Getting Stale.

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    As much as I am sure we would all love to have 100% balance of all the powers I think we see its just one of those things that's just not going to happen at least not for a long time. Stats revamp was suppose to be the solution to balance and look at the time between then and now. We went from having Flavor of the month power updates to AM to Stats revamps and still no 100%. MMORPG classes are something that constantly gets updated across every game constantly.

    So I say that too say lets not let that be a valid reason to never include new powers. I personally would love to see another rotation of powers more so then another time capsule or booster bundle that will feature a style from another DC icon vs a original creative style. I would like us to have more original styles come to the game along with the iconic styles. 1 iconic style and 1 original DCUO style seems fair per content. Now as far as new powers go I don't see why anyone would be against it especially if there is a supported fanbase who is for new powers. What do you gain from knocking the idea of new powers(content) within the game? What will you lose if they make a new power? From when they made Water to now do you feel like whats been provided has increased your fandom for the game because a new power hasn't been made? I know new powers will take time and something else will have to be taken away from it but I would rather have more powers that will attract more people then more cosmetic auras within random loot grabs or overpriced brokers. More powers mean more creation for us as the players and expanding creativity in a superhero game is nothing but a plus. and 3 powers per set isn't a good excuse either because I can come up with more then just 3:
    Magnet/Metal - Dr.Polaris/Lodestone
    Sound - Black Canary/Silver Banshee
    Shadow - Nightshade/Shade
    Scarab - Blue Beetle/Black Beetle
    Wind - Red Tornado/ Weather wizard
    Elasticity - Plasticman/Madame Rogue
    Mech - Brainiac/Cyborg
    Toxic - Chemo/Dragonwing
    Lantern Healer - Either Star Sapphire or Indigo
    That's a total of 9 different powers which is 3 rotations of powers I just provided DCUO which roles they take is whatever but with a little creative thought the game can provide more powers I also included archtype heroes and villains for each power. Is it reasonable for all 9 to make it no but 3 out of 9 for a new set of powers why not? At least 3 of these powers can provide DCUO with a new set of powers. And it doesn't have to be these 9 but if I can come up with 9 powers in a span of mins a room full of devs I am sure can do the same.

    Is this a solution to staleness not long term. But it still wont hurt the game or provide any less to the game then a new time capsule I would argue it provides more to the game then majority of what was provided outside episodic content. I do think a long term solution is for a Archenemy type original storyline were we get to create our own Archvillain/hero and go thru a couple of solo content taking them down. We use our own style unlocking and character creation to create our own Archenemy at a certain level ingame lets say level 30 as to not disrupt the flow of the leveling missions. We set their powers, either set their rotation, choose from a list of different archtypes or have it be random from the power pool. We can also select which henchmen that use from a selection that include options from trinkets and base henchmen as well as exclusive power related henchmen. As far as the story it can vary between 3 routes that is dependent on if we are Magic, Tech or Meta. Or we can do it depending on the selection if our Archenemy is Magic tech or Meta. Give it the same span or at the most twice the length of a regular leveling mission arc. Having a Archenemy is at least in my opinion the next biggest creative step this game can really take outside just being apart of more DC stories from episodes.
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    Here is the thing.. :) You go ask DC if your power ideas are nice and then tell Daybreak that they can force away with it. :D
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    Star Sapphires would make an ideal Healing power set in that case. According to lore:
    • The sapphire ring's boast some of the most powerful healing capabilities of all lantern rings. Star Sapphire's can potentially use the ring to repair minor injuries to undoing the effects of death itself in themselves or others, provided the ring wielder has a love connection powerful enough to channel the necessary life energy towards preserving it.
    • The ring can create various force fields of various sizes and shapes to protect the wearer and others around him or her. Theoretically, a ring wielder could use the ring as his/her/its sole source of life support.
    • A Star Sapphire has the unique power to crystallize others with the power of love. This power is not fully understood but they apparently put the victim in a form of suspended animation.
    So there is some definite areas where they can utilize the lore of the Star Sapphires to make it a legitimate healing power set. Obviously the crystallization power thing is a bit iffy as it seems to only have been used in the comics against people and not for them.
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    I really id love to see a Star Sapphire powerset added to the game as a Healer power

    but its likely that they will never release new powers,water was our last
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    I was going to say stupid things, but now I can't.
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    But there's one big part of the lore that could end up limiting the power to one gender, and I wouldn't see that going over well.

    And yes, I know there's been examples of male Star Sapphires. But they are REALLY few and far between, to the point where DC would still be justified in maintaining the "women only" aspect.

    That's the frustrating part of any Lantern-based Healer they could make. Of the remaining available corps that they haven't ruled out using, just about all of them have limitations from lore that could make them unable to use as a basis unless DC loosened up the restrictions. Unfortunately they still seem a bit on the protective side when it comes to ring slingers.
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    Too many people to reply to so I’ll just give it a go in one post (on phone). Let’s get this started, quit bringing up balance. There’s absolutely no such thing you should understand that by now it’s been 8 years and nothing’s ever been balanced or ever close to being. If you do elite/sm everyone was prec. If you see might dps they’re one of 4 powers. Rage, Gadgets, Nature or Munitions. There is no variety In powers because to be quite frank the rest suck. Be real with yourselves and look at the end game players. DBG needs to release this game to a company that has these “resources” that everyone speaks about. Those styles are pointless and the TCs are just gamble scam boxes same as the BBs. There’s literally nothing to do after endgame.
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    So what? That has nothing to do with DCUO. Zero.

    What are you talking about?


    For what? What are you talking about?

    What are you talking about?

    Still: what on earth are you referring to? How did DC delay the upcoming Metal Episodes? What's been delayed? You keep referring to "facts" not on the table. What do you believe has been delayed because of the DCEU and why?
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    Y'know, you can't actually give orders to other people on forums as to what they should say or think or bring up. There's no point in trying.


    It's nice that you have opinions, but, again, you can't actually order people to not disagree with you. That's not how discussion works.
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    I don't know why you're telling me. I don't work for Daybreak.
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    So you want to throw another power into a "stale" game to make things better? The balance question has to be asked because if they do release a new power and it was underwhelming, would that be considered an "improvement"? I'm thinking that there isn't really a proper answer to your thread. "Nerf precision" and "fix PVP" seem to be in the air.:confused:
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    power sets in 3 you say ?
    amazonian and or kryptonian - tank
    blue lantern - healer
    aerokinesis - troller - inspired by Red Tornado or - Bl
    Sometimes called "Air Manipulation", this ability represents an individual's ability to manipulate currents of air. This can be done through psionic processes but can also be achieved through mechanical means as well. Some characters may be able to control localized air currents, while others may be able to generate strong winds from their very body.
    Examples of this ability are gust storms, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, high and low pressure winds as well as stealing the air from a character's lungs or blowing out their ears.
    link used
    reading others post, I would place the Sound - Black Canary/Silver Banshee would be a part of aerokinesis because a strong scream can manipulate air causing gust storms, cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, high and low pressure winds.
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    They are not required to follow any release pattern though. Patterns change all the time. I won't "guarantee" anything based on previous patterns of release.
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    Common sense would tell you if they come out with a new powerset of one role, the other two would follow for future releases.
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    You didn't understand my post..then decided to critique it.. even after reading Willflynne and Trex's replies??

    I have lost confidence in your ability to understand what I say*. You should avoid critiquing my posts. Willflynne and Trex understood what I said. I upvoted them.

    *this isn't the first time you've done this. Go away. Stay away.
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    Well, though i like how they try to add new things to mix up the old formula, one can not ignore the fact that the newest DLC (Justice League Dark) is pretty much a reskinned version of the first part of the starro DLC (as it came out in the event version), like for example the SG raid ist allmost identical to TTB, except from the platforming. however: i think the way the game is now, realy is the best it has ever been. just that the playstyle stat points need some serious readjustements... if you don´t have the right artifact, forget about weapons ^^´
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    Will additional powers 'fix' the game, make it less stale? You are still doing the same things you did before, just with a new set of powers. Perhaps what the game needs is more missions, things to do. However, even if they released a bunch of new missions for all the various CR Tiers, how long would it be before people go through them all, and things get stale again?
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    When asked who i blame for the current pvp/ power balance issue your definitely in the bunch..
    I firmly believe that the game lost its flow that it had going when a group of youtubers had a little bit to much contact w the devs & people who weren’t devs started answering questions as if they were.

    Its 2019 sir, your credibility went out the window along time ago..

    The game does need new powers, the devs will never b able to please all of the cry babies.. but not releasing new ones is not the answer , i & many other people have gotten tired of running up and down hallways with the same powers over & over. &&&& the fact that there are battle trolls, tanks & healers running dlcs week one goes to show that the stats changes brought us farther then what we wanted as supports & made # chasing more competitive as dps

    I dont know how to link threads but there was a really good thread on how the .devs need to bring back traditional trolling, that thread has alot of good ideas and thought out concept from a player point of view on how to bring back life into the support side of the game if those concepts were applied to all roles
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    Apparently it is yet again necessary to point out that people on forums don't get to give orders to other forum members. Not even a little bit.
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    Its easy to blame those who try to help but ultimately get the blame when the end result doesnt turn out well. The cost of testing and giving feedback. Especially in the form of public videos and streams. Im not here to defend or care about my credibility to you or anyone. I still do what i do day in and day out and that wont change. The game certainly would like new powers, I would like a few but if your Controller Role isnt working or at where it needs to be, why introduce a new Power into that same mess? Water was pushed back for that exact reason to get the new Combat system in place but that Power was released. Im not a fan of how some Powers are in their Roles and also not a fan of "Battle" Roles. At least the ones done incorrectly. And I know which Controller thread you are talking about. It does have great ideas. Keep going with the great idea threads and hopefully the Devs can make those happen. Im glad yall are wanting new Powers. As a player, I am just giving my feedback on that subject. You dont have to agree but there's also no reason you need to go on a personal attack to try and make your point valid.
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