for this character, so buckle up:
    • The "Classic Batman" skin is available to everyone for 150 Marks of Legend. That may seem a bit steep, but if you are a F2P player this is the only Batman you will be able to get.
    • The "Original Batman" skin was only available to people who preordered the game at its launch, so he's obviously not an option now. Fortunately the other skins are good alternatives.
    • The game's unique "Future Batman" is currently available in the in-game marketplace, half the price of the stand-alone characters.
    • The "Modern Batman" is only available to members, who are granted him for free.
    All of these skins are different versions of the same character and have the same stats and abilities.

    The Batman just might be my choice as the all-around best character to start with. The Dark Knight definitely falls on the support side of the spectrum in Legends PVP. His powers are suited to this role, with stuns, knockbacks, stealth, and a bat-drone to restore power all in his versatile arsenal. His weapon can be clipped into these powers quite nicely and easily as well, allowing him to deal good enough damage in addition to his strong defenses and health. He best works in group content, where his power-restoring drone can affect your entire group instead of just you. For people who are familar with Martial Arts and its combos he can definitely be a great choice.

    Bane (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Acrobatics. Health: Above Average).
    - Free to play, unlocked with 55 Marks of Legend.

    Bane is a pretty popular choice because he is a strong hitter with a Supercharge (one of the few in Legends, and extremely powerful), and is relatively affordable to unlock. He has strong damage potential and is best used in an offensive role. He also has good versatility for both 1 v. 1's and group battles, as in single battles his attacks hit hard with decent survivability, and in groups he can fill up his SC quickly. He is one of the top Legends in the game currently, and an excellent character to focus on.

    Catwoman (Weapon: Martial Arts. Movement Mode: Acrobatics. Health: Average).
    - Free to play, unlocked with 70 Marks of Legend.

    Catwoman is a dangerous opponent due to a variety of reason. First, she has an unorthodox style of Martial Arts, which is modified from the weapon's usual use and very effective. She is an agressive character who has strong damage potential, a solid health pool, and a very good shield. In 1 v. 1 matches her powers can really shine, as she has more health but similar offensive power to most other agressive characters. In that setting she is one of if not the best on the roster. If you are familar with Martial Arts, even with her modified style you should feel right at home using her, and even if you are not she is still a very strong choice.

    Atrocitus (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Below Average).
    - Requires the War of the Light Part 1 DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Atrocitus can deal some of the highest damage in all of Legends PVP. He can do incredible area of effect (AOE) damage that can serverely weaken anyone in his field of rage, and a Supercharge that only adds to his offensive capability. If the enemy focuses on Atrocitus, however, he goes down quickly due to his lack of defense. In 2 v. 2's Atrocitus can be almost unstoppable - putting down his plasma field on nodes can give opponents nightmares. In group content he is a little less effective due to the opposition's tendency to focus on him and his lack of health, and if the fight can be taken out of his field his lower health again becomes an issue, so he was weaknesses. But if you are new and want to know what the purely offensive-styled Legends are all about, there's no one better than Atrocitus.

    The Huntress (Weapon: Martial Arts/Dual Pistols. Movement Mode: Acrobatics. Health: High).
    - Free to play, unlocked with 10 Marks of Legend.

    The Huntress is a versatile character with two weapons, and very inexpensive to obtain. You are able to get her with minimal grinding, she performs well in 1 v. 1 and 2 v. 2 matches, and her primary weapon of Martial Arts is quite forgiving. This makes her a good choice for early-game players. She ranks this high chiefly because, in addition to her solid all-around arsenal, she is available early on for people new to the game, particuarly the Heroes who are frustrated being stuck with the far more imposing Robin.
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  11. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    The Joker
    (Weapon: One Handed/Dual Pistols. Movement Mode: Acrobatics/Flight. Health: High).
    - Free to play, unlocked with 70 Marks of Legend.

    The Joker is best suited to getting up close and personal to your opponents, so he is primarily an offensive character. He is capable of using Dual Pistols and staying out of the fray, but you sacrifice a huge chunk of his damage capability by going this route, and waste the Joker's above average health that allows him to wade into the thick of battle. He has a great variety of powers that if used properly can make him very dangerous on the battlefield, and who doesn't love the Mark Hamil voice? He is stable and has a ton of potential if used well.

    Wonder Woman (Weapon: Shield. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Above Average).
    - Purchasable from the in-game Marketplace.

    Wonder Woman is an interesting and somewhat difficult character to analyze. She has a variety of agressive powers to go along with a very good defensive power, but her weapon of choice (the shield) is somewhat lacking. Despite that, she is an offensive character, with attacks that can do massive damage if used correctly. She functions well in both group battles and 1 v. 1 play, as she is a pretty versatile character. Her decent health and defense, to go with her attack capacity, make her a strong character to use, but expect a bit of a learning curve with mastering her Shield initially.

    Two-Face (Weapon: Rifle. Movement Mode: Acrobatics. Health: High).
    - Free to play, unlocked with 70 Marks of Legend.

    Two-Face has a large amount of health (Plus his domination SC's upgrade that health even more) and a powerful weapon in the Rifle. His stability is somewhat in flux, but he remains a dangerous character with a good balance of powers, and strong damage potential to go along with his high health. In 2 v. 2 play he can be particuarly deadly, but he is a strong character no matter his enviroment. Like the other two characters at the peak of the F2P hierarchy, Two-Face is a solid choice. However, I probably would go with one of the other two as they are less prone to being changed down the line.

    Bizzaro (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Below Average).
    - Requires the Last Laugh DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Bizzaro is another character who favors an agressive playstyle. His powers complement his weapon well, so people used to Brawling will find a lot to like here. Despite his iffy heatlh he also has solid survivability thanks to his first three abilities, which all absorb damage. This gives him a certain Tank-like feel, which might appeal to new players who are familar with that role in other games, or on the PVE side of DCUO. He can also deal strong amounts of damage, which make him a dangerous weapon in the right hands. If you favor a slow, punishing, style of play, then Bizarro is a great choice. If you prefer speed and racking up damage quickly, then you should look elsewhere.

    Nightwing (Weapon: Dual Wield. Movement Mode: Acrobatics. Health: High).
    - Free to play, unlocked with 35 Marks of Legend.

    Nightwing is definitely more of a defensive character, as his damage ability is low compared to the heavy hitters of Legends, and his health is on the higher side. Dual Wielding is one of the easier weapons to get the hang of, though, so if you are accustomed to that style he isn't a bad choice to use at first. He is pretty affordable as well at only 35 Marks of Legend.

    Supergirl (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Average).
    - Unlocked with either 100 Marks of Legend (If Legendary), or purchasable from the in-game marketplace.

    The newest addition to the Legends roster, Supergirl can be a powerhouse in battle. Even with a recent change she still has tremendous offensive capability. However, since she has no shields or defensive powers and low health, she can drop quickly, although she has decent health. Being able to work the counter system is crucial to maintaining survivability with her and racking up her damage. She has a far better and more versatile loadout than others of her kind to top it off, which easily makes her the best standard Kryptonian on the roster, and a serious force if you can keep her alive.
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  12. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    Saint Walker (Weapon: Martial Arts. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Low).
    - Requires the War of the Light Part 1 DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Saint Walker in theory functions similar to Atrocitus; he has high damage ability, low health, and a Supercharge. Saint is squarely an offensive character, he can put up the damage but his health is some of the lowest in Legends. He does have a few defensive moves to help his survivability, namely a shield and SC that restores full health and power (although it can typically only be used once in a fight). Unfortunately for Saint the in-your-face nature of many of his powers can make it difficult to keep him alive in larger groups, but he still is a solid character.

    Lex Luthor (Weapon: Hand Blasters. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Above Average).
    - Purchasable from the in-game Marketplace.

    Luthor is a versatile character who can attack up close or from range, although he is best sutied directing the action from a distance. He has solid health and strong attacks from close range however, so he is by no means forced to stay at range if the oppostition is determined to keep the fight close. Newcomers may have difficulty using his weapon without being countered, which is a significant problem. Mastering the Hand Blasters, however, allows you to use Lex to devestating effect and cause maximum damage. If you stick with Luthor and learn him he is one of the better characters on the roster.

    Wonder Girl (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Average).
    - Unlockable either with 100 Marks of Legend (If Legendary), or purchasable from the in-game marketplace.

    Wonder Girl is pretty much a mix between her fellow Amazons Wonder Woman and Donna Troy, and she ranks in between those two in terms of her effectiveness. She has several strong moves that she borrows from Wonder Woman, especially her Amazonian Deflection move, but she lack WW's health and her execute move. She is strong offensively and capable defensively, but if you have Wonder Woman you may feel like you are playing a lesser version of her. However, she is still quite a capable character.

    General Zod (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Average).
    - Purchasable from the in-game Marketplace.

    Zod has some advantages over his fellow Kryptonian fighters, and a faster style of brawling. His health is slightly worse than the heroic Kryptonians, but his abilites more than make up for it. His style is an agressive one, with Zod attacking quickly compared to the standard brawlers in Legends. Unfortunately, his powerset suffers from some of the flaws common in most of the Kryptonians, which hurts his appeal. He is, however, a decent choice.

    Donna Troy (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Below Average).
    - Requires the Sons of Trigon DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Donna is a bit of a strange character who has the health of an agressive character, but a powerset that seemingly is focused on defense and a merely average damage capacity. She has both a shield and one of the few healing powers in Legends, and if used right these tools can greatly help her survivability. They can also give you an edge when playing other newbies, as she can put out capable damage and then fall back on the shield and heal to stay alive long enough to come out on top. In smaller formats this can be especially helpful. In groups her lack of health and overwhelming damage becomes a problem, although skilled players can utilize all of her defensive tricks to keep her alive. She is a decent option to use as she can be fearsome, and you will have a good chance at scoring victories as you become adjusted to Legends.

    Arkillo (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Above Average).
    - Requires the Last Laugh DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Arkillo can be a dangerous force in battle. He has the highest health of any of the Lanterns, and has some strong offensive powers with strong effects (like knockdown and stun). They have a good deal of risk to them, but they are capable of creating serious trouble for your opponent. His higher health gives him a little more survivability compared to some of the other Lanterns, so while he isn't the strongest character you will face he still is quite useful. However, spamming moves with him can get you defeated very quickly, making him quite the risk/reward option.

    Kilowog (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Above Average).
    - Requires the Last Laugh DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend).

    Kilowog is almost exactly the same as Arkillo in combat. The only major difference between the two is that Kilowog as about 300 points less health (not overwhelming, but not ideal either). Unless you are dead-set against using the villanous Yellow Lanterns or love all things Green Lantern, Arkillo is the better choice.

    Sinestro (Weapon: Martial Arts. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Below Average).
    - Purchasable from the in-game Marketplace.

    Sinestro is another character with a steep learning curve. His health is low and his attacks take some time to learn to use effectively. He has a good weapon, but his mediocre health (in keeping with most Lanterns), and lack of shields or defensive powers are drawbacks. This makes Sinestro a difficult character to master, and not someone I would advise using early on, although he can be effective in the right hands.

    Amon Sur (Weapon: Marial Arts. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Below Average).
    - Requires the Last Laugh DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Amon is quite possibly the most annoying Legends character in the game. This is almost entirely due to his fist power, a light claw construct that stuns, cannot be blocked intitially, and has a low cooldown that allows heavy spamming. Most average and below players will spam this one move every chance they get, which will often defeat weaker opponents but will get exposed by many experienced players. I would not recommend using Amon initially as he promotes bad habbits that will hurt you later on, such as spamming one mover over and over and not learning the basics of Legends gameplay. In addition, in group battles you will often find yourself the priority enemy no. 1 from opposing teams fed up with being stunned constantly, and as someone getting used to Legends you don't really want that. If you can avoid relying to heavily on his first power, however, he is extremely effective in early 1 v. 1 play.

    Ursa (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Average).
    - Requires the Last Laugh DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Ursa is a character not too often seen on Legends battlefields. She uses the same swifter version of brawling as Zod, but has weaker damage ability. Like most Kryptonians Ursa also suffers from issues with her powers, which for newcomers can be maddening. She isn't the best option to start with alhtough she isn't the worst, either.
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  13. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    Doctor Fate (Weapon: Hand Blasters. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Average).
    - Requires the Hand of Fate DLC.

    Doctor Fate is clearly a support character, focused on debuffing enemies and controlling the flow of battle. His hand blasters give him versatility on the field of battle, but his playstyle still requires the constant debuffing of your opponents. For newcomers, he probably is not advised as a first character as he requires quite a bit of strategy to use effectively and uses a somewhat difficult weapon to use at first. That said, he can be extremely powerful in group battles, where he can cause havoc to the entire opposing team unless he is quickly dispatched, and in small battles with one node like the Shadowlands or Batcave, he can lay down his debuff field directly on the node. But using him will take some work to master his considerable learning curve.

    Hal Jordan (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Below Average).
    - Can be purchased from the in-game Marketplace.

    Hal Jordan is all about the skill of the player. He has some powers that if used strategically can be extremely effective, but many of his powers can either be easily blocked or dodged altogether for no damage at all. In addition his health is low and his weapon quite slow, so if you can not use his powers effectively you will usually lose with Hal. This makes him a bad choice for people new to Legends until you gain more experience. He is an offensive character with solid damage potential, but unless you know how to use it you will get burned.

    Cheetah (Weapon: Martial Arts. Movement Mode: Super-Speed. Health: Above Average).
    - Requires the Sons of Trigon DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Cheetah is one of the most offensively slanted characters in Legends, with a heavy emphasis on dropping opponents. She uses an altered style of Martial Arts that can throw other players for a loop, and and her attacks have high damage potential. She is ideal for 1 v. 1 battles, where she can tear her enemy apart while also having good health, a shield for protection, and a special buff that makes her more dangerous if her health gets low. However, in group battles the general consensus is that she melts very quickly. Despite her health pool and shield, her lack of melee attacks is a big problem in battles fought from range. Unless she is in her opponent's face her damage takes a serious nosedive, which is easily her biggest issue. If you mostly do 1 v. 1 combat, she is a solid choice. For group battles, you likely want to try someone else.

    Felix Faust (Weapon: Hand Blasters. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Above Average).
    - Requires the Hand of Fate DLC.

    Faust is a character that uses and relies on pets while fighting, and coupled with his ranged weapon this puts him in a support role. He has slightly better health than Fate and a good pool overall, but his lack of buffs and reliance on melee limits him considerably more. For newcomers he definitely is not advised as putting out good damage and managing his pets well can be difficult at first.

    Power Girl (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Above Average).
    - Requires the Last Laugh DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    Power Girl is similar in many ways to her fellow Kryptonian Superman, which in Legends is not a good thing. The Kryptonians as a rule are underpowered in Legends, which makes her a bad choice for newcomers. In my opinion her unique moves are better than Superman's, and she can actually hit quite hard if used effectively, but this is still hardly enough to justify using her as you starting character.

    Robin (Weapon: Staff. Movement Mode: Acrobatics. Heatlh: High).
    - Free to play, unlocked at Level 5 for Heroes and purchasable by Villains for 10 Marks of Legend.

    Robin requires careful timing due to the staff's drawn-out attacks, so unless you are familar with staff combos you will have some trouble using him. He probably works best in group battles where he can use his longer combos on foes without immunity, and use his stealth to get lost in crowds and do damage. Despite being the first character available for heroes you are best using another character as quickly as possible, as he is quite difficult to master.

    Circe (Weapon: Hand Blaster. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Low).
    - Purchasable from the in-game Marketplace.

    Circe is one of the most challenging options for a newcomer to play in Legends. She has very bad health, a more difficult weapon to master in the Hand Blasters, and a powerset based on the effective use of pets, deception, and decoys. Players unfamilar or unskilled with Circe will get rolled over very quickly. If you love her though, consider this: she absolutely can be devestating if used properly. She can swamp you in a sea of decoys, pets, and attacks that can drop you very quickly, and she can be maddening to fight as she can very high survivability in the hands of a very skilled player. However, if you are new unless she is a favorite of yours then she should be avoided at all costs.
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  14. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    John Stewart (Weapon: Rifle. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Low).
    - Requires the Last Laugh DLC, and 85 Marks of Legend.

    John Stewart is a character more reliant on his offense than almost any other Legend in the game currently. He brings to the table an strong set of powers that can put out good damage, and a shield that can give his defense a small boost. His Rifle coupled with the Flight ability allow him to dominate group battles if the enemy does not get him out of the sky. However, there are major issues with Stewart. The first is that group opponents will often focus on taking you down at all costs, similar to Amon Sur. Many new players simply spam John's rifle while far in the air, so he also can promote bad habbits, and by now opponents have wised up and focus on taking him down at the first opportunity. He also has bad health, tied with Steel, Saint Walker, and Circe for the worst in Legends, which raises issues in 1 v. 1 combat. He can still be solid in group combat if used very skillfully, and in 2 v. 2's he still can be dangerous, but it isn't enough. Until he becomes more stable from a changes stanpoint (his character has been adjusted several times, and counting), and as long as his health is in its current state, you are better off looking somewhere else to start.

    Superman (Weapon: Brawling. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Above Average).
    - Purchasable from the in-game Marketplace.

    Unfortunately for fans of the Man of Steel, Superman is not very super in Legends. He has a below-average set of powers that cripples his effectiveness in combat. To make matters worse none of his attacks hit especially hard outside of his weapon attacks. To add insult to injury you will often get focus-fired in group play as the weak link. The recent change to make his heat vision an uninterruptable ability helps him out somewhat, but it still isn't enough at the moment. Avoid him for now until changes are made to make him better.

    Steel (Weapon: Two Handed. Movement Mode: Flight. Health: Low).
    - Purchasable from the in-game Marketplace.

    At one time, Steel was by far the best character in Legends. Now, in my opinion, he has fallen to be one of the worst. His bad health is a serious downside even with his excellent shield. Steel is unqestionably an offensive character so if you can stay alive, you won't lack for damage. His weapon, if you can master it, can cause all sorts of damage on its own as well, and he has a solid shield for defense. In addition, he has a damage-over-time effect that is one of the best powers in Legends. But one mistake with Steel, and you're pretty much dead on the spot. And unlike a John Stewart or Circe (who share his health pool), Steel cannot attack effectively from range, as his weapon and powers pretty much require that he be in the thick of the action, eating damage. Mastering the game mechanics can be helpful in making the most out of Steel, and he can still rack up the damage, but as a newcomer keeping him alive is a lost cause. As a marketplace purchase it is doubly unadvisable to get him.
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  15. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    Reserved for future Legends.
  16. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    The recent GU 35 adjustments to the heatlh of several Legends has made some pretty major changes in the roster's balance and the health rankings. I will overhaul the health ratings as a result to better show the health difference between the Legends, and update descriptions of the Legends as the changes warrant.
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  17. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    Next up - descriptions of the Legends PVP maps! The maps currently being worked on will be listed here, feel free to send me a PM if you know a map pretty well and want to write an overview.

    Currently Taken:

    - The Shadowlands (Completed)
    - The Batcave (Completed)
    - Inner Sanctum (Completed)
    - Ace Chemicals (Completed)
    - STAR Labs (Completed)
    - Watchtower Containment (Completed)
    - Temple of Isis (Completed)
    - The Pit
    - Arkham Asylum

    Still Available:
    Ace Chemicals, 2v2 version (soon to go live in the game)
    The Safehouses
    The Moon
    Fortress of Solitude
    The Watchtower
    The Hall of Doom
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  18. MentosTroll Well-Known Member

    I approve of this guide!
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  19. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    The Maps

    1 v. 1 Capture & Hold
    By the Enquirer
    Shadowlands PvP

    Table of contents
    Intro to Shadowlands
    The Basics
    What characters are most effective?
    Closing remarks

    Intro to Shadowlands

    Shadowlands is often despised by many players and loved by others due to the heavy amount of strategy it takes to play it. it is very possible to play a match of PvP against someone who is better than you and still come out on top because you thought things out ahead of time.

    The Basics

    -The goal here is to capture the node (aka The Circle of Power).

    -When captured by a player, the other player's score will begin to decrease from 1000 until it reaches 0 at 7 points per second.

    -The player who captures it, in addition to dealing with the enemy player, will have to fight against up to 3 Brainiac Annihilators until the post is neutralized.

    -While the Annihilators aren't actually hazardous in the amount of damage they can do, the passive effects of having them fighting you can be fairly dire. They will prevent you from exiting combat mode which will prevent you from regenerating health. They can also split AoE damage causing your damage to your opponents to be lower.

    -The Annihilators can also serve as a fairly quick power boost when taken down, so if you happen to be running low on power, take a few out for a quick fix to low power.

    -Supercharges, while damaging, are something your opponent is very likely to roll out of the way of. Use his to your advantage. They can roll out of the way, allowing you capture a tiny bit more of the node. Use it when you are close to a full capture of the node so you may get a full and total capture.

    What Characters are Most Effective?

    -Due to this being a node match, characters that have very effective Area of Effect powers that cause damage over time are extremely effective. These can include characters such as Atrocitous, Doctor Fate, and Lex Luthor. Their attacks often have powerful effects, and can deal some pretty good damage over time, making an opponent want to roll out of the way and allowing you to capture the node a little bit more.

    -Flying characters also have a distinct advantage here as they can fly well above the ground level to avoid the Brainiac Annihilator's attacks. While the player does automatically enter combat shortly after they spawn regardless of where they are on the map, it will prevent them from taking damage

    -Characters who are using ranged weapons (handblasters, rifle, and dual pistols) also have a fairly reasonable tactical advantage (this will be discussed in the Tactics section) as it opens up not only more numerous, but more effective ways of combating your enemy.

    -Characters who have access to stealth are essentially able to get around the persistent issue of the Brainiac Annihilators that will come and attack you, preventing you from regenerating your health. If a player activates stealth before any of the Annihilators spawn (as in before they swoop down, not before the spawning animation is complete) they will not attack and the player will not enter combat mode, allowing the player to regenerate health.

    -Some characters have access to mines or other trap-like objects at their disposal such as Steel and Two Face. They can add to the overall burn your opponent feels while they are on the node or approaching it. While I will not condone this tactic as I feel it is poor sportsmanship, you can place one of these traps in the shields you spawn in at the start, closest to your opponent and it will hit them as soon as the match starts, causing them to have their movement speed slowed.


    I've found there are two ways you can fight this match. On the node and off the node. In this section we will discuss what both of those mean and how to utilize them effectively.

    On The Node

    -This strategy is the fairly obvious one. Stay on the node for as long as possible. The advantage here is that your opponent will continue to lose points rather rapidly. The disadvantage is that you may very well not be able to exit combat mode due to the Brainiac Annihilator's spawning in and attacking you.

    -As previously mentioned though, characters who have access to stealth can play this style very safely as they can simply use stealth between rounds to allow the regeneration of their health.

    Off The Node

    -This is the more strategic option of the two. It can work with any weapon, though a ranged one will allow for the most effective damage.With this strategy, your goal remains the same. Capture the node and decrease your opponents points. This strategy is safer though will most likely take longer. It goes as followed

    • Capture the node
    • Stay on the node for a bit to continue having your opponents points decreased
    • When they begin to get lower on health get off the node
    • Wait until the node is neutralized
    • Hop back on the node to finish them off
    This strategy will prevent the Brainiac Annihilators from appearing, allowing you to regenerate health between rounds.

    Closing Remarks

    Hopefully this helped a few of you out! If you have any more tips or suggestions for Shadowlands let me know!
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  20. Hero of Justice Well-Known Member

    1 v. 1 and 2 v. 2 King of the Hill
    By Hero of Justice

    The Batcave is a map that is often seen in the PVP map rotation becasue of its flexibility, but for beginners knowing how to play it with all of its features can be complex. This will hopefuly shed some light for people about ways to be successfull on this map. First, the basics:

    The Node

    There is only one node on the Batcave, located atop a platform by the batcomputer. It is easily accessible from the flight of stairs just outside each team's starting area. It is the type of node that you need to be standing on constantly in order to score points. Unlike the nodes in the Shadowlands or Arkham Asylum, the Batcave's node does not cap or score points after you have left it. Also unlike capped nodes, all your opponent has to do to stop the flow of points is to contest the node. It will turn white and neither team will score points off it as long as both of you are on the node (except by KO).

    Map Features

    There are a ton of features and interactable objects in the Batcave, with various levels of usefulness:

    • 4 Health Barrels.
    • 2 Damage Barrels.
    • 1 Ice Barrel.
    • 6 Turrets.
    • 3 Batdrones, activated from a console near the Batcomputer.
    The health barrels are arguably the most important features on the map. Each side has one that spawns halfway up the stairway leading to the node, one is right up against the Batcomputer and close to the node, and one is on a platform slightly below the node's, next to a turret. They have 4 minute recharge times, but the fact that there are so many means that they are common sight during battle on this map. In a 1 v. 1 setting, they are best used to regenerate your health and power before your opponent can respawn and attack you again, but be aware that you will have to leave the node and give up some points to get them. Know what barrels have been used in battle and when so you don't leave the node looking for a barrel that isn't there. In 1 v. 1 this is especially bad since you lose the points you would have had from sitting on the node, but it can hurt in 2 v. 2 if you leave your partner to fight two enemies while you barrel-hunt in vain.

    The other barrels are two standard explosive barrels that provide a knockback effect and one freezing barrel that can encase enemies. These are rarely worth grabbing though.

    Turrets are also in general a waste as it takes a long time for you to activate them, and they have virtually no health or punch behind their attack. You are better suited going for health barrels or activating the drones then bothering with these. However, they keep your opponent in combat if they get line of sight with them (regardless of the range), so in some cases that can be used to prevent enemies from regenerating their health. This tactic is frowned upon however.

    The Batdrones can be useful in certain situations, especially in 2 v. 2 combat where you can activate them while your ally sits on the node. They won't win the fight for you, but they are a far better distraction than the turrets (they shoot missles, which disrupt the enemy's vision) and they likewise keep enemies in combat. They have only slightly better punch and defense than the turrets, so it's not like they are unstoppable by any stretch. But if you are out of health barrels for the time being and you have the node in 2 v. 2, they aren't bad. Their main purpose will be to help split incoming damage for a few hits, giving you more survivability. In 1 v. 1 you have to decide if they are worth giving up the points you would gain or prevent.


    There are four feats unique to the Batcave, in addition to the general PVP feats that it contributes to:
    • Penny Polisher: Win 5 Batcave Battles. (1 Star)
    • Batcave Battler: Win 10 Batcave Battles. (1 Star)
    • Knight-in-Training: Win 25 Batcave Battles. (2 Stars)
    • Knight-Trained Duelist: Win 50 Batcave Battles. (3 Stars)
    Who plays best here?

    The Batcave only has one node, so anyone with powers that can hit a fixed spot for heavy damage has an edge here. Either your opponent stays on the node and eats the damage you are laying on it, or they stay off the node and lose points to you or your team (assuming you stay on it). Two-Face and Steel can lay down objects on the node that cause massive damage when tripped, so they can be used to dangerous effect here. Saint Walker's powers are well-suited to this map, no matter which format you are in. In 2 v. 2's characters like Doctor Fate and Atrocitus can be devestating as they can lay down fields that seriously weaken enemies standing in them on top of the node. As honorable mentions, Lex Luthor and Hal Jordan also have powers that work well here.

    Overall, I'd say the character best suited to this map (in both its forms) is Atrocitus.

    General Tactics

    While getting healing barrels it is best to get them in this order:

    • The healing barrel on the node platform
    • The healing barrel closest to your opponents spawn
    • The healing barrel on the lower platform
    • The healing barrel closest to your spawn
    -This order, while it doesn't make a huge difference, will cause your opponent to go further and further out of their way to get a healing barrel should they want one, allowing you to get a few extra points.

    -After getting a KO on your opponent, move as far away from their spawn point as possible while remaining on the node. That little extra distance before they can lunge at on and reach the node can earn you a small amount of extra points.

    -If your character has a power that lets them summon a throw-able object, you can possibly hit an opponent and knock them down well before they get to the node. This will make it take significantly longer for them to get back to you. Alternatively if your opponent has a character with that ability, you may want to move erratically to avoid being hit.

    1v1 Tactics

    -This is possibly the most straightforward 1v1 node map in the game and there really is only one tactic here:

    -Stay on the node for as long as possible and not let your opponent get any points. Unless you are dodging an attack the only time you should be getting off the node is to get a healing barrel.

    -If you are loosing badly, mix things up. Even if you're not doing well at the moment, you've got a good 4 or 5 rounds of combat before the match ends.

    2v2 Tactics

    -In 2v2, it is an entirely different ball game as positioning takes a huge role here.

    -After an encounter, who ever is lowest on health should go hunting for healing barrels or go to active turrets as it can give them more time to regenerate health.

    -Take down time to activate turrets and bat drones when there are no healing barrels left. Even if they get off a single hit it is better than you having stood around doing nothing. If your opponent does go right after the turret/drones it can be a few extra points your team scores.

    -If someone on your team lacks an ability that summons a throw-able object, you can use the damage barrels to slow down the other team. Even though it isn't nearly as effective, it will either force your opponents to wait, or have one of them briefly forced into a 2v1 scenario.

    -Always have one person on the node at all times. The other character may be able to dish out more damage or provide assistance undisturbed while this is happening.

    -If you've got a flying character on your team and you want to buy some more time, have that character fly over above the enemy spawn point and start attacking them. It will take them significantly longer to reach the node. They will either attack you and spend time doing that, or will reach the node with significantly less health.

    Closing Remarks
    Thanks for reading, I hope this helps!
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